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  1. As striker, I'm really fuckin sad. Fuck submissions and Tate.

    1. JimmytehHand


      Tate will get her reckoning soon enough. You don't really think she'll get another lucky submission when she defends the rematch?

    2. BlackAdder


      @JimmytehHand i don't think so. Only now depends who they'll put against her. 

      1. You have Dana's muse, Ronda (ok she is everyone's muse), which is for sure top contender and he wants rematch
      2.  Cat is out for a while, and he only lost to Ronda...
      3. Holly deserves to land head kick properly
      4. Nunes is in top form, grinding her way up long time

      I would personally like to see Holm rematch, and regaining title, but maybe they throw somebody else and she loses title (like Holly did). So yes, i'm really excited, and like she deferentially needs to work on wrestling at least to prevent takedowns (like she did once) and stupid mounts. 

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