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  1. I'd really like 4000 for improvement and it being different but seems like not many people want 4k so I opted for 2500, because I don't like working with small numbers, might be masochism tho. And yes I'm a turd who hangs out on forums, surprising huh?
  2. Applied to it. Edit: Got accepted.
  3. Above post + I think I pretty much watched every single one of QB's videos, I know how mechanics work, just that my crew skills, tanks that I own and usually my positions don't let me use them effectively enough, when exploiting bushes it's great but that happens like once in 4k games..
  4. I get kinda sad in my mediocrely armored tanks when I get shot with premium rounds, but I never complain about it in chat, when I'm driving lightly armored tanks, I laugh my ass off, on my IS-3 they bounce anyways if I'm playing correctly, I carry like 4-6 on my low pen guns, none on high pen ones, I think game would be better without prem ammo However, probably not cuz I'm the average pubby
  5. Thanks for the reply EmptyLord, I already uploaded 4(5) in a topic in Tape Study, the worst ones are the last one (Airfield) and the Sand River one which I just fail to find enemy to shoot (won't happen after I read that guide I hope!) And there's an IS game which I accidentally uploaded and then decided to show off It's nothing special, just fighting tomatoes.
  6. Thanks, I'll try to be more agressive in my Chi-Nu, it's the only tank I'm not over-agressive I think, probably used to it because of the stock grind, as for auto aim, I would try to, but currently my pc is a steaming pile of poop as for FPS goes, when I don't auto aim and hold my left click on easy targets I miss lots of dpm on them, because you know, instant frame drops.. Also you didn't check the last Chi-Nu game on the Airfield?
  7. My T1E6 has adjusted win rate of.. 101.4%?? Edit: And -5.6 WN9c1 on my T7 Combat Car
  8. I understand, and my crews suck, due to not having gold to retrain them, most crews don't have a skill, some has one. My survivability is terrible, it's getting better though. I understand what you mean, I'm just too bad to be mentored without my mentor going crazy at my mistakes Edit: I'm such a new carrot, my tomato habits are still there
  9. Well, I like this tank, but it's not about the tank, it's about me, what do you think I'm doing wrong, what should I try to improve upon? Those are my last 4 battles, that's most of the reason I'm posting these ones. Airfield one is the tomatoest one in those four. (Somehow this got corrupted and shows 0 damage for every tank in the game, instead I'll post my 9.9 IS replay(don't know if it'll run tho)) I hope you show me what I'm doing wrong and help me improve I can also get footage from my higher tier tanks if you think t5 isn't helpful at noticing the mistakes of the player. http://wotre
  10. Thanks, that's a good idea, I'll try to get some clips to study but I tomato a lot :/
  11. Pointing out my mistakes, showing me spots, what does other players want after all?
  12. I read lots of guides, I'd go and say that I've read most of the useful ones, I really like watching WoT stuff on YT too, I would love to have some coaching tho Edit: At 2k games i was like at 200-300 WN8 I think :/
  13. I'm a carrot player on EU, with 4k games in, I still suck, especially on decision making, I would love if somebody decided to help me out, I promise I'll be a good student ^^
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