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  1. Rip M103 gains turret armour but loses its beak

    1. ZXrage


      How does the hull look like now? It's at least kinda trollish right now.

      Also, how did they buff the M103 turret? I thought the cheeks were okay, it's just that the roof and cupola were so weak and massive it was hard to fight properly


  2. Still think this is a downgrade compared to the T-10. Except for the speed, the upgrades you gain over the T-10 are incremental, but you go from having some of the best firepower in tier to being middle of the road; and you can't alpha bully and reverse sidescrape as well as the T-10. The worst thing is that you face tier 10s
  3. tier 9 is pretty whack since you still have autobounce and can spam 395 pen HEATwitzers
  4. I still don't see how the 430 is better than the T-54 in anything that counts. The 430 is sexy and unique, true - but I'd rather have 330 HEAT pen than 390 alpha snaps, and both tanks are roughly the same in terms of armour and DPM. Ditto re: T55A', the gun is significantly better, but you lose gun dep, speed, and all ability to bully. OTOH I can see how the T-54's playstyle is less than appealing in the current environment where you basically have to be uncomfortably close to the action all the time to use the full potential of the tank. I find myself using much the same positions as I would in a T-10, only with slightly different strengths and weaknesses. In all fairness the 55A's gun is legit among the best in tier. You get tier 10 firepower + comfort firing full HEAT which get 1.1k ish shell velocity.
  5. because 265 pen is a joke against armoured 9s and cant even cheese tier 8s properly
  6. I have a bad habit of forciing my meds to do heavy things so this tierlist assumes some amount of aggression that is probably less than optimal for the current meta. That said, the farm-y NATO meds are soooo good - I just hate how they play T-54 Standard B || Leo PTA || E50 Obj 430 || Skoda T50 || Type 61 M46 || T-55A || AMX 30 Cent 7/1 || UDES 16 Batchat AP Obj 430v2 || WZ-120 (it exists)
  7. there are some heavyweights that are clearly not meant to be balanced versus same tiers, but they are mostly unable to flex the real benefactors in this game mode are tanks that normally would be balanced by having inconsistent armour/large weakspots, but because of the engagement distances and lower pen across the board suddenly become armoured as well as fast One of the things that hasn't been mentioned is that the FV is a small tank and FL maps are quite a bit larger than pubs.
  8. still wouldnt play this over the tier 9. you get all the strengths sans the DPM and much shittier opposition
  9. Second that about the Renegade. The midgame farm that thing can make happen is insane especially when everyone else is busy playing objectives and you just lase them with APCR
  10. Cent 5/1 is better since it can pretty much lock down an entire cap by itself
  11. The TCB1 was designed for the AMX 50 120 in the first place. They could literally slap applique on the AMX 50 hull and give it this turret and it would be the same thing, but historical. There is no point in there being a 50 tonne Lorraine project because the whole raison d'etre of the 40t lorry is to do everything that the AMX-50 does, but be 10 tonnes lighter. Like you, I am puzzled at why WG sees the need to invent tanks when there are real candidates with the exact same role.
  12. 155 with that slope is likely to hit 260 on flat ground I guess it's an interesting take on the IS-7 concept, making a tank super busted but give it mega shit DPM
  13. lavawing

    IS-2 Shielded

    I was going to say I wouldn't mind the speed but the inability to flex against tier 8s (pronounced nines obviously) is a dealbreaker
  14. 44 is equal to the 44 100 tho - they reach similar speeds on similar terrain terrain resistances notwithstanding - 100 is more accurate - base 44 doesn't get engine damage/fires since they forgot to buff the 100's engine HP when they gave it the base 44's HP/T. The 101 is just flat out worse than the WZ, even if it isn't bad, just clunky
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