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  1. 0w0 has it been 6 months already?
  2. Actually isn't terrible. Got mine from the referrals (no bots were fharmed). The DPM melts people and the speed issues are mitigated, though not solved, by turbo. The P 8.8 is so large and has such shit camo that the loss of VR from not running vents/optics is minimal. The reason it still isn't terribly good is because it still has no answer to the camo snipers or overarmoured tanks which basically make up tier 8 these days.
  3. 121 is the best choice against shit clans tho instead of having 140s and 907s and 277s like any sane person would, bring TVPs, UDES, 121s and 121Bs to rub the salt in
  4. IS-2M isn't T29 level, but it's mostly immune to small calibres, can troll big guns, and is able to sidescrape properly unlike every other IS-2 in the game. Also has 390 alpha and 2.4k DPM once fitted out. It also doesn't have ammorack issues and both bullies and uptiers better than the Tiger I thanks to having a boomstick I forgot about the M4, but it can reach 2.7-2.8k dpm with food and APCR, and has 10 degrees of gundep over the frontal arc. I haven't played the Tiger I since the alpha berf, but in theory the M4 should be viable as a sidegrade, just a very expensive one
  5. Got a crew for this due to CW. After 20-ish games have finally got the hang of the tank. Very comfy! Equipment is hipster-y and suboptimal - I know, but still manages to pump out 3150 DPM, and the tank is now more able to use that DPM due to having E5 mobility and non fucked reverse speed. Now, I wouldn't willingly part with turbo so when I have more bonds to get tryhard equipment the vents will most likely be dropped in favour of i-rammer. One of the few tanks at tier 10 which isn't just a 279e/Chieftain speedbump - just as cancer to fight at release but I daresay is a necessary evil in 2021. PS: paintjob was one of the few good things to come out of this year's lootboxes
  6. seconded huge 1.2k base HP to work with, good frontal resistance against the 76 peashooters at this tier, can sidescrape, small profile, has VR, is more than passably mobile for flexing, and has both DPM and alpha on the 8.8 which has by now been buffed the upteenth time to the point of being a viable sidegrade to the Murican 90. also the relatively low pen is no longer a problem because you almost never meet 8s thanks to new MM the only real contender is the T-150, which has to deal with being blind and derpy, but might have a higher ceiling
  7. I really struggle dealing with them because you want them out of the game asap before they farm your team to death, but a player in a T95 Chief only needs to use like 3 degrees of gundep to be invincible on the frontal arc and a lot of the time you have to over expose so much to make sure they die. I'd play ranked just to make sure I never have to deal with that shit
  8. Why not? Gun dep plus some resistance to 340 pen HEAT on top of a 4 round clip should give it both staying power and burst and it will be able to use locations normally reserved for Chieftains. I could see it being quite powerful in packs of 3 or 4. What will really hurt it, however, is the low sustained DPM.
  9. TIL: NA server pop: 11.5k. NA hall of fame cutoff: 3150 ASIA server pop: 10.5k. ASIA hall of fame cutoff: 1500
  10. lo and behold! the drop rates for each tank are actually different: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2021/01/10/wot-large-lootboxes-2021-statistics/ still salty about getting the 152K
  11. Are you like a new age Gasai? I would go with this: https://tanks.gg/tank/kanjpz-105/stats?e=V.W.X&k= .28 accuracy instead of .27, but that could be solved by stacking the vents directive, plus you now have the firepower to shoot your way out of an engagement In my view anything that has .30 accuracy or better gets next to nothing from IAU. For non snipey meds/heavies .33 to .35 is enough. The CDA, otherwise a very similar tank, has .26 fully kitted out but still feels derpy af to play, so at that level the hard accuracy matters less than the shell velocity and bloom
  12. @GehakteMolen @moogleslam the net gain is not zero because IRM reduces all bloom, including movement bloom.
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