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  1. IAU and food gives you .29 accuracy on the SU 130. Honestly surprised I haven't seen more of these around, not that I mind.

    1. Private_Miros


      But is it really that much better that 1.88 sec aim time and 0.31 with 10.8 sec reload?

      I find the new equipment choices sometimes difficult.

    2. lavawing


      @Private_Miros alas I have no idea. I do shit in camo TDs generally and camp a lot in them so the extra accuracy and the ability to nail weakspots at range beats out aiming faster.

      The new equipment choices are difficult, and the worst thing is not being able to quantify how well they work. For example, the new M103 has more DPM out of the box than any other 120 mil with a rammer mounted. As the buffs coincide with 1.10, I'd tend to think it was intentional: you either go full ham with the DPM or get an extra slot for mobility or hardening. Choices, choices, choices...

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