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  1. Heldar

    Day of evil

    Thats because you have an alt account where you quietly and secretly fulfill your true fetish of cancer stroking.
  2. Heldar

    Day of evil

    best balance ever, didnt you hear?
  3. Heldar

    Day of evil

    wut? m53/55 with gold he and ap? My w/r is ready.
  4. Not the only one. I cycle back and for between calling it win and W N depending on my sobriety level.
  5. Heres to hoping... I never really had too much of an issue with ghost shells and the like, but ive heard enough bitching about it that id like to see a fix.
  6. Not really focusing on the gameplay too much more than i used to. More like a switch flipped and it all makes sense now. That and hacks.
  7. Finally bought back my m26... Not sure if for fun, or for stet pedding.
  8. I was wondering why my overall jumped 20 points over night.
  9. Courtesy of Playerguy11. This is an image taken during a late night probably me drunken platoon.
  10. I think it will be worth playing. The tank isnt anything special, but the pen is really the only thing holding it back. At its current state it even has trouble penning KV--5 or IS6 from the sides....
  11. I officially submit the petition to rename Rel-3 to Rel-M. Only fair that our official feeder clam is named after us a bit
  12. They even made a screb like to a slightly less skrebby skreb.
  13. M--M's standards are now 1400 WN8 and added T8 CW/SH viable tier 8s
  14. Wouldnt there be an issue of lower tier tanks getting more XP from being bottom tier? It sounds like a pretty good idea, and maybe average over time could fix the issue. But wouldnt a t8 scout (as an example) that spends a lot of time shooting t9-10 getting a higher base xp for shooting that t9-10 skew the standard over a prem t8 or even a standard t8 that sometimes sees top tier?
  15. Been frequenting the forums for quite a while, usually for replays and tips and what not. Figured it was about time to start an account. So... hi.
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