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  1. 5188 damage, 1324 assisted damage, 3 kills with my Centurion Action X...


    MOE Percentage goes down...


    >_< i'm dead 

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    2. TheMarine0341


      You may have knocked off an even better game, or you're competing with yourself now for MOEs. 

    3. Toasty_Kun
    4. PrinzEugen478
  2. Does anyone know of a World of Tanks statistics website that displays when the player initially purchased the vehicle? I've got a few higher tier tanks that I haven't played in months (since I had around 1500 recent) and I want to figure out a way to prove this to clans I'm applying to so that the statistics in those tanks are used against me.

    1. RichardNixon


      I've never seen that on a site, and it's not in the API so you'd need to derive it from historical interval data.

      Noobmeter can provide a list of tanks that you have played recently (between any two dates, assuming that you've used it much), so that should suffice.

    2. Megrin


      are you EU or NA?

      For NA you can just use dpgwhores.com to check your recent dpg by tanks.

    3. _Dean_


      Clan hopping again?

  3. I've been having trouble keeping up with my own success in the game. The reason why I'm on the edge of a purple based recent is because I play selective tanks that I know I can kick ass in. T-62A/OBJ140/CAX are now usually the only tanks I'll take into public matches. 

    I really feel that I need to take a step back and try to learn new things that will make me even better with my soviet medium tanks and with the Centurion Action 10 - and that is to fancy myself a 121.

    I just re-bought my T-34-3 from customer service after selling it with around 80 battles or so a year and a half or so ago because I just didn't know how to play it. I must say I'm enjoying the tank a lot. The only thing that even marginally gets on my nerves is the accuracy, but that's come to be expected. I've talked to a few people about the 121 and the average answer is that the 121 plays exactly like a T-34-3 at Tier 10. I also want to buy myself a 121 because of the gun depression - I feel that I really need to punish myself in my weak areas in order to get stronger and know what positions are best for low gun depression tanks.

    I really don't know if this is the best possible decision at my point in gameplay, I've gotten recommendations that I should buy an M48 Patton but I'm really not a patient person to grind out tank lines and I don't have an american medium crew trained up at all, and the M48 seems like it accepts a similar playstyle to the Centurion Action X.

    So, I look to you guys, the Unicums, to let me know if I should give the 121 a shot..  

    1. Serene_Potato


      You should, I used my T-34-3 to pad my WN8 by almost 200 WN8 within a matter of days.

      Several 5k sessions did that.

      If the 121 can do the same, then of course.

      Though you will miss the alpha whenever you go back to your RU meds :P

      I certainly did.

  4. Well I think I've already found the ideal type of medium - a medium that can snipe if pushed into such a situation to be effective, but can also brawl the hell out of opponents at extremely close proximity, which is why I've been doing so well in the T-62A, because the tank is founded on those two concepts. But as I said, playing RUMeds for the rest of my time in WoT isn't going to help me achieve my goal - to get accepted into a very competitive clan full of people at my level of style, such as FOXEY or SHOJO. Amazing clans want to recruit people who can rip apart enemies in any tank of
  5. Because my recents are mainly thanks to playing the 140/62A
  6. Okay, well once I have an m48, then what would you recommend for my next medium, I was thinking probably the 30B because of its low profile and reliability, and then perhaps I can try the TVP after that once I've gotten used to having absolutely no armor with the 48/30B?
  7. Well I'm really not in the mood to grind to my next T10 medium specifically because I don't know how any of the other tanks play and right now I can't exactly risk my stats going down the drain, so I'd have to use a premium to train
  8. Well my problem is that I'd have to buy a premium tank in order to train up a crew for any of these vehicles. The super pershing is a huge 'fuck you' to regulatory medium tank style of play which is why I sold it, and the KR.. just no.
  9. Perhaps, but I definitely dont plan on going for German mediums for a relatively long time, what's your take on the other mediums I included in the list?
  10. The 8 degrees is only usable from the sides, it's only 6 degrees from the front
  11. Er, the 50m doesn't have the greatest mobility not to mention the turret is still weak, and it doesn't have the best gun depression. I usually rely on the mobility and handling of a medium tank rather than the armor, although armor does play a big part when I take certain positions.
  12. So then getting an AMX30B would be a better decision?
  13. its 60x zoom that's supposedly prohibited, not 30
  14. Well, I really just want to get into a tank that I can adjust to right away and that my statistics won't suffer from having to sort of relearn the aspect of the game, but in a different way. Also, I still keep fairly good situational awarness, rarely do I find myself being shot by tanks while I'm trying to aim for a target. Yeah, what I was essentially planning on was buying the Skoda T40, getting a crew trained up at least until 3 perks or so, and then free exping through most of the line. I'm not going to have the money to buy 25,000 gold for at least a couple weeks or so since I'm
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