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  1. I just hope the fights won't be so difficult. Sig so far (I'm at chapter 11 or 12?) got absolutely rekt by smol Greek goddes, my first archer ever. Aside from Camelot and Babylonia, I think that Fuyuki is a really good start, maybe it's not epic, maybe it doesn't bring the feels, but it really gets people hooked on the game. tbh I wouldn't mind Satania-sama stepping on me. Would be a nice change of pace for her, not getting bullied for once...
  2. E-girls? Well, some vtubers are girls, yes. But then again, some of them are male. Like THE WINNING SON ROBERU! My pp also very happy with anime/gacha game waifus, so it's not just e-girls (or at least not just some kinds of e-girls, 3d are bad). I needed to make this correction. And while pp BIG, I also welcome everyone to join my religion - I couldn't give a shit about waifu wars, I'm way more focused on worshipping 2d feet and discovering more fetishes that may still lurk within, something that I'd wholeheartedly recommend to everyone to reach the ultimate degeneracy! And inner peace, or something like that. Also: >some got angry about my status updates >containment thread made >starts leaking shortly after >mfw
  3. FGO: Lostbelt 1 done! Fuck gimmicks, fuck multiple hp bars, fuck skill spam, fuck pierce invulnerability. Oh, and fuck grinding in this game, it's such a boring chore to level up anything, let alone get materials for it. FINALLY my evil kouhai summer BB is at 90! This game could use a rework, with interactive mana transfers (those that watched the OG Fate anime (personally I never bothered with the novels) know what I'm talking about) being on top of the priority list. And now onto plot spoilers:
  4. I don't think any god would be threatened by the existence of nuts. Or such a blessed thread like this. Well, maybe blursed, sometimes. Here's a tip: if you embrace you degenera.... I mean culture, you quickly stop worrying about such things.
  5. Well, haven't you been eating nuts for the Nonstop Nut November? See, this squirrel here knows everything about nuts, she's a nut specialist. What is also quite nuts, is that she keeps on posting these short videos every day.
  6. I forgot about one more thing: I never noticed that before, but damn! Circe is SO TINY! 10/10, would become a piggy.
  7. I just want my Chaldea back. I don't care if and how many worlds I have to destroy. Aaaaaand the first one is a furry paradise, fucking LMAO. Also: forget everyone, I want Koyanskaya to step on me. Also x2: that alien thingy has tiddies, right? I wanna see her (?) feet. Pls no difficult gameplay devs...
  8. Two things today: After reviewing some more sacred genshin impact materials: why is everyone so much into Mona's ass? Her feet are absolute top tier, but there's one more thing I noticed: The. Thigh. Gap. Imagine you want to have some nuts, but all you have is walnuts. I bet Mona could easily crack them open with her thighs, but only one at a time, maybe two. With a nutcracker like that, you're bound to succeed at nonstop nut November. Second thing (fate grand order): Salem: done! It was the easiest pseudo-singularity I think, having Mecha-Eli x2 really helped, support memelin and Andersen+Mashu kept them alive well. Pillar fight was a bit tricky, I don't know how I did that, but I was down to Medea and she just carried the fight, 3x rule breaker pretty much back to back lol. And so I started the Lostbelt... Oh, dear. Plot spoilers ahead. Really. Not the kind you'd expect from this thread, but actual plot. Weird, I know.
  9. Do I edit my latest post or can I bump my absolutely blessed and wholesome thread? @mods

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      you can bump it friend

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      Oh, nice, thanks!

  10. So many servants, so little sq... KANATAN NO! You were supposed to be an angel! Kanatan no longer angel, Towa (the self-proclaimed devil) best archangel confirmed...
  11. At least we finally got materials for main quests. Gil ate all the proofs again. I kinda want to roll for Musashi and Ishtar, but I don't have much tickets and sq... Also: next year Memelin iirc, summer Carmilla and saber Astolfo... Roll or save? What do? Merlin Proto/Femlin/Magi ☆ Mari when? After reviewing some of the sacred materials from genshin impact, I'm quite spent. Lots of pantyhose + feet focus is the pinnacle of ART.
  12. Nevermind lostbelt, where are my rare prisms? Did devs finally deliver?
  13. I think this one is better Also, there's a good... Let's say: case study material explaining the fall in and progress deeper down the vtuber rabbit hole. Link to playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWEBPVmgh_81J7YCuVuUBl1DCDk_wrKte Oh, I forgot about two things: 1 - ooooooooh, Euryale got an update! Finally, no more stock archer animations for her! Damn, if I ever get into the real holy grail war I'd try to summon her. 2 - All event boats are get!
  14. I have no idea what regular gacha luck feels like, my fgo gacha luck isn't even E rank - it's somewhere closer to Z rank... So goodbye Eresh, I tried, I failed. Only 4 10-rolls because I'm saving again, Suzuka np2, Jaguar np2->np4 and My chaldea has fully staffed kitchen now :v Smol event in AL, my port is almost full, damn Bullins! Oh, new bote in merit shop, RN destroyer? Probably smol like Comet... SHE THICC Ok, got Bel, Zeppy, now Akagi-chan - Enty-chan when? ^^ Why is she hiding her feet? T_T tfw don't have to grind event bote. Another sleepy DD. GLORIOUS THIGHS! FINALLY! I didn't expect her voice at all, gives me the urge to headpat her. THICC Oni Mama Izumo next!
  15. I got Carmilla I think. And I'll always want to be that guy from her last ascension graph lol. D'Eon's my room lines even at bond 0... Not only my pp hard, but I also want to fight for France!
  16. My Herc should be at bond 9 this year. Maybe. I guess. He was the last one standing a couple of times even without his CE, including all the fights against megalos. If Mashumallow can loop or at least load her np reasonably fast she works nice as well. Gil ate all my proofs
  17. Technically, yes Stheno can still spook me. So far, she never did. Finished Shimosa yesterday, Musashi 10/10 waifu, fuck the boss fights. JUST HOW MANY HP BARS AND GIMMICKS CAN YOU STACK UP OMFG, if gacha and drop rng wasn't so brutal I wouldn't complain, but they are hard af if you don't have meta servants or 10/10/10 substitutes. Fucking hell.
  18. Genshin? Breath of the Gacha? Eh, I don't have the time for more than two games, really. In other news... SHE FINALLY CAME! Guns or dive bombers? I'm guessing dive bombers... TASTE MY HEADPATS!
  19. 4* ticket in FGO, I'll pick Stheno this time around, soooooo only Gorgon left to complete the collection of Greek sisters!
  20. Well, I found it cute... And it'd probably taste better than her cooking. Keep rolling! AL gacha will deliver, I got Shinano when I lost faith, hell I even got Kii before Big Floofy Mama appeared.
  21. Uh, let's try in Finnish then: Suomimasen? Pffffff, can't blame me! It wasn't my hand that was moving :v No nut is cancelled anyway, even this cute squirrel approves!
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