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  1. :dealdog:

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    2. BlackAdder


      Guys calm down, this is actually happening, but seeing all downvotes I realize that we have many internet warriors. Sorry if anybody feels hurt or offended in anyway. Here is link for you all http://bfy.tw/4ufK 

    3. kolni


      Here's some advice for you:

      That gif is first and foremost not something that should be posted at all on a tank forum that is kept SFW and clean everywhere outside of the dedicated threads. People don't want to see that shit for a reason and you not being able to understand that or at least respect that just proves what I've always thought about you. We're not internet warriors, we're literally just giving you shit because you deserve it. Your entire stay on this forum has been whining in some form, and WOW, when you finally achieve something not even that hard to do, you still manage to make it annoying for everyone else. 

      I find it funny how you crossing over the line somehow makes us internet warriors in your head

    4. SaintLaurentius


      If you hadn't included that gif I most likely wouldn't have even commented at all and just kept browsing. OFC, be proud of your tanking skills by all means and I'm not being "internet warrior" here, just saying maybe think twice what kind of pics you want everybody else to see in the front page of this site.


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