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  1. Much better just to have 750 alpha than two 440 guns that have shit gold pen and no rammer.
  2. @leggasiini I thought that the late-war paper Japanese TDs were supposed to have a belt-fed 10cm, not the big naval guns.....

    1. leggasiini


      well WG is WG :serb:

      I'm not even surprised with tier 7-10 Jap TDs having 12-15 cm guns on Blitz...

      pls bring them to PC tho so I can play them then finally have a reason to quit this game, the fact Japanese TDs I wanted for like 6 years might be coming is the main reason why I can't quit yet

  3. Having nearly perfect frontal protection against 200-220 pen guns with some durability against 250 pen tier 9 guns used to be busted before pen creep and prem spam became a thing. Factor in the fact that the IS-3 had not yet got its HD megabuff, the 110 was one of the best armoured and fastest tier 8 heavies of its day. The old articles on wotlabs have gone, but there was a pretty good argument for the 110 being one of the best heavies in tier back in 2012?
  4. 10 game impressions ymmv GUN - 8/10 - good mix of alpha, accuracy and DPM. + 282 gold pen allows you to negate a lot of armour in the same tier - note however gold rounds have 'only' got 246 pen at sniping range which is worse than what an IS-3 gets with its 265 pen APCR + good shell velocity on both AP and APCR + generous ammo capacity = unlike the Renegade soft stats are merely decent and gun tends to be derpy = all things considered final hit-rate is comparable to an IS-3 - less snappy but better at mid range = DPM passable but does not let you trade 2 for 1 like the Renegade does = -8 gun depression: neutral on this tank because of height le summary: a good enough gun but nothing exceptional ARMOUR - 8/10 - i.e. worse Lowe + good turret: 230 frontal with small cupola - however only works when facing enemies + good sidescraper due to turret placement and side skirts + steep angling on UFP makes it very tough when using gun depression: 260 + against AP, 290+ against APCR, 300+ against HEAT + like E75, can bait shots by presenting overangled front + combination of thick tracks and side skirts will absorb HEAT and small calibre shells = UFP is 200-220 EA on flat ground: unreliable against same tier heavies and weak against goldspam/TDs = LFP large and not very thick - 190 EA - can however be angled = sidescrape imperfect due to protruding front plate and 'beak' - look at the size of that thing - armour only works from one angle - cone of invincibility is small - arty. deck is not particularly thin but the nature of this tank and size makes it difficult to avoid arty damage - engine damage la summary: your armour is only as good as your positioning but in the right position you have the tools to be very hard to dislodge MOBILITY - 9/10 + 45 top speed and reaches it + -18 reverse + 16 HP/t makes tank very quick to accelerate esp for a heavy: bait shots by rocking back and forth + good terrain resistances and good gear ratios - from what I could observe the tank is one of the few heavies that aren't gimped beyond the 40km/h range + 80 tonne tank with ludicrous 1200 HP gas turbine means you can push around wrecks or allies (if you wish to turn them into wrecks) - slow tank traverse and turret traverse limits brawling - lack of agility makes it bad at knife fighting mediums and lights unlike Renegade TOTAL: 25/30 (Renegade is 23 fyr) strongest heavium at tier 8 playstyle: kind of IS-7/AMX Mle 51 ish in that it relies heavily upon seeking out and bullying weaker targets, for micropositioning, refer to Chrysler K can and should seek forward heavy positions for cheap early-game shots DO NOT chai snipe unless you have absolutely nothing better to do Renegade is more relaxing to play but this is more rewarding if you play aggressively not much of a role in tier 10 matches and not really built to be a support tank, but at least has high APCR pen being an arty magnet and having a derpy gun makes it occasionally tilt inducing ugly 2350 DPG over 10 matches and 1.1 ish armour use efficiency for some reason, will prolly drop to 2K tbh I prefer the burgermobile but perform better in this one which seems to suit my playstyle better
  5. Tried a few games in my friend's account. The barrel switch is jarring. Somewhat negates the bloom advantage. 780 alpha is a lie, don't use linked fire unless on soft targets in the open. Armour profile is strong and retarded for frontal poking due to angling. Takes a lot of arty damage due to 20mm deck. Tank is not as small as the IS-3 and turret sides are very vulnerable. Height also makes -5 gun depression problematic on some maps. Gun is better than I expected, but TBH I would much prefer the IS-3 gun without an autoloader on the same platform. The bloom is great BUT you switch between barrels. Two shots is great BUT you have a 5s interclip. Treat it like a derpy conventional tank unless people overcommit and you can punish them. This is not a true autoloader like the 3A is, but unlike the 3A it is not actually reliant on the autoloader. I would not play this tank for fun as the arty focus + derpiness makes this stressful to run pubs in. Still OP af and better than the IS-3A.
