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  1. Man this isn't funny, I feel like I've just been robbed. You stole 270 points of overall WN8 and 900 points of recent WN8. No, I don't play M46/E50 but I do play russian mediums My face almost hit the floor when I saw 3900 recents ( <4k) man. Considering that cookiebaby has 3500 recents and the difference between me and him is only 400 I feel like I am bringing shame upon the elite community @kitten
  2. Found a high-res version of that thing you like.


    Also I'm 9 years older than you. Let that sink in.


  3. No comment... Whoever posted that printscreen. Well I guess I made a mistake.. My apologizes Ectar.
  4. Fgt im here EDIT: About the contest ,what about doing something like " who gets the best artillery kill". I once drowned one with my E50M then reported him for drowning Here is the replay by the way ,the arty gets rekt at the end http://wotreplays.com/site/2345468#airfield-1stwarlord-e_50_ausf_m
  5. http://www.vbaddict.net/tank/1stwarlord-eu-b9196dfce96da5a4945d91e880241b58/usa-2/m48a1_patton-55 I'm still blaming the game for that bullshit ;).
  6. Yeah ,in WoWs ,at least in BBs up to tier 7 ,i believe that everything over 100k is quite good.
  7. What does a "good game" mean to you? If I'm in any tier 10 machine ,if I don't do at least 3k damage ,I look at the result and say " Bleah ,that was a very crap game.". ( Maybe I'm just asking too much from myself.) 3000-4000 -> " I guess it was decent ,but could've been better"./ Tier 9 : 3000-3500 4000-4800 -> Should be the average normal game that happens every 2-3 matches. / Tier 9 : 3500-4000 4800-5500 -> Now that was a good game ,I'm happy with this result. / Tier 9 : 4000-5000 Over 5500 -> Great games overall even if I win or lose ( even tho when I play well e.g more than 7k damage im not really allowed to win ). /Tier 9 5000+ So ,what are your guy's standards in terms of 'damage' ? EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxcyIfILWi0 -> Games like this one make me come back and play this game.
  8. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/522187-e50m-3-marks-of-excellence-finally-3/#topmost Well ,getting 3 MOEs on tier 10 mediums is tricky indeed ,since you need lots of games with at least 4500 damage in a row to get it. Basically had the same problem with the E50M. Had it at 94% then dropped to 89% ,but after 1 week of trying here it is. I'm having the same problem at the moment... The game is just boring to play. It is the same old shit every match. Go to the key position on the map ,shoot ,pray not to get shot by arty. From here there are 2 possible endings ,no ,lets make it 3. You get clicked ,die & rage for the rest or the match ( or blacklist the clicker and go to the garage).You dont get clicked by arty ,continue playing the match and do a shitload of damage. You get clicked ,continue playing and lose due to lack of HP & broken modules.Also ,dont even mention B-C 25t inbred fucks who just yolo you the moment you get spotted. Basically autoloaders and arty punish aggressive play. Don't even get me started about fucking noob protection. Tomato in deathstar peeks over ridge at full speed ,stops for less than half a second ,fires , 1 shots my centurion 7/1. Bwahahaha I can't do that with E50M and he does it with the fucking most inaccurate TD gun in the bloody game?
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