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  1. Fuck WoT Asia, can't even get into matches with my two mates in B2s, fucking MM I need to fight bots

    1. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      AU or HK? Had a match in B2s last night to do Siggy's final HT Stug mission with honours for the camo and got a game on HK but it was about a three minutes queue as a two man plat.

    2. lavawing


      Was doing a 3 man B2 plat on HK, waited out the full five minutes twice before getting into a match. After 3 5 7 became a thing, a platoon of 3 B2s would almost always be top tier in 5 10 matches because no one plays tier 4 - because tier 4 in general is punished by uptiering constantly to tier 6s, and because what tier 4s there are are often pulled up to be clubbed by tier 5s/6s. But this MM arrangement also means it takes forever to get into games, feelsblyatman