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  1. Dropping vstab strips your gun handling advantage over same tier meds/heaviums Vents + food > optics IMO as the E 50 does a lot of brawling (for a med), and 500 VR is only useful on some maps. Also E 50 is not the ideal platform for vision.
  2. 121 is gud now

    never realised it but the tank accelerates weirdly quickly after the 45 kph mark 

    not sure whether to run turbo to bump top speed to 61 or max out gun handling with vents

    tank gets >445 vr regardless

    1. Tman450


      Might have to try it again, the biggest problem I had with the 121 was how slow it was for a medium, plus how massive the hull is 

      Might have to retry my WZ-120 too, they buffed it nicely

  3. Nice write-up. Couldn't figure out the tank despite like 150 games in it. Playing it like a med kills the damage output and playing as a heavy gets me killed by arta. Despite being able to shrug off same tier heavies when in position, it gets tragically bullied by basically every other heavium in existence - esp things like Renegades/E75s which can just push you, eat a shot or two, and proceed to DPM you to death. I preferred the Caern AX with turbo for doing very similar things (40kph vs 5/1's ~45), but with a UFP that works on flat ground, higher DPM, and a gun that can snap. also the Cent's armour basically disappears once you have 250 pen or above, whereas the Caern AX can bounce 280-300 ish pen stuff (i.e. same tier TDs) and absorb poorly aimed HEAT. It's just ultra hard to punish people and farm damage. Take the shooting gallery on Glacier for example - a Renegade could rack up 1k easily but the Cent will struggle to break 500. btw did you lose your old ac or smth
  4. Thank you sir, take this upvote for curing my insomnia
  5. The Bourrasque's trick is so strong that it can perform better than every other tier 8 just by hobbling along with it as a crutch. It's not like the tank is blind anyway and 450 ish VR is good enough on most maps @ZXrage https://tanks.gg/tank/bourrasque?e=W.Z.U&k= sr360's set-up: https://tanks.gg/tank/bourrasque?e=W.Z.Y&k= Optics should be stronger but IRM will be comfier given the tank's slowish traverse.
  6. Birm + Istab and Ivents basically gives normal gun handling to brawly autoloaders. For snipey autoloaders, IAU is still better. I feel that tanks that already have good gun handling get diminishing returns - not perhaps in the mathematical sense - but if you already hit everything you aim at IRM is just superfluous
  7. Stabs or turbo on the E5? 

    1. ZXrage


      I do rammer/Vstab/turbo. I'm not bothered by lacking VR since I'm brawling heavies anyway. The gun handling is good but just not good enough to justify dropping vstab esp since I fight close range and I need the consistency

    2. lavawing


      hmm tbh with ivents the gun handling felt good enough, but required some cruise control for longer shots. I checked tanks.gg and even without stabs the thing has better bloom than a 277/5A with stabs.

      I then tested it with istab and it basically doesn't bloom no matter what you do - which is a bit overkill for a tank that has enough armour to sit and half-aim. still, if I was going to play it as a pure support heavy vents/stab/rammer might well be the way to go. it's what the streamers do, anyway.

      turbo makes the tank so much more of a slippery target and really throws people off since E5s can't usually reverse fast enough to avoid fire. plus, the other boon of running turbo is that you are now consistently fast enough to avoid stupid hulldown slugfests and pick less heavy engagements.

  8. lavawing


    Never be in a position where you have to snap shot. Never fight hilly engagements. Never poke good tier 8s or 9s hoping they won't snap your hull because they will. Try to find engagements where you can fully aim, e.g. sniping/supporting heavies. In general, find tanks that are more inflexible than you are and spam HEAT at them. This gives you 2-3 free shots and the rest is just trading 1v1 until you die.
  9. Bought the M53/55. The "tank" is ridiculous and I am highly tempted to slap Ivents/Irammer/Bounty IRM on it

    Blindshotting forward bushes and roof pens on Type 61s and Skorps never get old. 212 is still better at blapping heavies, but you can "counter" mediums with this.

    On a side note the 261 has the highest MoE/expecteds of any skycancer in the game which surprises me.

