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  1. r/WorldofTanks - Old premium tanks buffs
    At long last the Spershing gets to have a fighting chance against its sworn enemy: the valley spawn on Westfield.

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    2. lavawing



      if they ever get around to buffing the CDC I'd expect it to go like this:

      Chasseur d Chars (Tier 8, Premium, MT)

      Gun depression: 10 > 12 degrees

      Aim time: 2.1 > 1.9

      Dispersion: 0.33 > 0.32

      Penetration of Shell Frt Prf 144: 259 > 265

      HP: 1400 > 1420

      Changed armor of booking (mantlet becomes 150mm spaced)

    3. lavawing


      FV4202 (P) (Tier 8, Premium, MT)

      Dispersion: 0.32 > 0.31

      HP: 1400 > 1500

      Changed armor of turret (turret face becomes 220 base)


    4. Balthazars


      @Rexxie I think the view range buff to the STA-2 will probably be the most noticeable, that will make it one of the highest view-range mediums in the tier if I'm not mistaken (from memory only the tech-tree US and Brit mediums have 400 as well, and they are both markedly slower and less maneuverable). At least that will give it something in which it excels at, rather than just being another so-so 240-alpha all rounder.

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