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  1. Thinking of switching back to an animu/Chinese cartoon avatar to pander to wotlabs degenerates. Currently considering Riamu, some botegirl or more Psycho Pass stupidity

    @orzel286 @MagicalFlyingFox

    It's not like I consider you two to be the resident weeb trash, but, err, any ideas?

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    2. lavawing


      @orzel286 your honesty in and dedication to the pursuit of degeneracy has always amazed me. You glow with unabashed weeabitude in the same way Kolni radiates unquestionable competence. You truly are a treasure to wotlabs and a credit to the human race :wub:

      > tho, I'm not that into lolis unless they have big decks 

      > thanks for the list Schindler rest assured I'll make good use of it

      > I'm thinking of Konosuba doujins since those have the best faces. there's also the i m a g i n e one but that's a bit dated

      > oh god, I think I've seen a few ones of her already 

      I don't think I'll use a vtuber avatar as those are hard to tell apart (is this racist?)

      @Rexxie nah Mika > Akane and I say that unironically. now that you mention it tho, there was a bloke with this exact avatar, but exactly who that was seems to have been lost to the ages. 

      Akane Tsunemori | Psycho-Pass Wiki | Fandom

      think I might have to trawl through season 3 to find the most deranged Mika reactions, but the show's probably shite

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Dated? I have barely kept up with the recent seasonal anime. Quality has been dropping. Now just waiting on more Great Pretender.


      If you want degeneracy, you can't really go wrong with HSDxD

    4. orzel286


      Awwwwww, thank you for the compliments <3

      >stacked lolis

      Hmmm, I think Z23 from Azur Lane fits the description nicely, she has a nice character as well (and I really mean character here, her "love" affinity line is sweet and wholesome).

      Airi Akizuki from Oni Chichi is a nice example as well, imo. Even though the series is a bit cliche, the blonde twin-tails tsundere has been played to death, but the art and animations are really good.


      Hate to admit it, but haven't watched it yet. Judging by the memes alone, I'd say the original series can provide a ton of avatar-worthy material.

      >vtubers hard to tell apart

      Well, it is a MASSIVE hole to fall into, the numbers can be overwhelming (another vtuber company, nijisanji, has like what, over a hundred vtubers now?), but once you fall into it, you catch on quick. And there's no going back. There's a type you like? There's a vtuber that will match. An idol that went crazy and is plotting world domination through mindbreaking? Haachama. Lewd middle-aged pirate? Houshou Marine. A cute pro gamer? Shishiro Botan. A mama wolf with a voice of an angel? Ookami Mio. A normal girl that somehow always finds a way to say/do something cursed? Hana Macchia (Papa Macchia being a really cool dude is a bonus). I could go on and on and on. Hell, there's a ton of male vtubers as well. With the sheer amount of them you could fire blind and get a 10 (a vtuber that makes content and has character that you like) with a first shot.

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