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    2. sohojacques


      @lavawing yeah but your definition is wrong. Cultural appropriation and appropriation are two different things.

    3. hazzgar


      @lavawing words don't have a fixed meaning over time but in a certain given period of time they do have a fixed meaning. Definitions of certain terms slowly evolve over time instead of being completely randomly generated every day. Otherwise language would not exist.

      As for using a dictionary definition - again. Not so long homofobia was defined as being afraid of people. Also we are not saying the dictionary definition of approperiation is wrong. We are saying the political definition of approperiation is what is considered wrong. For the sake of this discussion we can call it PolAP 2.0 - this is what we are criticizing. Also no it's not a fad. I get that it's a gaming site and gamer information streams are often poluted with right wing pseudo intelectualism but the talk of approperiation is happening because certain minorities are finally speaking out. You didn't hear it before not because it wasn't fashionable but because a) those minorities had bigger problems b) those minorities had a smaller voice. 

    4. lavawing


      As a language student what I can tell you is that words almost always have a fringe of ambiguity. They may have a rough core of meaning but everything around the edges is arguable and uncertain. It's virtually impossible to draft a contract term or constitutional code without ambiguity because that's how language works.

      @sohojacques they are exactly the same thing. as hazzgar said it's mainly a problem of when is cultural appropriation bad or so bad that we ought to call it out.

      I call appropriation as it is condemned a fad because its content has virtually nothing to do with the actual act of taking, but everything to do with perceived disrespect, and a knee jerk reaction to perceived disrespect. A militant culture of cultural appropriation does virtually nothing to help minorities since it's just rhetorical: you criticise something for taking something you feel was yours in a way that makes you feel devalued. 

      OTOH it retards cultural development by demonising cross fertilisation: and reinforces the idea that cultures should belong in discrete boxes quarantined from each other.

      For the record I'm actually pretty far left on the political spectrum, ultra far hard left by American standards. I dislike cultural appropriation along with most of political correctness because it distracts people and draws attention from the problems that matter: in the US that would be the bipartisan government, political influence of megacorporations, entrenched and systemic racism and racial self segregation, social inequality if all kinds, and shitty education resulting in perpetuation of said inequalities.

      For example, people celebrating Crazy Rich Asians are happy because Asian Chinese now have representation on Hollywood. Tbh the racism in the US is so bad that representation in film is not even going to scratch the surface: it just lends you the smug illusion: we are trying, we are making progress.