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  1. how2play tier 8 mediums, 2020 ed

    1. tier 8 match without Defenders - feelsgoodman
    2. drive to 1 of the 3 corridors on the map
    3. enemy wheelie gets spotted, use your awesome soft stats to lead your sub 1k shells
    4. miss
    5. switch to APCR
    6. pound the dirt harder than Caligula smacked the sea
    7. meanwhile friendly AMX gets spotted, skillfully ducks in and out of cover while getting shish-kebabbed by 3 or 4 railguns

    be first to make it the medium hulldown spot

    1. spot a CS-52, a Bourrasque and a Progetto racing their way up
    2. use your awesome bloom to snap the Progetto dealing a game winning 220 damage. only 5 to go, hurrah!
    3. CS-52 while going 40 up the hill hitscans you from 300m away, luckily, hitting the strongest part of your armour, your gun mantlet, pens, and only takes a quarter of your HP, your commander and loader
    4. Bourrasque bumrushes you and only pens one shot; you scare him off with a colossal 250 highroll
    5. now at 1/2 HP.
    6. hang back behind cover to rethink your life decisions until you lose focus

    Bourrasque and Progetto leave to farm more obliging targets

    1. mind your own business spotting for your camping Skorpion/S1/SU
    2. enemy Renegade waddles up to your spot and you aim carefully for his LFP, dealing an incredibly average 240 damage.
    3. Renegade hugs hard cover, ducks out, and gives you .5 seconds to aim before aiming in your general direction and snapping your turret with APCR.
    4. now at 1/4 HP
    5. CS-52 peeks and leaves you at 80 HP. you track him semi broadside but don't pen. meanwhile your friendly neighbourhood camping TDs bounce off his UFP and turret because aiming is hard.
    6. CS-52 railguns the only exposed pixel on your turret. 
    7. welcome to the garage! congratulations, here are your 15k credits for doing 750 damage and 250 spotting. well played!
    1. ZXrage


      Thank you for your TED talk

    2. simba90


      You could have played four more games in the time that it took you to type that.

    3. lavawing


      @simba90 yes, but then, I would have to, you know, play four more games

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