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  1. tfw I'll have one less cat tomorrow :(

    She had cancer removed a couple of months ago, but multiple metastases shown up, for the last week or so it was just a matter of making it comfy for her because nothing can be done. Now she doesn't even move, so it's time I guess.

    Had her for ~11 years, she always did whatever she liked and didn't give a damn. The Countess.

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    2. orzel286


      Welp, the plan was to take her to the vet, but she went her own way as always and passed away some time after I fed her during the night.

      @SchnitzelTruck Cats are the best tho, some of them behave like dogs and you don't have to walk them :v

    3. echo9835


      So sorry to hear about that. It seems that cats live with us on their own terms and leave on their own terms. 

    4. orzel286


      You can own some cats, some behave like nobility and some own you. While the Countess did whatever she wanted she was very well behaved as well.

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