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  1. lavawing

    SU-101 Wow!

    meh gft is better at camosniping and JgpII better at hulldown work. Tier 9 is better tier for tier
  2. Anyone has an EU account they can spare? Have moved to the UK and now relapsing.

  3. For E5 I'd recommend giving turbo in lieu of stabs a try. It ameliorates the issue of being forced into unwinnable engagements and makes it a fat medium and not a paper scone. Here is what I'd run if I still played: https://tanks.gg/tank/t110e5/stats?e=14.10.z&k=
  4. It got pretty significantly buffed in the gun department some patches ago, and now has some of the best DPM in class. Also as a platform it's not shabby at all.
  5. tfw you will never summon a qt sociopathic alcoholic catgirl Japanese warlord waifu
  6. Pretty much confirms that the dude on this channel is WG's NATO research man. An uncanny number of obscure paper projects featured there end up as tier 8 prems.
  7. Better yet, they're even rarer than the good tanks because good players don't play them
  8. It has the VR, hull armour, DPM of a tier 6, and better gun handling than most 6s. Tier 5 HP may be punishing, but it's not nearly as punishing as it used to be before the HP buffs. Against Tier 6s, you just have to play vision games, spam APCR, and refrain from trading. Tank's functionally a tier 6 med with shit pen and HP, after all.
  9. Better rammer than the AFK too on top of being a tremendously better combat tank This is the best tier 5 in the game. Nothing comes close. Only thing is that tanks like the RFBM can still outvision you, and BDR clubbers are hard to deal with on the smaller maps.
  10. Manticore is used on Prok for CW to deny/permalight the entire 1 line So 1 Manticore and 1 EBR for 15 v 15. Re: OP both lines you mention are off meta but I'd pick BC seeing as it isn't mega fucked by tier 10 armour and also isn't matched against EBRs
  11. I em vewwy sowwy ai don hav en Eee Uu acan't butt I ken open wun and pla toghet er wif yuo lets get freee taengs wifawt affort laik dis pohst
  12. What do you mean the sandbox wasn't perfect? Heresies!
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