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  1. Hmm, I would have given it a 4/5 in mobility, 5/5 in firepower and 2.5/5 for armour, but I'm comparing it to other heavies and not everything tier 8 - which is probably where the difference comes from. My only gripe with the gun is the gold pen. 255mm is not always enough for when you matched against higher tiers, especially against angled armour. 360 alpha on the other hand is perfectly OK for me since the gun handling is just that good. IMO it's actually better for good players than a Defender is, which is pretty much hard capped by its derpiness. And in fact the most comparable tank in tier is really the 53TP, which is another soft-ish fast heavy with tier 9-esque firepower.
  2. well you were one of the last people on this graveyard who used to review pixel tanks so there's prolly an influence not into uneven fat tiddy jap tanks so sorry not sorry i habe moar deepeegees in derp type 4 than the 'buffed' type 5 prelim thoughts on type 5: more agile than before and a lot comfier than it used to be - but without the derp I fail to see the role it's supposed to take in game - case in point just got matched against a 279e The current game isn't good by any stretch of the information, but at least it's marginally less masochistic to play than world of corridors which peaked at ard the time 268 4 was released and world of TDs (1.0). good players leaving means I get outplayed a lot less 300 iq strat right there I do wish there was a way to play the game other than rushing to hulldown spots ad nauseum tho................................ PS funnily enough frontlines reminds me more of the old WoT than pubbing
  3. I wouldn't call the turret extremely strong - the whole area below the gun is weak to 250~ pen rounds when using gun depression hull is shit on flat ground - easier to bait shots with tracks and the protruding bit of the 'beak' than actually trying to bounce the armour by itself is strictly meh - but it's not like your opposition really has a chance to aim in most engagements since you will be outsnapping 90% of vehicles you encounter with that ludicrous a gun. tbh the tiger II would be OP if you gave it this gun - and this thing has speed and gun depression on top of everything else it offers. I don't exactly know if this tank is cancer to play against since I only play 2018/2019 OP tier 8s, but I would suspect from the number of meds I've farmed that it would be absolute bollocks to fight in your typical 240 alpha paper med which will have wore alpha, worse gun handling, worse armour and worse DPM. It's like trying to fight a tier 9 med basically (which is what the tank pretty much is IMO).
  4. lavawing


    130PM relies on camo, vision, and firepower, all three of which benefit quite a bit from food. If you get shot three or four times you're going to die anyway fire or not; while food gives you more VR for outspotting people and more camo for not getting outspotted, making it somehow actually more survivable. Unless I'm on something that burns regularly, e.g. a Chrysler/113, running food generally doesn't take away from your consistency because the consistency you lose by burning occasionally is less than the consistency you gain from snapping shots and having more DPM.
  5. lavawing


    @hazzgar 0P doesnt actually seem to be giving advice, just asking for it. for myself, I never ran camo net on anything until the advent of wheeled rockets
  6. lavawing


