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  1. WEEB News!

    It's confirmed, Haato is no more, it's Haachama now! @MagicalFlyingFox I gotta say, her Polish pronunciation was really nice XD Haachamachama translating into "You're crazy" in half of the languages was the most accurate google translation I've ever seen XD


    Still. No. WAVER! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GACHA PLS! T_T Saving for next year, I think there's memelin rate-up during summer4? Got flat drinking oni at least.



    I don't like the "clear sp3 X times" type of events, they're not comfy at all. And I'm 327/330 port slots anyway, oof. Guilds 2.0 for more ports slots when? T_T


    Got her from daily roll, I think I got a wolfpack now.


    Those legs, nnnnnice.


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    2. orzel286


      @HowitzerBlitzer I don't think that "Flat is justice" was ever used verbatim, but flat chest being a symbol of status was mentioned in anime Lucky Star for example. And then, there's this saying "when a flat chested girl hugs you, she holds you closer to her heart".

      Flat girls are nice.

      @MagicalFlyingFox I know the exp hell, not the qp one. Also: AL guilds 2.0 in December, or so I've heard, oof.

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Never stop farming. Must use up apples every waking hour.

    4. orzel286


      I have about 200 of each... Might be enough to get everything I want, lol.

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