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  1. 1 hour ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

    Niiice, how was the damage?

    Here's the full story:

    I always wanted Melt, never got her, she got away this time as well, but!


    MEGA MILK np2 (this roll was just before anniverssary)



    YUS, Bunny Shishou soon then, woooooo!


    Triplets np2.


    So... 90 sq. And guess how much sq I got now, after rolling a bit and stopping after Lip np2, then getting sq from all the fragments? 891. And it'll be gone with the wind once I decide to roll for someone I'd like, I just know it. Gacha giveth and gacha taketh away.

  2. Tired.... But! HYPED. AS. FUCK!

    Overlord season 4 in just a couple of weeks! AINZ SAMA BANZAI! In preparation, I have bought all available light novel volumes, just started reading fifth. Worth it!


    What else happened?


    Do you like

    MY CAR?

    She escaped last year, but using eurobeat as the catalyst worked like a charm.

    Azur Lewds are getting interesting, a lot of QoL updates recently, some nice boats as well.


    I shall have my Revenge on those thighs!


    A weeb + her intro is a mahou shoujo transformation. Needs Nanoha inspired skin!


    My wood is on fire!


    FINALLY! Light pool complete! Only 1 submarine remaining and I'll never have to daily roll ever again!


    Ahem... The Witcher unicorn scene comes to mind... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    Literally the first roll on the special pool.


    Nuuuuuurse! I'm severely injured, can we... Hold hands?


    I'm Orzel the Horni, Commander of the fleet, I don't feel safe when you have that sword in your hand. What if I lose my important bits? How will I make Small/-chan boats? Quantity has a quality all its own, reproducing to make the fleet bigger is a must!


    How about you ride my shark? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    I'd rather have you assume the role of my left hand, I use my right to scroll through... Research materials.


    Look, a kitty! Give headpats, quick!


    PR grind is a slog... 2 sets of boats out of 4 are get, feeding them blueprints and equipping them is another story. She cute btw.


    I have learned many moves from anime as well! Just... The different kind of anime.


    And, uh, profile pic sauce: https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/wiki/Ägir/Gallery#Iron_Blood's_Dragon_Maid-0

    White legwear is the best!

  3. It's almost harvesting season...




    You also have big booba, thicc thighs and nice feet, so you're welcome in my fleet!


    2 for the price of 1.


    She's the kind of boat that would comply with "squeeze commanders head with your thighs" if it was a written order I guess. Nice!


    No, no, no, you don't leave. Take a seat. On my face.


    Ouuuuf, why is that part where thighs have to squeeze into thighights SO DAMN HOT?


    My moral what?


    Damn, those thighs are THICC! But also: PROTECC SMOL EUGEN *HEADPATS INTENSIFY*


    I mean... The newer ones are quite stacked, but yeah, the QE class is, uh, flat across the board.


    Elbing is secretly cultured? No worries, I won't let any tentacles near my girls, I don't like sharing. But also: damn, that would be hot...


    I hate that damn board game....


    Why? Why gib sosig when I want Dino Mommy? Gacha is a bad civ!


    Damn, she's a shortstack, tiny feet, cold on the outside, sweet on the inside... SO CUTE! I don't care what everyone says, she's a must have.



  4. Not much happening, quite busy, shoulder is fine again, stonks are not going well.... But then again, it's my fault for buying meme Israeli shipping company stonks :feelsbad:

    Oh, well, I'll just keep them, hoping for some jewish shekel magic or something, lol. And, well, pretty much the entire market went down, because moni printer go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.



    I'm keen on licking your silky smooth thighs.


    A klutz gets serious, scary. Great legs tho.


    Careful now, I have a missile of my own! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Got through olympus, demeter, zeus and the last wodime fight were a bitch. There was also another top tier waifu in this lostbelt: Adele. That's the first lostbelt I regret doing for waifu reasons, but then again... What was that saying? Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened? And her flatness, her feet on my face would definately make me smile.

    Caenis was A FUCKING BOSS. And surprisingly cute sometimes...



    Coming to chaldea calmed her down a bit, she still formed a delinquent club, but bloodthirst is more of an image thing for her, I think. She requires a ton of bond points (more bonding with her thighs? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ), so I haven't seen all of her lines yet. And she's scared of Martha, lmao.



    20 hours ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

    Ishtar, she only came when I had to use part of my banked up paid quartz that fucking gem whore.

    So, paid sq is her catalyst? Quite predictable, actually. That's the last Rinface (and Rinfeet) I'm missing, damn it.

    Over 700 sq saved for castoria.... I really hope, I'll get her.

