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  1. Damn, they locked the thread. I was enjoying that. Here is the thing, I posted some scout guides in Nov 2011, then in Feb 2012 Taz posts his guide, the only useful parts of which were largely a reworded and witless version of my own advice. A lot of extraneous crap was also thrown in, like 50 pages of scribbled maps. Now Taz is claiming that his work came out first and he produced this jpg from god knows where to "prove" it. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Tazilon/media/PDF-DATE_zpskmhawfm1.png.html I would be happy to leave it at that, but Taz is a shameless self promoter and I don't think h
  2. The day Baxster ate the whole wheel of cheese I wasn't even mad, I was just impressed. Now Baxster, having resolved all conflict in the middle east and put a stop to violence towards gingers, has turned his considerable skills towards a total pacification of our tanking community. Baxster's WOT name is ThatSQLGuy, he is the light in the dark, the way towards peace through passive resistance. I was lucky enough to first encounter Baxster, aka ThatSQLGuyin this game: Note how he not only refused to harm another player, but how he also encouraged others to do the same. If it was not for my nat
  3. Really? I penned it with a 100mm gun, 225 pen a few times in a row this patch. Ok, so I watched the replay in slow motion. Lots through the cupola and two that went through when aimed at the middle of the roof, however the cupola still took up maybe 1/4 of the aiming circle so both shots might have skewed right and hit the cupola. Without a tank to test it, either both shots skewed right or patch notes were incorrect, I rate both as equally likely.
  4. I disagree, my performance in the awfulpanther is like 66% wins and 4500 WN8 after 300 games. I can't carry anywhere near that much in the cent. In fact my cent stats are laughably average (or below average by unicum standards). Fast tanks are just more flexible than slow ones that have nothing going for them. I think that it comes down to the role of each tank, how well each tank fits that role and most importantly, how vital that role actually is to winning a game. The role of a light tank or a fast/camo medium can swing a battle, however "snipers" rarely swing battles, especially slow ones
  5. I thought the AwfulPanther was a lot more combat effective in tier 10 games than the Cent, even before they buffed it (apparently, haven't picked it up since I made 300 games). I find that a shitty light tank driven effectively is more useful than a very slow medium in higher tier battles. I am totally biased though, I hate the Cent and I enjoy light tanks.
  6. I think that this older video of yours should supersede your advice in this thread: I was penning the turret roof of the VK with a 100mm gun with 225 pen reliably. Your video demonstrating that saved my tank the other day. The turret roof is the biggest weak spot you're going to see head on.
  7. Ok it wasn't a copy of Hunger Games exactly, it's just that when one dystopic movie with a rigidly defined class structure and anti-establishment protagonists quickly follows another you get the indelible impression that there has been a little band wagon jumping if you know what I mean. If there were two classic stories about a man who befriends a native american tribe then dances with wolves and they were both made into movies in quick succession then you might be inclined to think that the release of the latter is just riding Kevin Costner's coattails. I think that the moral of the fil
  8. I was in a game with this guy the other day, he spent the whole game trolling and hiding in a corner. His WN8 is 7.... just 7. He isn't a bot or an AFKer, being AFK at spawn or being a suicidal bot would be more useful than hiding and distracting. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/augustaustine
  9. Fablkak reviews Snowpiercer Have you ever thought to yourself, man Hunger Games would be so much better if it were all filmed on a train for no adequately explored reason. Well, if that was you and you actually did think that then please go and out and earn yourself a Darwin award as quickly as you can. The movie Snowpiercer takes the rigidly defined class systems of Hunger Games and exports it to an entirely locomotive setting because reasons. Oh so many great and powerful reasons, so many and so great are they that they just couldn't fit any of them into the movie. Ok sure there was some wis
  10. Guys guys guys.... what is wrong with you all? This is like listening to people talk about how fun the 107mm is going to be once they get the KV-2, or wishing that the FV 183 could mount the tortoise gun. It's a light tank.... with a 152mm. I'm gonna get the derp, and I'm going to use it to shit in the face of every waffle player and sky cancer driving son of a bitch I can find, then I'm going to find out where they live, break into their homes and teabag them while they sleep. Not only that but I'm going to take pictures of it all and post it to their family and colleagues along with a pictur
  11. I didn't actually mean to imply that you are not a good scout, although that is how it reads. What I mean to say was that the best LT players in the game don't recommend listening to him. Your attitude for continued improvement is commendable. While listening to his guide is probably better than nothing, it is something like 50+ pages of dribble for something when all that is needed is a few pages and some observant experience. I'm a total egomaniac an so I recommend two of my own guides and one of jacg123s. Jacg123's Chinese light guide and very helpful light tank hints http://forum.wo
  12. The true reason people don't like artillery, the actual reason, the scientifically proven and verifiable reason that people don't like arty is this: Playing against arty isn't fun. Artillery is (usually) not OP when you look at the stats in terms of DPG or WR. They rarely swing a battle single handedly in the way tanks do and I'm sure that the players aren't significantly worse at the game than most players of regular tanks. Why all the hate then? Because every time you get hit by artillery you feel cheated, you ask "why me?", "fuck XVM targeting arty" you might proclaim. It's just not "fun
  13. I found this tank somewhere between chlamydia and scabies. It was irritating most of the time, occasionally some relief was had while scratching however I would rather have not been infected at all. It's big and it's slow and it has thin flat surfaces everywhere. This results in it getting hit by everything and penned by everything. When an FV304 sees you they just laugh and pen you three times in a row. KV-2's pen them with HE with ease, M4's pen them with HE... Really it's one of those tanks where you're actually scared of people two tiers below you. There were a few times when people ignor
  14. I haven't played the 131 in a while, but imo the 131 is a better scout and camo sniper while the fail panther is better when the engagement range is 400m+. I also think that the change to how camo and bushes work (which I still haven't figured out) kinda hurt both tanks, but probably the 131 more as it relied on getting reasonably close, spotting and using double bushes to camo snipe. I also think that the fail panther is probably better at firing on the move and sure as hell is a better rammer. This actually makes it a good light tank killer if you're the one to start the fight. Ram then circ
  15. fablkak

    VK2801 Advice

    They really took all the fun out of the 2801. They made it weaker and weaker while at the same time the power creep of new higher tier tanks left the 2801 behind in the dust. I really can't think of any good reason to drive it these days. I would love to have a reason, but there isn't one. Anyway, there are a bunch of good guides out there for the 2801, most of them will apply. You can still passive and active scout. Focus on getting 6th sense, camo then view range (in that order). Be active, be passive, help as much as you can and YOU will be good, but the tank still isn't.
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