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  1. Ooooo, cute hamster, and she'll prote... Wait, wdym "just kidding"?  That's it, you're last in the leveling queue! :v


    Essex entered "no bullying Essex" zone, 10/10, would headpat.


    Ok, so that's everyone from the rate up... Except the Big Sleepy Floof. I did 100 builds, I'm almost out of coins, idk if I'll make it :cri:


    I also have an announcement.

    After a thorough study, I have determined that first ascension Skadi is the best Skadi. The combination of pantyhose, high heels and her icy personality, resulted in off the charts "use me as footstool, please" readings. The measuring equipment exploded.

    This concludes todays Weeb Report!

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