  6. Don't play anything unless it has turret armour, speed and higher alpha than its peers. Since you are returning after a hiatus get something with at least -8 gun dep to learn the new maps. This is pretty much the theme of how not to get frustrated by the game in 2019. With anything else you will just be gimping yourself. Also load food and spam APCR if APCR is an option (that bit hasn't changed) Heaviums are less dominant than they were in late 2017 - 2018 ish because of maps with TD traps and general TD spam, but IMO they are still the best class in the game by far. If you have the T-10 or the WZ11111111, spam games in those to get a feel for the new meta. Be prepared to load a lot of HEAT since everyone and their dog has 250mm+++ of turret armour with 'weakspots' that are autobounce to everything but HEAT. I'd add that the 44-100 is a demigod in Frontlines though only decent for pubs. The maps being large and open and gameplay being dynamic really allows it to farm mad damage + play objectives. The only tank in the game mode to hold a candle to the Progetto. Also RAAC has that 120mm upper plate, better bloom and even higher HP/T. The UFP means that a hulldown RAAC using gun dep is as hard to dislodge as a Caern while being smaller + it can race to those positions cruising at 45 ish kph. The best Cent ingame (not that it has much competition). This may seem like hyperbole but to me the RAAC is a better med than the normal Cents and a better heavium than the Patriot. The problem is that, even then, you will get outmedium-ed by T-44s/Progettoes, out-traded by heavies and your face kicked in by new wave heaviums - Renegade/ E75TS/Emil II.
  7. Take the IS-3A, give it 50mm more frontal armour, godlike bloom, 270 gold pen is a huge leap from 250 as 250 is kind of the magic number for armoured tier 8 these days - anything below 250 pen will have problems, 250 is RNG, anything above 250 will be more or less reliable. For tier 9s its somewhere in the 290-300 range and 330 for 10s. So you get a 112 that has a semi-autoloader, good bloom, and actually effective pen, at the cost of some speed - still faster than most heavies in tier. Which is 100% OP in my book. The only reason no one is making a fuss about it is because tier 8 has been fucked forever anyway, and the 703 as strong as it is won't replace the Defender, 50TP, Renegade/75TS, Chrysler in their respective roles. I also doubt that the 703 will be very common as its armour scheme is not retarded enough for bads and it's uncomfortable enough with the aimtime and accuracy and dual gun that most unis would just take the Renegade over it even if the 703 is better for WR, etc. There is also a limited amount of things it can do against lategame TD spam which makes it less attractive for pubbing. The 703 might well be the strongest tier 8 heavy atm, but I'd just take the Renegay since I play this game for fun and comfort > winning (and the Renegay isnt even bad for winning).
  8. IMO the conqs single greatest weakness is when you have to be the heavy and arty exists. Everything else can be played around with the combination of VR, armour, gun, gun dep, APCR which is simply sublime. Personally enjoyed the Mle 51 a lot more because the Mle could at least flex well enough to not get completely shat on by artillery - at the expense of getting cheesed by the now ubiquitous 340 pen HEAT. Still enjoy the Mle 51 a lot more with something like a 2.3-2.4k DPG compared to the 2k on the Conq. It doesn't help that with the Conq's speed you pretty much lose out on the first shot advantage on a lot of early game positions while also becoming a lot more vulnerable between positions. Don't get me wrong, the gun is extremely reliable and the platform is pretty good. But tbh I would trade gun dep and armour for speed - say in the 37/38 range and non retarded reverse gears - i.e. what the Mle 51 is.
  9. Depends on the tank, new lights have irredeemably bad APCR pen at range even when APCR is the stock ammo. The French 100mm - the one that is derpy af - basically doesn't lose pen with the APCR. The Soviet 122mm on the T-10 loses like 5 mm of pen over 500m whereas the one on the 430U loses like 30 over the same range. Generally APCR loses more pen over range but there are a lot of outliers.
  10. Ditto with comfort and 703 is not exactly comfortable to play
  11. How bad does the pen dip at range? Is it like sub 200 at 500m i.e. Chinese heavy levels
  12. Geez d00ds I just want to know how good the E75 TS is, can y'all keep the meta stuff in the meta section? It exists for a reason...
  13. unironically calling Gasai a great player in 2k19
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