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  1. New arty is more cancer than old one, especially for low armored tanks. Fuck you and your maggot family. 

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    2. BlackAdder


      @breeeze it's worse. constantly pounding you with stun and pretty big dmg, with such accuracy. 7.5.DeathThousandPapercuts_820148156.jpg

    3. breeeze


      If you're constantly getting pounded you're playing the game wrong. I prefer getting shot for 300 once and then being able to relocate / adjust my play instead of getting blown off the map in a single shot.

    4. Marty


      I ofcourse stil hate arty, but compared to how often it ruined my battles before and how often it does now... I don't have any statistics but just going by what I feel like, I think it ruins my battles 2-3 times less often than "old" arty. Stun might be annoying but it rarely gets you killed, it might cost you a shot but does not send you to garage or shave off half of your HP on non-pen.

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