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  1. 121 is gud now

    never realised it but the tank accelerates weirdly quickly after the 45 kph mark 

    not sure whether to run turbo to bump top speed to 61 or max out gun handling with vents

    tank gets >445 vr regardless

    1. Tman450


      Might have to try it again, the biggest problem I had with the 121 was how slow it was for a medium, plus how massive the hull is 

      Might have to retry my WZ-120 too, they buffed it nicely

  2. Stabs or turbo on the E5? 

    1. ZXrage


      I do rammer/Vstab/turbo. I'm not bothered by lacking VR since I'm brawling heavies anyway. The gun handling is good but just not good enough to justify dropping vstab esp since I fight close range and I need the consistency

    2. lavawing


      hmm tbh with ivents the gun handling felt good enough, but required some cruise control for longer shots. I checked tanks.gg and even without stabs the thing has better bloom than a 277/5A with stabs.

      I then tested it with istab and it basically doesn't bloom no matter what you do - which is a bit overkill for a tank that has enough armour to sit and half-aim. still, if I was going to play it as a pure support heavy vents/stab/rammer might well be the way to go. it's what the streamers do, anyway.

      turbo makes the tank so much more of a slippery target and really throws people off since E5s can't usually reverse fast enough to avoid fire. plus, the other boon of running turbo is that you are now consistently fast enough to avoid stupid hulldown slugfests and pick less heavy engagements.

  3. Bought the M53/55. The "tank" is ridiculous and I am highly tempted to slap Ivents/Irammer/Bounty IRM on it

    Blindshotting forward bushes and roof pens on Type 61s and Skorps never get old. 212 is still better at blapping heavies, but you can "counter" mediums with this.

    On a side note the 261 has the highest MoE/expecteds of any skycancer in the game which surprises me.

    1. Tman450


      261 used to be the good player arty of choice back when it was super accurate and had AP so that's not surprising.

    2. InconnuGlitterBoy


      M53/55 is my choice when the session was shit and I want to finish it with a good feeling.

  4. AUhvR66.png
    I'm dumb.

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    2. ZXrage


      Even I'm not bored enough to fork over $50 every time WG puts out a new prem, even if it IS an American one:serb:

    3. lavawing


      welp couldn't travel this year thanks to corona-chan so disposable income is disposable :feelsbad:

    4. Balthazars


      Wait, we already know what the Christmas lootbox premium tanks will be?

  5. WG: T77 will be a lootbox tank

    me: anyone stupid enough to spend money on this game is a dunce and a moron

    also me: 
     Saikou-Psycho — Had to test this out and Mika's MWPSB mascot pez...

  6. Trying to mark tanks during bot primetime is an exercise in self-flagellation not matched by anything since the day St Patrick discovered the Portuguese man-o-war

  7. Thinking of switching back to an animu/Chinese cartoon avatar to pander to wotlabs degenerates. Currently considering Riamu, some botegirl or more Psycho Pass stupidity

    @orzel286 @MagicalFlyingFox

    It's not like I consider you two to be the resident weeb trash, but, err, any ideas?

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    2. lavawing


      thing is, I'm not sure if the average quality of seasonal anime has actually been dropping, but what I can say is that the average anime these days is very average indeed, so average that I end up watching really shitty stuff like Vatican Miracle Examiner (it really is superlatively bad - I found it hard to make it past the first episode without rupturing my diaphragm)

      ah HSDxD, takes me back to my highschool days when streaming extremely questionable anime during history class was somehow socially acceptable

      > as I said I'm not a lolicon...........................................................................................but then again, Z23's oath skin makes my pp   T H E   B I G   P P.......

      > joke's on you I'm into blonde twintail tsunderes 

      > konosuba is fun and gives you context for a number of very good doujins, good waste of time

      > Sei Shōnagon, illustration from an issue of Hyakunin Isshu (Edo period)
      > does this count as a vtuber?

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Average quality has definitely been dropping.

      I used to watch at least 3 or 4 shows per season.  This season its just me waiting for more Great Pretender.

      Next season though, the Higurashi reboot is on so that will be interesting. There are a few other things as well probably so I'll be picking up a few things soon.