    I run camo net for the sole reason of not getting spotted by yoloing wheelies. Bear in mind I run the tank with food so not getting the aim time reduction from GLD is less punishing. I can see the point that 40ish base camo is good enough for most engagements so long as you are bushed, but 56 camo while stationary not only forces enemies to pretty much proxy spot you while bushed, - it lets you park your ass on a ridgline and still outspot everything (anything that isn't bland Swedish cheese). This saves time you'd otherwise be spending on finding a bush and gives you more windows to do damage. A camo net is also useful for late game since every last bit of vision advantage counts and you will be facing lights/stealthed TDs. If I wasn't running food, tho, I'd probably drop the camo net and run GLD. also @Diriz0n good players can make poor equipment choices
  7. Looked at it ingame and apparently it's got 194 gold pen now 34-85M still obviously better tho
  8. In an attempt to revitalise this forum to sate my necrophilic urges I have decided to start a threat where I review tanks currently in my garage. Reviews start from Tier 4 which is where the fun begins and include SPGs which are the most fun class of all Tanks are compared to their peers in the same class, and given scores on FIREPOWER, SURVIVABILITY and MOBILITY on a 1-1O scale. Format roughly follows that of old dedwotlabs reviews. 5/1O means the tank is neither at an advantage or disadvantage in that area, 6/1O a slight edge, 7/1O means a definite advantage in some way, 8/1O is better than most tanks and 9-1O/1O would be best in class or thereabouts. Tank suggestions are welcome. Zeroes are not allowed. Do not ask me to play shitty tanks as I will play them. Example IS-3 FIREPOWER - 8/1O + one of the most reliable guns in tier despite lack of hard accuracy + 39O alpha, high pen on both AP and APCR + snaps for days (.8 turret bloom ftw) = long aim time for mid/long range engagements = only 5 degrees of gun dep tho mitigated by low profile - low DPM at ¬22OO fully kitted out - only 350 VR limiting on open maps and v. Swede campers - somewhat low ammo count for when you have to carry your friendly tier ten tards SURVIVABILITY - 8/1O + unironically one of the best turrets in game: 25O to autobounce frontally with strong sides + tiny weakspots in the form of 2Omm forehead + cupola + frontal hull is a tricky target due to pike + track applique + hull sides absorb more shots than front due to 9Omm sloped + tinfoil supply boxes which somehow act as 3Omm spaced armour + can reverse sidescrape + can facehug + short enough to hull down behind anything bigger than a pixel + trolliness of armour profile quadruples due to small size and ability to wiggle = pike unreliable in frontal engagements = can't do frontal sidescrapes = has turret weakspots (cries in 2017) - frontal hull is cheese to well aimed fire - low profile means both turret weakspots and weak hull are exposed when against tall tanks - module issues - ammorack & burns MOBILITY - 7.5/1O + more agile than most mediums in tier + good HP/T and good acceleration + probably has some broken gear stats at low speeds + cruises at 38 on most terrain = top speed *only* 38 = -15 reverse speed Note: the IS-3 is more agile than most of its peers and is slightly faster than most of the heavy heavies, but the top speed stops it from making some flexes which is why it gets half a point knocked off. OVERALL - 23.5/3O (GUD, VERY GUD) Recommended loadout: APCR, food, rammer, vents, v-stabs. Still one of the best heavies in tier and uncontested in its niche as a hulldown brawly heavium Not as dominant as it once was due to TD campsites being added to otherwise corridory maps Ability to resist higher tiers less important due to MM changes Strongly favours aggressive plays which would be suicidal on most other tanks For a less aggressive playstyle: try the 53TP; if you are terrible - the Defender. =========================================================================================================== List of current tanks: TIER 4 AC I Pz B2 T28E with F-3O Sav M/43 Valentine II TIER 5 MT Matilda IV M4 Improved Turán III Pz.Kpfw. T 25 HT BDR G1 B Churchill III Excelsior T14 KV-22O-2 TIER 6 LT T-5O-2 MT A-43 AC IV Exp Skoda T 25 Strv 74 T-34-85M VK3OO1P HT VK36O1H TD SU-1OO SPG M44 TIER 7 MT Chi-Ri LeO VK3OO2D HT A45 IS TD E 25 SU-1OOM1 SU-122-44 Super Hellcat T-34-2G FT TIER 8 LT LTTB MT AMX CDC Cent 5/1 M4 Rev Obj 416 T25 Pilot 1 T26E4 T-44 T-44-1OO HT 5OTP Proto 53TP AMX M4 49 Caern AX Chrysler K Emil I FCM 5OT IS-3 IS-3A IS-6 IS-M M54 Renegade M6A2E1 VK45O2A WZ-111 TD AMX CDA Jagdtiger 8.8 RHM Skorpion SU-1O1 SU-13OPM WZ-111-1G FT WZ-12O-1G FT SPG LOrr 155 51 TIER 9 MT E 5O Obj 43O II Skoda T 5O T 55A HT 5OTP AMX M4 51 Conqueror E 75 Emil II M1O3 ST-I T-1O WZ-111 1-4 TD Jagdtiger Obj 7O4 WZ-111G FT SPG 212A BC 155 55 Tier 1O LT T-1OO MT 121 Obj 43OU HT 113 AMX 5O B AMX M4 54 IS-4 IS-7 Obj 277 T11OE5 Type 5 WZ-111 5A SPG Obj 261
  9. quick review in case anyone's on the fence about funding Serb's moon base support heavium historically a medium - conventional non-autoloading version of the T54E1 was once tested as a tier 10 med a loooong time ago now dusted off the shelves for the moolah: https://tanks.gg/tank/m48t54e2/stats doesn't actually feel like an E5 gun a m a z e b a l l s meaty 360 alpha with sub 8 reload, good (226) pen and hitscan APCR good accuracy and best in class bloom with .10 base turret bloom - better than a Progetto -10 gun depression aim time only decent at 2.4s, though mitigated by bloom APCR 255 only means you struggle against heavily armoured targets basically the gun of a tier 9 medium overall: all-in-all best in class firepower tied with the Caern (less alpha, more DPM) and the 53TP (more alpha, less DPM). arguably even better than the above two if you fire full gold armour bad to unreliable tumour ~180EA large LFP ~150EA weak-ish UFP ~200EA tall hull larger than the E5 no beak - f no magical drive sprocket turret: 230-250 frontally, prominent shot trap and turret ring overall: more comparable to the Patton than the E5 does not get significantly better with angling or when using gun depression - will bounce some glancing shots 0.4 - 0.5 armour use efficiency which is armoured med territory - snap more for best results - wiggle when reloading mobility 45 top speed, 17 reverse (which is more than the tier 10 patton) 16 hpt baddish terrain resistances with particularly bad soft terrain stats - 3.26 decent traverse + neutral steering 35 degree/s turret traverse <3 gear ratio stuff (needs testing): nippy between 0-30, average heavy acceleration between 30-40, sluggish above 40 overall: goes 40-ish on most terrain but not otherwise significantly faster than a 53TP or an IS-3 good for taking positions and relocating but far from ideal for brawling - things like 50TPs and Chryslers are inexplicably more agile verdict good crew trainer in case you wanted two irrelevant tier 10 heavies decent earner but loses out to Paytriot/Lowe/240 alpha things, goldspam not necessary but addictive again, does not actually play like the E5 - if I had to describe it feels more like the 5A with the Super Conq's gun ridiculously gud at farming - even I can maintain 2k DPG without too much trouble winning potential: tied to Chrysler IMO but you win games by damage whoring and not tanking everything fun factor: as a heavium player this is the most fun I've had in a premium heavy value: IMO worth it if more than 50% off, YMMV OP? https://imgur.com/gallery/R5KFqZM
  10. just impulse bought the Renegade on 50% off
    god that armour is mega shit

  11. Full APCR 3002D is workable and better than the T-43, KV-13, etc. The gun is aids tho
  12. You can maximise troll bounces by over angling your front and rocking back and forth. This applies to most tanks but on the 50TP can boost your armour use efficiency to the .8-.9 range. Food is alright on this tank but full APCR works even better. Really struggles against tier 10 behemoths however which at least to me is one of the biggest factors holding this thing back. Positioning is key as you basically want to do as many trades as possible. IMO tier 10 is cancer and I would keep this if I didnt have the 50TP proto. I am green to blue only, but I've gotten better results on this thing than any other tier 9. The long reload and big alpha seems to keep me from being overaggressive.
  13. lavawing


    Unplayable without food
  14. Play the tier 9 WZ TD and see your problems evaporate with the power of 395 pen HEAT
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