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  1. Did I miss a news article or something? Is this shit actually announced as being implemented with a date
  2. As usual, sale price will be 60euros. I could probably casually enough get to 4-50% off. FUCKED if I'm giving these cunts 30e for a pixel tank now.
  3. So glad I stopped playing a few weeks ago, life has been a lot less stressful. They really haven't a fucking clue about their own game
  4. Yeah feel the same. Since closed beta, last couple months is the first time I'm playing without premium account and there's no fucking way I'm giving them any money for premium tanks etc. Taking s break now, even frontlines is gone shite, needs another map. These arty changes sent enough to make me open my wallet, if they removed it I would but fuck them and their mission of squeezing every cent out of the whales. CUNTS
  5. I retract my statement, the leo is actually OK, tier 7 seems to feel less broken than 8
  6. So we have to go back playing the leo... FML. At least I have a 4 skill female crew from the kran line, which I hated
  7. Had a feeling the lower tiers would be shit, I enjoyed the 105 on test server. About to unlock the tier 6 now when download finishes.. hopefully the lines not a huge let down. Totally burned out with wot at the moment in general, really not liking their direction with it
  8. So now is the time to dust off the old ELC and grind some xp yes?
  9. Man the game is his income, put him through college, if wot dies, wtf is he going to do, he will actually have to use that degree and get a job...
  10. Have they mentioned tiers yet no? I would be happy with tier 8 for the 12 weeks but a bit of variety would be nice. Not X, but 6-9 in own tier weeks would be cool
  11. First impressions on EU. Played about 12 tier 8 games yesterday, got 3 GBs. I enjoyed it to be honest, great for credit farming in premiums, games don't last too long, decent profit, lost 1 won 2. The problem is deffo what has been mentioned before, the game mode needs to be treated as a separate entity like FL was. I would play not stop GBs to credit farm if they implemented it that way.
  12. Cuz that would be fun. And fun does not equal profit
  13. Most of us that loved it was pretty Lt 'balance' when it had the derp gun. Was so much fun, but of course for wg, fun = bad
  14. The other new map is shit too. 3 choke points, nothing more. They really are tripe at developing maps
  15. Might be Na only.. no announcement on the EU so far
  16. Forgot that it's just an added game mode, so no credit farming.. even if the income was decent, can't just play it over and over like frontlines. Seen the 252 sale, like they're milking people for every last penny at this stage. I honestly have played maybe 5 games of GB at tier ten before disabling it, but I'll probably enable it to check it out. No doubt everything you mentioned will 100% happen.. Frontlines... Soon ®
  17. So, they won't give the player base what they are screaming for, which is the return of frontlines, instead they give us a few days of tier 8 grand battles in November. Just announced on official site. Opinions? I'll play it a bit too see if it's good for grinding credits, and might still be grinding a few lines then. Seriously though, just fucking bring back FLs
  18. its a tough call alright, the udes is a sneaky little bugger, the ability to overmatch at tier 9 but lose some of the camo and accuracy.. im still in 2 minds
  19. ok, so enjoyed this so far, im about 30k xp away from unlocking the s conq but i havent unlocked the top engine. is the s conq a worthwhile upgrade or is tier 9 the sweetspot? im not gonna keep the 9 if i unlock the s conq, so should i keep the s conq and unlock final engne? or just leave the alst engine out and get the tier x muchos gracias
  20. About to unlock this, ended up loving the udes. I have a female crew I could through in the tier 9 and keep the tier 8 female crewed also. Anyone kept the 8? Or is the tier X the gem to go for
  21. Just bring back fuckin frontlines already wg, I can't stand the game in its current form, but fl's I loved.
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