    4. orzel286


      > does this count as a vtuber?

      LOL, no XD Illustrated collection of poems doesn't count as vtuber XD

      Haachamachama does!


      *(translator note: "Haachamachama" means "you're crazy")

  8. @Solono @Assassin7 ben bls :popcornkitty:

    1. Assassin7


      the bots are getting smarter, bleh

  9. the 121 is such a piece of shit, I kill my team's winrate without trying

    1. lavawing


      oh wait actually feels quite nice with IAU

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      turbo turbo turbo turbo turbo ru med but meaty

  10. welcome back, my old friend

  11. Hory shet the E5 is great again :trump:

    Done with 'armoured' heavies and arty focus. Bitch medium all day every day parry this 0w0

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      0w0  everyone? 

    2. lavawing


      OwO it swipped out 
      sowwy not sowwy

    3. HowitzerBlitzer
  12. No one:

    Literally no one:

    T-44-100 driving up the hill on Malinovka:

    Back To The Future GIFs | Tenor

    1. ZXrage


      That thing moves like it has no tracks, truly the hovertank

  13. how2play tier 8 mediums, 2020 ed

    1. tier 8 match without Defenders - feelsgoodman
    2. drive to 1 of the 3 corridors on the map
    3. enemy wheelie gets spotted, use your awesome soft stats to lead your sub 1k shells
    4. miss
    5. switch to APCR
    6. pound the dirt harder than Caligula smacked the sea
    7. meanwhile friendly AMX gets spotted, skillfully ducks in and out of cover while getting shish-kebabbed by 3 or 4 railguns

    be first to make it the medium hulldown spot

    1. spot a CS-52, a Bourrasque and a Progetto racing their way up
    2. use your awesome bloom to snap the Progetto dealing a game winning 220 damage. only 5 to go, hurrah!
    3. CS-52 while going 40 up the hill hitscans you from 300m away, luckily, hitting the strongest part of your armour, your gun mantlet, pens, and only takes a quarter of your HP, your commander and loader
    4. Bourrasque bumrushes you and only pens one shot; you scare him off with a colossal 250 highroll
    5. now at 1/2 HP.
    6. hang back behind cover to rethink your life decisions until you lose focus

    Bourrasque and Progetto leave to farm more obliging targets

    1. mind your own business spotting for your camping Skorpion/S1/SU
    2. enemy Renegade waddles up to your spot and you aim carefully for his LFP, dealing an incredibly average 240 damage.
    3. Renegade hugs hard cover, ducks out, and gives you .5 seconds to aim before aiming in your general direction and snapping your turret with APCR.
    4. now at 1/4 HP
    5. CS-52 peeks and leaves you at 80 HP. you track him semi broadside but don't pen. meanwhile your friendly neighbourhood camping TDs bounce off his UFP and turret because aiming is hard.
    6. CS-52 railguns the only exposed pixel on your turret. 
    7. welcome to the garage! congratulations, here are your 15k credits for doing 750 damage and 250 spotting. well played!
    1. ZXrage


      Thank you for your TED talk

    2. simba90


      You could have played four more games in the time that it took you to type that.

    3. lavawing


      @simba90 yes, but then, I would have to, you know, play four more games

  14. I literally live in HK and used to have like 10 ping. Yesterday for some reason it jumped to 110 with packet loss. And here I was wondering why I couldn't hit shit with 1569ms APCR

    At this point even ANZ is infinitely more playable wtf.
    GG CCP for turning everything you touch into shit


    1. Private_Miros


      People certainly claimed that the Great Firewall was great, but they never claimed it was fast.

    2. lavawing


      Ping is back to normal. On a side note playing on ANZ did have its perks. No more banging your head against box languages and farming bots.

      Why are Asia players so terrible anyway? The level of passivity on the server is off the charts. You will see Skorpions driving 50m from spawn to the nearest bush and park there until the team crumbles. You can literally rout an entire flank by yourself and start pushing and find 3 or 4 meds/tds/heavies still 600m from the action.

