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  1. Cent 5/1 is better since it can pretty much lock down an entire cap by itself
  2. The TCB1 was designed for the AMX 50 120 in the first place. They could literally slap applique on the AMX 50 hull and give it this turret and it would be the same thing, but historical. There is no point in there being a 50 tonne Lorraine project because the whole raison d'etre of the 40t lorry is to do everything that the AMX-50 does, but be 10 tonnes lighter. Like you, I am puzzled at why WG sees the need to invent tanks when there are real candidates with the exact same role.
  3. 155 with that slope is likely to hit 260 on flat ground I guess it's an interesting take on the IS-7 concept, making a tank super busted but give it mega shit DPM
  4. lavawing

    IS-2 Shielded

    I was going to say I wouldn't mind the speed but the inability to flex against tier 8s (pronounced nines obviously) is a dealbreaker
  5. 44 is equal to the 44 100 tho - they reach similar speeds on similar terrain terrain resistances notwithstanding - 100 is more accurate - base 44 doesn't get engine damage/fires since they forgot to buff the 100's engine HP when they gave it the base 44's HP/T. The 101 is just flat out worse than the WZ, even if it isn't bad, just clunky
  6. 261 is terrible now that arty cannot pen and everything is accurate
  7. I guess the 430 II is the same, except they became a gasoline junkie instead of getting married still sad
  8. T-10 has more armour than the 277 tier for tier, more DPM, and more pen. To me the 277 is pretty skippable since it's the same tank one tier higher, not much improved, and you have to face tier 10 cancer. Actually scratch that - most tier 10s are skippable since under WG's current design philosophy tier 10s have to play the same as their tier 9 counterparts. Is it worth it playing tier 10s? I don't think so. That said, both of the fast heavy lines (all three if you count 430) are very good and you can't go wrong with them. @Caomhanach SU-101 is pretty shit - 263 is pretty good as a yolowagon and if you think it's skippable the whole line might as well be The KV-3/KV-4 are among the most boring, one note tanks in the game and they're not even good at what they're supposed to do. Problem is, this applies to the whole line except the ST-I, which leaves you with a horrific stock grind you cannot bypass with fragments.
  9. Back when WG decided that low tiers with armour could have non-infuriating mobility.
  10. Easiest 3 marks ever. ~1.2k DPG + 500 assist for 20-ish games Inflated HP pool at tier 5 increases consistency and makes marking 5s even more of a breeze than usual
  11. So it's a med now (not really) 40kph top speed which it sometimes reaches is pretty comfy no engine buff traverse buff is nice to have only 700 HP compared to 650 ish on same tier meds and 800 ish on same tier heavies the real 'buff' is that tier 5 games last much longer now so it can actually get some mileage out of that Konisch also has 27 ish camo and 460 VR fully kitted out I might have to 3 mark this thing, no joke it's pretty fun
  12. Churchill Gun Carrier

    • Decreased the repair cost by 11%
    • Decreased profitability by 2%
    • Changed the vehicle durability from 650 to 730 HP

    What in hell's blue blazes is WG smoking?

    Tier 6 is going to be completely unplayable now. GG

    1. ZXrage


      It's all over for tier VI, it's Churchill GC time :kappa:

  13. Just give us a tier 8 KV-1S with 1.5k HP and IS-3 gun stats. It doesn't even have to make prem credits.
  14. Nobody can accuse them of acting out of character
  15. wait does that mean the M103 will now have more DPM than the E5?
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