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  1. I am more interested in why D1r1z0n types like that than anything he says.
  2. Dear badmin, Can you please in the name of the English language edit all his 0s into Os and Is into Is? Regards, A denizen of a (mostly) ded forum.
  3. T-54/55a still have mad base DPM to compensate, but on the whole it's the exact same problem as the last round of premmo changes sans the legal implications I guess
  4. Apparently the STB-1 turret change isnt a straight buff as parts of the mantlet become weaker and effectively autopen ~150 EA
  5. It has that Centurion syndrome where WG gives it some sort of magically borked transmission modifier that somehow halves the HP/T in practice. I'm almost up to the Kranvagn myself, and while the buffed mobility is tempting, I think I might just keep the Emil II given that 300 HEAT pen at tier 10 is pretty much useless.
  6. 1320 damage in 6 seconds on a 22 second reload Highest DPM on any heavy tank in tier Decent hull + impenetrable turret Heavium mobility Nice tier 10 heavy, WG PS 12 degs of gun depression
  7. IMO the 430 is alright - it's OP af versus low tiers but fares very poorly against heavier tanks which are everywhere these days. The nerfs would have completely gutted it and made it worse than the 120. The reasons its stats stand out is because it has no stock grind. A shitter like me has difficulty maintaining anything above 2K dpg in it, whereas 2.4K would be a walk in the park in tanks like the WZ, T-10 and AMX. The 430U debacle OTOH could have easily been solved with a top speed nerf to 40 or 45 and a DPM nerf to something like 2.5k. So as long as it stays as it is like the Super Conq it will be the yardstick against which all new tanks are measured against which is absolutely terrible for what is left of the game's 'future'.
  8. The STB-1 changes will be retarded even taking siege mode into account, whereas the AMX-30 gets magically better for some reason, and probably still not good enough. The Tier 9 430 does not need a nerf - it already has to contend with shit pen in an age where you need 330 HEAT for like half the targets you meet. With these nerfs it will join its brother the V2 in the trash can of WoT history. ABsolutely disgusting. To be fair the Leo changes look fairly promising but that's because it was so shit to begin with. Don't think the changes will be enough to make it competitive though it will be fun.
  9. WoT is like a dead corpse that we turn to more out of habit than anything else. Occasionally if you scrape off the mould, shoo off the flies, and wring out the dirt, it is.............doable?
  10. 1320 damage in 6 seconds and 5.5 for the K-vagn. Almost 2.6k base DPM on the EMIL II and nearly 3k on the Kranny. (insert thinking face emoji) 

    1. Kymrel


      This assumes all shots hit and pen. After grinding through the Emil II I wouldn't feel very optimistic about that unless your target is an AFK Griille at less than 25 meters.

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      An afk grille vs an emil2 might as well be immune at any range. That gun is fucking awful

  11. IS-4 with Super Conq gun handling and E-100 with 5A DPM
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