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  1. Well, first game in the 5A -> Ace, 10k+ combined damage. Time to quit while I'm ahead. 


  2. 3rd 3-marked tank today. Quit while I'm ahead?




  3. >Casual pair of 3 marks while grinding the Christmas damage blocked mission.




  4. First *sub 100 game* 3rd mark!



    This was my first game in this tank since marks got frozen!

  5. I fucking quit.


    1. Errants


      Kin eye haz ur stuffz?

  6. One of my long time goals in this game: 60% solo winrate. It's hopelessly padded through Type-64 spam, but you gotta start somewhere.


  7. MFW 3k recent and no purple win rate. FML. 

  8. The test server version of arty is straight up worse than the live version.

    Before we had RNG camping machines that could wreck you randomly from spawn.

    Now we have super-mega consistent camping machines that can wreck you while moving at 60 kph, hiding behind a rock, and stun your crew all game, all while still fapping in the spawn.

    1. sohojacques


      My worst fear realised.

    2. leggasiini


      Inconstinent RNG oneshotting lottery machine is fucking retarded concept.

      Imo the TS arty is way better than current iteration. I guess it kinda depends what you play. Lights certainly suffer the most from the new arty mechanic (who tf will play those after nerfs tho), but for anything else it isnt as bad and i can safely say this is pure buff for heavies:

      1) heavies doesnt rely on mobility as much so stun doesnt hurt them much

      2) since arties can now hit anything more reliably they wont get focused as much probably, as size doesnt matter that much

      3) does pitiful damage especially against superheavies (t92 will do like 400 at most to SHSL maus)

      4) no longer has AP/HEAT that fucked heavies over lot more than other tanks

      Meds suffered from getting penned and oneshotted/almost oneshotted because every medium in the game has weak enough side to get penned by hightier arty, while they generally are slower and bigger targets than LTs. Now meds without complete paper armor like hovermeds or E50M wont get penned by arty anymore. Instead of oneshot you lose like 400-600 and get stunned that you can remove with first aid kit.

      Keep on mind that while arty *might* feel more annoying on TS, it is also less fun to play for shitters because LOL ONESHOTS are gone. Also no arty platoons is fucking awesome and will further lessen popularity of the class.

      I guess major problem is that we are just not used on this new arty mechanic. I mean, we have had to deal with current retarded mechanic FOR YEARS, even if it hasnt been as bad as 2012-2013.

      Now remove XVM and arty missions and im p sure the class would be flat out dead.

    3. BlackAdder


      I doubt that, with all bullshit stun you still have chance if you are alone. Instead of killing you or heavily damaging your tank you only get stunned. Which is a bit better than 1009 hp hit in late game.

  9. Dunno if anyone's noticed, but the medals for killing arty are different now (If I'm not completely mistaken).

    Pascuchi's medal is now for 2 arty kills, while 3 kills is a "Dumitru's" medal.

    Makes it seem like WG is counting on the arty server pop going way down with the 9.18 changes.

    1. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      i think they said they limit the arty to 3 per side max, wont find source b/c lazy but i do remember hearing about the limit

    2. leggasiini


      Yeah its not because the fact they would be aware about arty becoming less popular but its due to the fact there is simply 3 arty limit now.

      From my experience 4-5 arty games were reeaaaallly rare anyways, and how often u get opportunity to kill all of them?

  10. How to play tier 10,

    Hulldown IS-7: Decline engagement
    Sidecraping E-100: Decline engagement
    Sidescraping Maus: Decline engagement
    Hulldown Kranvagn: Decline engagement
    Sidescraping IS-4: Decline engagement
    T110E3 frontally: Decline engagement

    =>Hulldown T110E5: Shoot AP at turret front. Call it OP and bitch on the forums.


    1. Raj


      Just play T-62a and side scrape and win.

    2. SaintLaurentius


      Play Type 5 in the next patch and derp 600 damage every shot, armor is useless.....

  11. I've finally met the smartest person on the face of the earth, and he's spending his time on WOT hackusations.



    UTalk (11:35:52 AM) your tank was ghosting out on me and 2 other players on my team... thats an exploit hack a script you are running
    UTalk (11:36:00 AM) we ahve all reported you to wg.support
    UTalk (11:36:02 AM) New fair to play rules! I'll help WG remove you from the server and your account. You have been reported to WG outlining your use of an illegal hack. (Redball SPG HACK) Spotting exploits and Auto aimbot with built in lead target exploit & (Hull hacking)(Throwing a battle for personel gains or to grief other players)(running scripts to overide ammo load timers or moduals repairs)You have been reported by direct email with 2 screen shots to WG support @ https://na.wargaming.net/support.
    UTalk (11:36:05 AM) gl

    OperatorError (11:40:09 AM) Its called lag. But I'm honored that you think I'm good enough at this game to be considered a hacker.

    UTalk (11:45:09 AM) it's called you better flush out wot and do a fesh install just in case it's not.... that type of lag that cloaks you when it's needed and you are visable and noen lagged when you are shooting

    OperatorError (11:52:38 AM) I'd advise you to read up on the WOT spotting system. I run vanilla btw.

    UTalk (11:54:07 AM) I am the smartest person on the face of the earth guy
    UTalk (11:54:19 AM) I designed the Nortel Networks OC192 optical mainframes that as of 2006 run 90% of the worlds optical Internet backbone and all of Japans.
    UTalk (11:54:27 AM) I dont need to
    UTalk (11:54:33 AM) stop hacking

    OperatorError (12:03:42 PM) "Nortel Networks Inc. and certain of its U.S. affiliates are debtors in chapter 11 proceedings pending before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware."
    OperatorError (12:03:50 PM) Looks like it worked out great for you.

    UTalk (12:10:47 PM) thats was closed in 2006 and so was the company yet all teh hardware is installed world wide accpet for communist countrys and wtill carrying the world wide wbes load


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SmirkingGerbil


      OC 192, thats old skool. I think he lifted that from Google. lol. Nortel is dead. Ima network engy and the last time I saw a OC 192 router it was a Cisco 7000 series.

    3. saru_richard


      the amount of techno babble....

    4. Greatspank


      +1 for calling him out on Nortel's chap. 11 lol

  12. Cubs World Series Hyyyyyyypeeeee!!!!!one?11!!!/{}?!!!!

  13. >Turn on Jingle's Channel

    >Tiger I Replay

    >Goes Cliff 1-2 line.....



  14. Tried to play tanks again tonight. Once again, a mystery node is causing 500+ ping with tons of dropped packets. WOT makes a very poor turn-based strategy game, IMO.

    37%WR, 1K WN8. Last time I had the chance to play on a real PC with a stable connection I played 200 games with 64%/2450.

    In summary, fuck my internet.



  15. I finally figured out a place to go on Serene Coast north spawn in an ELC AMX.




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