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  1. And yes, that's where he spent the entire match up until the only enemy tank left was a T32 that had never left base. You're welcome, everyone in that match.
  2. Shaming Comcast and Telia on this one. Shits been on and off all month. Tata communications is another bunch of assholes that crop up from time to time with regular packetloss
  3. Maybe, I find that it doesn't hold up well unless you're continually abusing view range, if your team falls apart you are unequivocally fucked. The 704 can push the line and though its gun can be fickle it can snipe just about as effectively it just cant spot for itself, and its armor scheme still ruin pubbies left and right. Just my experience; I've found it far easier to solo pub the 704 than the WT 4.
  4. Some things never change. Considering how much easier it is to carry with a T-54 or 704, I really fail to understand how the WT Pz 4 is even remotely OP. Didn't get to chat btw, because I was stuck in Murovanka, exploiting trees.
  5. This also explains why it takes them so long to do their jobs.
  6. This; the lack of contextual understanding and strict by the letter rule enforcement means moderation has to be outsourced to some non-english speaking country. or they just really hate CR/D and fun.
  7. Shaming myself. I've been in some sort of fail cascade since the 11th. The things I've seen; it's as if the game is literally attempting to force me to quit. Nothing but teams that don't play the intended roles of their tanks, not taking even half-assed positions on maps(let alone important ones, which i never expect from pubs at 9 and 10), teams stacked against me statistically and those few that have been in my favor have had every possible thing go wrong. I played 5 matches tonight and for whatever reason, the session stat mod never counted the 1 win, so all i can see in the bottom corner is disgusting fucking zeros and red numbers staring me in the face. if you need me, I'll be under my desk, in the fetal position sobbing.
  8. true but it's partly why I asked, the FCMs somewhat substantial tracks would work against the 71s heat rounds. But he is assuredly one of those players who goes "heavy" lololol I'm yoloinvincibleswag time WTFYUPENMEHAX.
  9. Was the T71 actually using gold? The T71 is APCR/HEAT/HE
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