      And then there's the shitty micropositioning which makes me want to tear my hair out - I mean the constant nudging you'll get from people trying to jostle their way into the farming spot without any regard to your angling or peeking whatsoever, and when you're trying to go left and the tank to your left is trying to go right, and he'll just keep pushing till both of you are like 20kph, getting nowhere, and wasting time that could be used to get the early spots.

      Also much bigger arty presence which makes it feel like you're being actively punished for trying to play the game properly.

      I got killed a couple of times on ANZ because I was taking early positions which on ASIA people would have been content to let me have without contest, but on ANZ would be overextending. Pretty weird experience tbh.

  15. aotmoFm.png

    After slapping bond vents, bond stab, IAU, food and vent purge on my WZ-111, it now hits things. :gaben:

    The HEAT doesn't feel derpy anymore, although the shell velocity is still sad (slower than the Type 5's derp and less than half the speed of the CS-52's APCR).

    3 mark here I coooooooome

  16. Hot take: the tier 8 4202 would have gotten the L7 if it was released today

  17. QUV9RPl.png

    This is fine.

    1. lavawing


      Testing out the buffed IS-4

      • Get rushed by 3-4 people before you can start sidescraping
      • Friendly 215B gets evaporated
      • E4, 268 4 and ST-II in front, Sconq and E100 circle behind you.
      • Bounce everything. Still get splashed by arta.
      • Friendly S-tank and T57 melt their overextending tanks.
      • Only Sconq left. Except he's behind you. 
      • Remaining Leo bumrushes you, kills you and dies.


    2. ZXrage


      WG wanted you dead, you know too much :serb:

  18. 0Q2oGJu.png
    Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

    1. ZXrage


      how could you do this

    2. lavawing


      so that other people will ragequit and in so doing be freed from the thrall of marathons

  19. GB106_Cobra.png?resize=600%2C450&ssl=1
    Possibly the prem for the Chieftain line? 
    120mm HEAT slinger with a clip sounds like tier 9 material, which is about right for a new tier 8? 

  20. played like 20 games in the stock IS-3-II and there was like a grand total of 2 games where I was top tier.

    is it just me or is tier 9 mm fucked

    1. Private_Miros


      WG is pushing everyone as much as possible to play tier 10, so yeah, tier 9 gets thrown in with them pretty regularly.

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Everything tier 6 and up gets boned in MM. Not as bad as in the past, but 1/5 top tier feels typical.

  21. IAU and food gives you .29 accuracy on the SU 130. Honestly surprised I haven't seen more of these around, not that I mind.

    1. Private_Miros


      But is it really that much better that 1.88 sec aim time and 0.31 with 10.8 sec reload?

      I find the new equipment choices sometimes difficult.

    2. lavawing


      @Private_Miros alas I have no idea. I do shit in camo TDs generally and camp a lot in them so the extra accuracy and the ability to nail weakspots at range beats out aiming faster.

      The new equipment choices are difficult, and the worst thing is not being able to quantify how well they work. For example, the new M103 has more DPM out of the box than any other 120 mil with a rammer mounted. As the buffs coincide with 1.10, I'd tend to think it was intentional: you either go full ham with the DPM or get an extra slot for mobility or hardening. Choices, choices, choices...

  22. Newsflash: the Caern AX is SEKS with Equipment 2.0.

    Losing the rammer to outpace Patriots is 230% worth it, it's legitimately one of the best farm-oriented heavies at tier 8 on par with the Renegade

  23. 3601 has 1200 HP base now and 1320 with hardening  - this is tier 6 we are talking about and you can slap turbocharge and vents as well to bully mediums

  24. Rip M103 gains turret armour but loses its beak

    1. ZXrage


      How does the hull look like now? It's at least kinda trollish right now.

      Also, how did they buff the M103 turret? I thought the cheeks were okay, it's just that the roof and cupola were so weak and massive it was hard to fight properly


  25. Churchill Gun Carrier

    • Decreased the repair cost by 11%
    • Decreased profitability by 2%
    • Changed the vehicle durability from 650 to 730 HP

    What in hell's blue blazes is WG smoking?

    Tier 6 is going to be completely unplayable now. GG

    1. ZXrage


      It's all over for tier VI, it's Churchill GC time :kappa:

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