  5. Two steps forward and two steps back, my back is screwed, and my shoulder is still recovering from going in too hard at the gym. But at least I got some new waifus!


    Erm, fix my shoulder, please?


    The timing of that event was something else, lmao.



    And from the current pasta event...


    Some say I'm a weirdo, but Impero takes the cake.


    "Any and all" is a very dangerous phrase to use around a... Cultured shikikan like me.


    Nope, I'll be staring at you booba and legs all day!


    Me too Formi, me too...


    Finally, OLYMPUS! GOD DAMN THE FIGHTS ARE RETARDED! Did some interludes and strengthening quests just before that...


    No need to remind me that fgo gacha is shite... Most of the time. Here's how Caenis rolls went:


    Choco Bunny np2, noice.


    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH? Ok. Pollux is cute af, would lick her feet.


    FINALLY! THE ULTIMATE TOMBOY! SQUEEZE MY HEAD WITH YOUR THIGHS CAENIS! 10/10/10, grailed to 100, miscalculated my golden fous, so got to get more to get her to 2k/2k. NO. REGRETS.

  6. Finally got some time off, now that I've recovered at least some of my energy - you know the drill!

    Let's start with AL:


    Well, I skipped the muse events (didn't want them that much and was short on dock space anyway), but a boat is a boat, I guess?


    Ah, no pantsu idol... But still no Mogami. :(




    Woah... No wonder she instantly became #1 lewded dragon empery boat.


    Another maid to take care of my pp.


    I don't even have her non-meta version, but ok :D


    A DDG in AL, woooooooooooooooooooo! Also: she smol, she cute, she dependable, 10/10 waifu material.

    And now, onto the latest AL event!.... Coincidence? I think not! Is CEO-chan (seriously, look up manjuu CEO) ruling the world from the shadows? I wouldn't mind!


    What a mommy. Soviet planes when?


    Holy mother of thighs... And that pose! I promise, you won't rust in my port!


    Oh, I can see her merits  very well... 110 pulls to get her, main guns are get from the shop. Now I only have to get points for the last two event botes.

    FGO, no Sei, but there were other surprises!


    OOOF, if that was the case irl, I wouldn't see the light of day ever again, sentenced to life in some solitary cell.


    OH, BOI! I love choco-skinned anime girls, Lakshmi is no exception, my pp is very happy. Too bad there aren't that many... Research materials of her. :(


    ON. THE. SAME. DAY. You couldn't make this shit up, that's some really dark humour here. So I felt lucky and...


    U WOT?

    Woah, a cute Rin-faced goddess, would headpat and kiss her forehead just to see her flustered face, she finally came... :wub:

    .....or maybe it's a sign from RNG? You know, of things to come? Well, spending afterlife with Eresh-chan wouldn't be so bad.

  7. I said earlier that I was replaying Katawa Shoujo, right? Well, my friend from work has been bugging me a bit about going to the gym with him for a couple of weeks before that. And guess what? The first route I got this time (playing blind through the first arc, because I just can't remember the flowchart) was Emi. Coincidence? I think not. Once my work contract gets renewed later next month I'm going to start pumping some iron (otherwise I'll never hear the end of it, or worse).


    There are bad games, there are good games, there are masterpieces. And then, there's this life-changing gem, which didn't age a day since the release. If only there was a Misha route...

  8. Waifu o'clock!

    Ze new German boats!


    A slightly less absent-minded P-class battlecruiser. Nice.


    O-ho-ho-ho, look at this bad girl! Is she the kind that will step on me or will she mellow out? Only one way to find out!


    A cute tomboy-ish type, I guess? Also: no screaming at cats!


    No, you're not allowed to use the toilet! Oh, you wet your panties? Let me take care of them for you... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    Short hair? Check. Super long legs? Check. Thighights? Check. Woah/10. Got her in 70 rolls as well, way before pity, great news for my cubes and coins.


    Oh, but I have an interest in you Gneis-chan... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    Another PR research, LOOK AT THE THICCNESS! Squeeze my head with your thighs, please? Next PR boat is.... A surprise. Well, not that anyone is anticipating or watching this thread, lol.


    Did some rolls for Shishou, Beni and Tamamo, because why not. This was not expected!




    Rolled for Gae Bolg, got Gae Bulg. Oh, well, got plenty of grails to wish that dicc away and transform Stolfo into a cute girl! Mwahahahaha!


    One of my first servants, took a while, because, well, she's isn't that useful? She's got surviveability, but that's pretty much it. Also: H-SCENES MANA TRANSFERS WHEN?


