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  1. I don't agree. IS-3 is still faster, leagues more agile, with a better gun, doesn't have to deal with the offset barrels, and has a massively smaller profile. The 703 might be better if you get very comfortable with it, and clearly has much better armour, but the IS-3 is still easier, comfier, and more consistent. There've been no shortage of tanks that people claimed would make the IS-3 obsolete, starting all the way from the Defender. The IS-3A happened. The IS-3 still had a role. The 703 might be a better heavy and a better tank, but the IS-3 never has been a pure heavy.
  2. well I for one will welcome our old E5 overlords it's such a small tank compared to the fairly gargantuan Sconq, and with the old invincible drivewheels back I think it will be able to pull off ballsy plays much better. still, I'd prefer if the top speed was buffed to 42/18 or smth
  3. The 430U has extremely good soft stats to go with its .36. The ST-I as of now has worst in tier bloom, although the patch notes say that will improve. I have zero idea why they don't just post the fucking numbers.
  4. techtree 279e kek btw why do the IS-4 and ST-I need hard accuracy nerfs in addition to soft stat buffs? It probably doesn't matter but .36 accuracy on high tiers is going to be unreliable if not frustration-inducing. I also do not understand why the IS-4 has worse gun stats than the fucking ST-I btw E75 traverse do seem to be the other way round in which case it will be a hovercraft
  5. unless you get pushed by a Defender/gade is pretty nuts for Frontline defensive work tho
  6. also get blapped by 490 alfa boomsticks every time you poke
  7. TIL 2500 combined is only 68.23% MoE for the Renegade wtf

    Don't remember padding 8s being this hard, do bads not play this tonk?

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    2. Diriz0n


      Like it more than E75TS?

      I think the selling points are,  would you rather have a dangerously open cupola to get shot at but all that extra DPM,  .....or would you prefer to skip that DPM, have better short range pen, and a tricky smaller cupola. 

    3. lavawing


      @Diriz0n I have a higher DPG in the 75TS but tbh I prefer the Renegade. 

      The TS is even faster with much better armour, but it's ability to do damage is dependent on taking strong positions and abusing them. You will invariably get focused by arty and big gun TDs (hulldown heavium syndrome). You may win games and farm the damage, but half the time you will be miserable doing so.

      The Renegade can just snap everything it meets with like 0.5 second exposure time every peek. Minimising the volume of return fire you take can be just as effective as blocking that return fire, and the Renegade's gun is better in everything except APCR pen. It might not be the better tank but it certainly is more relaxing to play.

    4. kolni


      they do, but good (smart) players spam it because it's so busted with the current 8mm, against actual T10s it's pretty meh compared to the other stuff


  8. I find that you can sort of just sort of blunder your way to victory at tier 9 in a way that would not be possible with how 10s are played. 10s are expensive to play and people who play them do try to perform rather than derping around and having fun. People are cautious, etc. Before reading Kolni's poast, I never did figure out why I could perform so much better in the IS-7 (~2.9k DPG) than basically all my other 10s (2.3-2.4k) despite those e.g. 5A, 430U being objectively superior farming vehicles, at least on paper. Tier 9 games are chaotic and fluid enough that you don't need and don't want to be in a pure assault tank to get away with aggression. For example, a 263 might be able to push just about everything, but you can do everything else in a T-10, and still pull off those stupid risky plays. From my experience, tier 10 games are the opposite. Unless you are in a pure assault tank, always react. Even if you're in an IS-7 you are probably going to stick to reactive plays most of the time. What I'm not sure about is whether this is by design (unlikely) or just a natural consequence of people having more to lose at tier 10. Then again stupid aggression was also the thing when the 268 V4 and 430 U got released and the IS7 megabuffed.
  9. Probably the most useful overview of which line to grind I've seen in a long time.

    Some of the rankings are iffy, e.g. WeeZee (reliability issues but possibly better performing?), 430 (ditto), WeeZee TD (which is maligned by most good players for being a one dimensional brick, but that doesnt hold it back from being a damn effective one dimensional brick imo), and I might be tempted to rate other slow tanks like the Conq and ST-I higher, but it's a great overall picture of the meta.

    1. Ham_


      13 90 is that good in this meta huh

    2. Enroh


      tier 9 chinese td is a meme machine with 395pen HEAT rds and 90pen HE rds that do 1100dmg :doge:

  10. How do you play paper mediums in 2020? There are a bunch of guides written in 2012/2013 in wotlabs' heyday but the game's changed a lot.
  11. Tbh 960 alpha is still monstrous for a tier 9 while the 65 sometimes doesnt feel like it has a clip at all.
  12. 1170 is very good for a tier 6 light. Heck, it's very good for a tier 6 anything No one plays French tanks for their comfort. The fact you can get that this damage in a tank that has gimped DPM shows that the paper DPM of the tank doesn't really matter when you have some of the best burst in tier. Playing this reminded me of the 50 120 but this has camo and mobility. I don't see how this tank can be bad. Uncomfortable? Yes. One dimensional? Maybe. A tank doesnt need to be fun to be good and the 12T is pretty interesting to play IMO You cant have T71 DPM and mobility because this is a tier 6 and tier 6s are shite.
  13. What you seem to miss is how terrible most tier 6s are. The 12T doesn't need to do much to be exceptional. The other tier 6 lights have 50% more DPM than the 12T...........but fire single shots and are out DPMed by everything else. The 12T has an 18 second downtime and a 7.5 second uptime. I don't know what game you've been playing but big alpha trading tanks have been in vogue since forever. 180/220/240 for tier 6 for example. Having a clip and gimped overall DPM is more useful than having less gimped but still poor DPM, especially on a light. 540 alpha isn't amazing but you can take out anything that isn't a TOG in two clips. And you have the pen to make it happen. I don't know what you think the 12T is but complaining about track traverse on a tank that plays like this is...difficult to understand. This isn't a light tank that happens to have a clip. It's the lightest possible chassis that the French could mount a TD gun on, and it shows in game. It's not even a difficult tank to play. You max out the gun handling, always be ready to fire gold, relocate, land two clips, sometimes more. Then you're done.
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