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  1. I got carried away a bit... ~10 tickets and ~150 sq for Sanzang np2 and Miyu. Gotta save sq for summer and Memelin.
  2. Pizzabotes event in AL soon.... FORMIDABLE! White pantyhose is my weakness, please step on me Formidable! Some progress in lewd bote game has been made: Finally! Both Poi and gold blueprint for the first time (the most reliable equipment blueprint for me being research, which is not good). Wait... Why is she loud at night?... Oh wow, I actually got Hiryuu "Big sister's feet are the best in the world~!" Alter, strengthening her though... Looks like a hell of a grind, oof. Only a couple more retrofit blueprints and the resident Baka will be fully retro'd, this will take a couple of months and then...
  3. How do you kill something that's already dead? :v After watching some of HonakoGreen shenanigans, I think I NEED Caenis. Bad boigirl? Check. Stronk af? Check. Dark skin? Check. Long legs with THICC thighs? Check. Yup, I can't wait to get bonked by her spear.
  4. It's WeebLabs after all, idk what did you expect.
  5. All reward boats from AL event are get, pretty much everything that I wanted from FGO event shop as well, threw a couple of tickets at gacha - Dechi flew away... Should I watch Prisma Zwei in preparation for the next event (watched the first season some time ago)? Since Mamatsuri and Pekomama got rather popular after they appeared on streams, I think Yagoo should make HoloMILFS.
  6. When it comes to anime waifus, I'm willing to compromise on which parts they use.
  7. Dechi is SO CUTE! Wait, I forgot to post some degenerate stuff (can't just be amazed by a cute birb, that would be too wholesome), here you go:
  8. Got the THICC MAMMOTH BOI from the gssr, kinda disappointed it wasn't memelin, but Ivan has a nice skillset and hits like a mammoth (duh), so I'm quite happy with this roll.
  9. Yeah, the art isn't that great, but imo it isn't bad either. A combination of a rather good story and Koya-chan using her F E E T! made me nut. Oh, I mean recommend this one.
  10. New KMS botes! DAMN BOIII, THEY THICC! The underboob is SUPER YABAI My favourite, I think. Short red hair? Long legs? Thicc thighs AND zettai ryouiki? Mein Gott... THICCNESS INTENSIFIES The least lewd default skin, but coupled with her cold-ish personality it's a really hot mix. I love it when she gets angry, lol. And a smol ninjabote from merit shop. Would have her sooner, but shop rng decided to not make her available for a couple of days... I have also found an FGO doujin that is now canon for me, the holy numbers were 337765 iirc.
  11. Got her already and I don't think further np levels are that much of an improvement... But I wouldn't be mad if she or Gil came. Unlike the metamorphosis girl, Marblehead quite enjoys her new looks. Real life counterpart got retrofitted a couple of times, bombed, repaired, run convoys and shore bombardment, earned two battle stars and survived the war. Not bad for a pretty much un-armored light cruiser. In fact, her entire class suffered no war-time losses IIRC. Quite impressive.
  12. Girls Frontline 2? I don't think I'll be able to get Hiryuu Alter, OPSiren is too hard for my fleets, only Grand Old Lady is lvl 120 Oh, well. At least there's a new loading screen that I... Enjoy. https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/File:Bg_2020.12.212_3.png Oh, and I think that I'll actually, for the first time in history, roll the gssr in FGO. It's not class-based, but with want/not want ratio like this I don't think it can go wrong (inb4 gacha proves me wrong). It's 15 sq as well, so... Come home Memelin, I need you! For Memelin/Waver/Chen memes!
  13. >some microtransactions are forced Which ones? I haven't spent a penny on AL. >skill ceiling in AL I mean... It is a bullet hell sometimes? Fleet compositions also matter in hard content. And you don't have to spend a penny to get Hiryuu/Soryuu/Hood backline which is pretty much meta. >your dad would be disappoint That's something a virgin would say, a chad would try to get his dad to play with him. >pedobaits 2d>3d. >vns, dating sims Huh? I need source. >skill ceiling in wows Is right next to the skill floor, but the vast majority of the playerbase decided to go down a couple miles and get absolutely fucked by pve bots. And I do have a feeling that this meme was made by such potato. Also: >implying that there's a contest between wows and al (which is also unironically a better game) Can you have cute gyaru bote wearing a long sweater in wows? No? WOWS PLEB BTFO ONCE MORE
  14. AL: Got the SHAAAAAAAAAK on the last day of the event And another flat sub for my collection OP Siren really switched things around, leveling fleets in it doesn't seem like a good idea... I kinda wished that the gear upgrades would be a bit different, but oh, well - it's better than nothing. FGO: I'm at box 15 or something, Shuten is finally at lvl90, I should be able to max lvl samba santa as well, but that's it. I really missed out this time.
  15. I couldn't really farm this event. One of the busiest periods in retail...
  16. After all the shit I've seen in wows coop, I'd rate bots>95% of the playerbase.
  17. I don't really have time for anothe gacha, but damn, genshinposts on youtube are something, the game has nailed the waifus I guess. LOOK AT THEM MOVE! tfw the topic title is 100% accurate.
  18. So, I've been playing on my new phone for a couple of days now, and it works quite well. AL freezes for a split second from time to time, but that's pretty much it. FPS are solid, loading times are short, battery is quite stronk (30% used in ~3 hours of plying), this is quite an improvement from old pc+emulator combo. The only drawback is: my boomer fingers can't really get screenshots right, but I'm practicing. Daily Lewd Bote game build got me a new carrier: Failed to cap her introduction, lul. Bootymante rolls went... Well, it was a long shot, didn't get her, but! One surprise and the one that I was kinda hoping for + some event CEs? Ok, I'll take that. Now I REALLY have to save for next year.
  19. youtube: "controversial" opinions, history, some news are not kid- and advertiser-friendly, get fucked.

    also youtube: naked yoga? perfectly fine.

    5/10, solid wank, had much better tho.

  20. Pls come home Bootymante.... Welp, I wanted to save sq, but here I am, rolling for DAT ASS. Will post tears later.
  21. Her feet look good, so I had to fix that. It just occured to me: since I have a smartphone now, I can actually give feelsgoodman.png
  22. So, uh, after my current phone (which I'll name later) got a bit squished and display started leaking, using emulator for almost 2 years now, writing a mobile app for a school project some time ago... I finally bought my first smartphone. Used, but factory new after servicing and still on warranty, Redmi Note 7. Don't really expect miracles from it, just hoping it'll run fgo and azur lane at any fps. Just.. Need to contact my provider to cut my ANCIENT sim card into nano sim (I don't feel confident doing it myself), or get a replacement.

    So, what was I using until now?



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    2. ZXrage


      Yeah I was crushed, I loved it so much I even got the battery replaced a few months before I dropped it

    3. punishersal


      I accidentally bumped heating radiator(not the modern ones, soviet style one) into the screen while helping brother to get it out his gf apartment. Just as ZXRage, I loved mine as well. I remember one time when I put many stickers on it because of boredom and then remove them immediatelly. A part of paper and glue didnt come off instantly, soI put that thing in water for glue to come off. Manual said that it had IP 58 or something and it truly did have.

    4. orzel286



      I accidentally bumped heating radiator(not the modern ones, soviet style one)

      Oh, yes, I also got to bump one of these. With the back of my head, when I was 5 or 6 yo. No stitches, luckily.

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