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  1. Ez there guis, not only purples use haxorz, just hax enuff and you'll make it on the list. This site is seriously biased towards NA though, need to report EU chetarz like Orzanel and his alt huehuehue :3
  2. Can't remember if he was shamed already, but here goes anyway. Shaming element6 eternally for extreme shitposting in every arty thread EU (Fedaykin posted link to the most recent thread above). Despite having no opinion himself he argues with anti-ebola club ONLY, pulls out irrelevant statistics out of his ass; ponders on why wg keeps arty as it is, implying SerB&Co. know what they doing (they do - sometimes); strawman is his weapon of choice, arguing semantics is his secondary and ignorance is his armor. All discussions with him evolve into circle arguments. Avoid at all costs. Or kill w
  3. As I said in That Other Thread (RIP): so wg, these new heavies look completely broken when fighting against lower tiers, competitive against same tier and more or less utter crap when at the bottom of the food chain. Soooooo, why mauschen was postponed/scrapped exactly?
  4. Conqueror Gay Club XD

  5. Gets funnier when you're a lone siemkawarrior who's actually carrying your own incompetent tomatoes. ^^
  6. lolnope. First time I didn't complete wz mission because I didn't have any jap tenks, now I don't have any jap tier 6+. HURRDURRYOUROWNFAULTFORNOTHAVINGEVERYTENKINGAMEL2PNOB
  7. Usually heads in the wrong general direction

    Well, actually this is true in IRL, my sense of direction is absolutely terrible so I get lost often... :(

  8. Called it. Grind 135k dmg and 135 kills on all nations in a month to get wz111. On tier 6+. Nice, half of my tanks (almost all of them are tier 5) are ruled out, and I only have chi nu kai from jap tree. You can also buy tokens, national for 10 eur or whole bundle for 70. I'M RUNNING SO FAST WITH CASH IN MY TEETH I'M ABOUT TO TRIP MYSELF TO DEATH! NOT. Also - bonus points for wg eu for COPYPASTING event we had 6+months ago with minimal changes. Hey NA guys, I heard that some of you complain about your events...
  9. Meanwhile EU will get some "grind 200k exp and 200 kills on every nation in three days to get t-15" or "grind 20k exp to get prem fire ext". Or a toolbox. One can never have enuff toolbawkses.
  10. Does Minsk know about broken report system (Orzanel's case or more recent: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/522696-lol/ <-thread deleted, lel, anyway - IDEAL's Taylor_Swift got banned for UC)? Were or will apparent netcode issues with dual core amd cpu causing random disconnects be fixed in wows?
  11. Another good use for mal is trolling pleb with elitist attitude when they bitch about logh elitists. Never gets old. >mfw when they take the bait https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxGS0arlD3c
  12. I guess I'm having the same problem as OP, good to know that it's not just EU thing. Wait for summer to end, so at least some bots will be busy with school/homework, games should be a bit easier to carry.
  13. Few months ago freelancer was on cover dvd added to cd-action magazine. I have no idea whether modding communities are still alive though. I played sp only because Juni has such a nice butt. :3
  14. Yup, I'm eagle, siemkawarrior from siemkaland! I occasionally can into space thx to freelancer and x3 terran conflict. :3
  15. So, uh, after lurking for some time now, I finally made wotlabs account. I'm trying to get as good at tenks as possible, I spam gold (as expected from a Dinger) and derp often because I'm clumsy. I also talk crap from time to time. And I kinda like anime. Uh, what else should I write here?... idk -_-'
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