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  1. Stabs or turbo on the E5? 

    1. ZXrage


      I do rammer/Vstab/turbo. I'm not bothered by lacking VR since I'm brawling heavies anyway. The gun handling is good but just not good enough to justify dropping vstab esp since I fight close range and I need the consistency

    2. lavawing


      hmm tbh with ivents the gun handling felt good enough, but required some cruise control for longer shots. I checked tanks.gg and even without stabs the thing has better bloom than a 277/5A with stabs.

      I then tested it with istab and it basically doesn't bloom no matter what you do - which is a bit overkill for a tank that has enough armour to sit and half-aim. still, if I was going to play it as a pure support heavy vents/stab/rammer might well be the way to go. it's what the streamers do, anyway.

      turbo makes the tank so much more of a slippery target and really throws people off since E5s can't usually reverse fast enough to avoid fire. plus, the other boon of running turbo is that you are now consistently fast enough to avoid stupid hulldown slugfests and pick less heavy engagements.

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