    In other news: after a random youtube recommendation, I'm replaying Katawa Shoujo. It's been years since I last read it, and damn, it's as good as ever. TBH, I only got all the good endings and the Kenji rooftop party one, didn't have the heart to go for the bad ones for 100% completion. I just... Can't. I know this is just a vn, but I just can't. Me, a degenerate extraordinaire. I guess it's quite telling.

  9. FGO playerbase saying DPS gives me brain damage.


    In other news: THIGHSMAN is a pretty meh anime, gained traction pretty much only because of Rikka and her THICCNESS... While Akane and her occasional (and very nice) feet shots got ignored. Dynazenon will probably be more of the same. Also: every guy named Zenon be like "wut?" :D

    GuP Das Finale part 3... What. A. Blast that one was, holy shit. Chihatan getting even more development and coming very close, other schools battling it out was insane, HAPPY ERIKA! :wub: A massive cliffhanger at the end with White Death being reincarnated into a waifu and putting Ooarai in a very difficult situation pretty much at the start of the battle. Say whatever you want, GuP is one of THE BEST franchises ever.

  10. Happy New Year Degenerates! Hopefully the next one will mean better gacha luck, new, fun waifus, plenty of cultured games and always successful research! Who knows, maybe anime waifus wil become real?

    Anyway, Koya-chan of the dark was announced, a foreigner. Normally I'd be getting hard just thinking about omnomnoming on her toes, but all things dw (at least the gamedev part) did this year was milking (coming to NA in 2023), trying to recoup the losses from the absolute disaster that was sakura kakumei, failed anyway and was bought by sony. :facepalm:  I have a really bad feeling about this.

    So, events come and go, not much happening in the fgo, at least for now.


    RIP. But then again, Charlotte is mine. Mash being a cockblock as usual...


    Boku wa kimi no ken! Gae maid bunny didn't come to my Chal... Wait, what was the name of the new base again?


    Another farming boi bond 10.


    (Over) 1000 days in hell. Well, at least the doujins are nice...


    The Best Gacha Game(TM) dropped an Iron Blood event, right down during my retrofit streak... Oof, this will hurt.


    Holy... Bigger booba AND this... Skinsuit. DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!


    I spy with my little eye... Boobas in the net!


    White legwear>black legwear. Somehow makes feet look better, at least for me.


    Nice to meet you too, you SUPER-ULTRA rare dd that I have been trying to get for... Weeks now? Only Mogami remains, and the light gacha pool will be 100% mine!


    Dissing the mark 14s never gets old.


    THICC and FLAT, best combination.


    One of the best dds and doggos got bigger and lewder, NUT!


    AYAYA! Yes, you can get all the headpats!

    Oh, and this just in: PITY SYSTEM COMING TO FGO!....

    990sq for pity. Wow, coming down from ULTRA-whale level (uso) to just whale level, what a progress.

  11. Arcade gets loli Tiamat. Christmas lolibaba Helena, ok, that hurts, but I'll live. Santa Suzuka and Femlin - ok I'm mad, but I'll get over it. Loli Tiamat? The motherfuckers really love to just take a piss, right down your throat, don't they? Oh, and don't forget to buy a ton of sq, and a lube, otherwise we're going in dry.

    I'll wait for pvp and finally be done with this.


    Actually, it gets better (in a terrible sense) - aniplex (sony) is buying dw. RIP fgo, you were the best worst game I've ever played.

  12. >final atlantis boss fight

    >shit costume Mashu and Liz brave left vs ~30k hp boss with 2-hit invul and np loaded

    >buster Mashu card, quick Liz and buster Liz with 50% crit chance

    >no crit

    >boss left with about 12k hp, NPs my servants out of existence

    GG, Wodime wins, chaldea wiped out. Proper history is no more. Well done dw, LOL.

    Realistically speaking, chaldea never stands a chance against Goetia, hell, even  Orleans would be fucking impossible. There's no plot armor irl, and I doubt opfor would wait 3 days so you can recharge your command spells for a revive.

    >you got isekai'd to chaldea

    >"I'm a masutah now! I get to bang all the servants and then some! maybe even save and bang Olga-Marie!"

    >intro happens, meh

    >Fuyuki starts

    >"W-where's my starter roll? No friend support either?"


    >somehow getting through, strengthening Mashu with what little bronze cards you can find

    >too weak to do anything, Olga fucking dies

    >got through, barely

    >next to no sq or fragments

    >"L-let's roll anyway..."

    >get mapo fucking tofu

    >the next day

    >"Wake up Senpai, time for breakfa-"

    >humanity's last master lies cold in a pool of blood

    >realizing the impossibility (you) just slit your wrists

    >didn't even make it to Orleans

    >humanity successfully incinerated

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