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  1. naah no one said a word about me doing anything good(Or bad) that match lol
  2. http://wotreplays.com/site/2342613#stats I cant help but shoot gold, its an addiction
  3. Motto: FFAA(Forward Focused Aggressive Action) Nvade is a relatively new clan. Only 82 days old at the time of this post. We are an incredibly social clan with 45 active members(We are still expanding). All of our clan members are fun to hang out with and fun to look at. We do strongholds every night usually before and after clan wars. Requirements: 3000 Battles 1500 Recent Wn8 Don't be a total rube On Ts when on Tenks Experienced Players Active in clan activities Clan wars tanks(Cromwell, T37) What we offer: TeamSpeak3: NVADE.ts.nfoservers.com Strongholds every night Tier 6
  4. Blackhorse_six... I was the OP of that thread....That was some funny shit
  5. In Canada you do... if you dont want to pick it out of the trash
  6. HI im a bad player. I need gold to buy premium tanks and premium time so WG can put me on their whitelist for good RNG. Looking for a tournament team to get said gold. I will do any tourney tier 8 and down....(only have 1 ten right now) I have tons of credits so I can buy any tonk I have a thing that can transmit my voice through select programs such as TS I can run any tournament and have a very open schedule *note* I dont actually talk like this usually, im just doing it now so I seem like a funny guy and you will invite me to your team
  7. I play in my treehouse all the time.... I whisper secret codes to my other friends in treehouses with a tin can and a bit of string(the fee was about 2 dollars for the tin can and string).... totally worth it..
  8. I am the lord of honesty and I can tell you reaching purple recent was achieved with 99.9% solo pubbing.... I havent hit unicum overall yet because my stats from my first 7k games are weighing me down and it took me 7k games to even get to tier 8... but now Im progressing about 5 wn8 per day, playing about 10-30 solo pub matches.
  9. finally hit super unicum recent, hoping to maintain it

  10. Kv-1 isnt that expensive, and I doubt there will be a sale on it anytime soon. Just keep playing matches and grinding out credits. I recommend getting a premium account Usually its good to go with sixth sense as the first commander perk. For the rest of the crew I usually go for repairs, unless im playing arty or some lights. Sell the t-28 after you reach the Kv-1. I dont recommend keeping it unless you really really enjoy it Everytime you open the WoT launcher click on every News post/Article as it always tells you about upcoming and current sales that you may have not known about. If you wan
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