    1. Tman450


      261 used to be the good player arty of choice back when it was super accurate and had AP so that's not surprising.

    2. InconnuGlitterBoy


      M53/55 is my choice when the session was shit and I want to finish it with a good feeling.

  10. STG doesn't actually have enough pen to bruteforce armoured tier 8s and you can rush it down pretty easily. The gun handling is kind of trashy at mid range which means if you wiggle you can bounce at least half the return fire. A good P46/T-44-100/CS-52 player is waaaaay more threatening than any of the 360/390 alpha meds (with the exception of the Borat). Not sure where the Lansen fits
  11. that pun sapped my will to live...
  12. on a slight incline the whole turret is 230-270 against AP. tier 8 APCR won't cut it except for the 270-280 pen 100/105 mils, HEAT is a wash against the spaced panels.
  13. Been a while since I touched it but you have two options 1) play a Lorraine 2) dump 3 shots at most every engagement and then clip something else before going for a reload. Never go for full clip unless you are absolutely sure you're safe, e.g. perma track/people facing wrong way. You will want to toon and if you have no friends like me you shd be thinking not only of 'where is the HP' but also 'where are my meatshields'. 50 100 is really off meta rn and gets murdered by boomsticks. I wish you luck. PS equipment wise both IRM and IAU shd work really well. IRM is for bursty CQC autoloaders and IAU helps if you snipe more
  14. The really annoying thing about the armour profile which you can test for yourself on tanks.gg is that the spaced armour hides the edges of the internal plates giving you no visual cues on which part to shoot and which parts to avoid.
  15. @Assassin7 not bots but wtf
  16. I'd like to add that playing this solo late night makes me want to cut myself. Map-reading doesn't work when one half of each team are bots.
  17. My guess is all of them will have turrets that are immune to silver and weak against same tier gold, i.e. 240-250 at tier 8, 280 at tier 9 and 300-ish at tier 10, and prolly 270 ish for the prem. The tier 9 is super sexy like a boxy Chieftain
  18. AUhvR66.png
    I'm dumb.

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    2. ZXrage


      Even I'm not bored enough to fork over $50 every time WG puts out a new prem, even if it IS an American one:serb:

    3. lavawing


      welp couldn't travel this year thanks to corona-chan so disposable income is disposable :feelsbad:

    4. Balthazars


      Wait, we already know what the Christmas lootbox premium tanks will be?

  19. Obviously the wrong way to go about it, but would the 50M be competitive with like 300 pen AP and 380 pen HEAT?
  20. turret sides got buffed to 130/150 on the E50 and 50M respectively so anything but a clean cheek shot will autobounce - this includes 420 pen HEAT which is pretty stupid/dank
  21. not sure if we actually disagree on anything tank is quite strong with a full tryhard set-up and quite bad if you avoid APCR spam I rate tanks assuming you tryhard and you rate (prem) tanks assuming a semi-poverty set up to maximise credit making I rate everything on the basis you spam APCR (if available), and, in the T42's case, 268 pen makes it better than other tier 8 meds that occupy a similar role (most of which have to make do with 250-ish pen - not enough to cheese same tier heavies in frontal engagements) being expensive to run doesn't make tanks bad
  22. It does have 299 HEAT pen so it can't be that bad in this meta. What does hurt it is the long clip reload which kinda hard caps the damage potential of the tank given how fast most tier 8 games are. The other problem is that for a pure gun-oriented autoloader it's not even a straight upgrade over the Somua SM or the IS-3A, and those have other strengths to leverage (gun dep/clip potential/alpha/armour)
  23. https://tanks.gg/v11010ct/tank/obj-274a?e=V.W.Y&k= 1200 HP is going to be a pain to play with but the rest of the tank looks very strong. On the one hand, the egg shaped hull means it can't angle on flat ground, but the flip side is that it lets you bait shots by peeking corners beak first. While not intended as such, the fact it has APCR instead of HEAT will make it somewhat passable as a camo sniper.
  24. WG: T77 will be a lootbox tank

    me: anyone stupid enough to spend money on this game is a dunce and a moron

    also me: 
     Saikou-Psycho — Had to test this out and Mika's MWPSB mascot pez...

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