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  1. didnt the is6 roof get buffed
  2. The Chrysler has 260 penu wot m8? also better bloom than most meds, a better turret front than the Maus, and a hull that wouldn't be out of place on a tier 9 heavy.
  3. fucking feelsbad you can't even TK arty by blocking their barrels anymore fuck this game so much seriously
  4. I am more interested in why D1r1z0n types like that than anything he says.
  5. Dear badmin, Can you please in the name of the English language edit all his 0s into Os and Is into Is? Regards, A denizen of a (mostly) ded forum.
  6. T-54/55a still have mad base DPM to compensate, but on the whole it's the exact same problem as the last round of premmo changes sans the legal implications I guess
  7. Apparently the STB-1 turret change isnt a straight buff as parts of the mantlet become weaker and effectively autopen ~150 EA
  8. It has that Centurion syndrome where WG gives it some sort of magically borked transmission modifier that somehow halves the HP/T in practice. I'm almost up to the Kranvagn myself, and while the buffed mobility is tempting, I think I might just keep the Emil II given that 300 HEAT pen at tier 10 is pretty much useless.
  9. 1320 damage in 6 seconds on a 22 second reload Highest DPM on any heavy tank in tier Decent hull + impenetrable turret Heavium mobility Nice tier 10 heavy, WG PS 12 degs of gun depression
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