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  1. VK3601 is stronk and became stronker with equipment 2.0, same gun as the 3002db but a tier lower and almost never meets 8s. If you're not averse to goldspam M4 45 is actually quite strong as it is and one of the best tier 7s for farming damage, and will only get better with 1.18 when it gets actual armour (with no gun changes) STI should still be playable but its only merits are being a compact brick that can't be pushed out of hulldown/sidescrape + 340 HEAT pen. very frustrating to play thanks to 2014 levels of gun handling even after the (token) buff I'd recommend the 50TP -
  2. M4 45 will be even more godly now - I might jump back into the game to grind for 3k combined on a tier 7. Just picture it: 330 alpha on a ~7 second reload, best in class bloom, a 160 EA UFP on flat ground, 200 EA turret, 1450 HP to trade with on a platform that goes 40 everywhere with turbo. they do this.......and nerf the T29 🙃 also, depending on the mantlet changes, the M6 might actually be one of the strongest tier 6 heavies and possibly the strongest on the line. 200 EA is enough to keep short 8.8 APCR out, plus it's now got more competitive DPM
  3. lavawing

    SU-101 Wow!

    meh gft is better at camosniping and JgpII better at hulldown work. Tier 9 is better tier for tier
  4. Anyone has an EU account they can spare? Have moved to the UK and now relapsing.

  5. For E5 I'd recommend giving turbo in lieu of stabs a try. It ameliorates the issue of being forced into unwinnable engagements and makes it a fat medium and not a paper scone. Here is what I'd run if I still played: https://tanks.gg/tank/t110e5/stats?e=14.10.z&k=
  6. It got pretty significantly buffed in the gun department some patches ago, and now has some of the best DPM in class. Also as a platform it's not shabby at all.
  7. tfw you will never summon a qt sociopathic alcoholic catgirl Japanese warlord waifu
  8. Pretty much confirms that the dude on this channel is WG's NATO research man. An uncanny number of obscure paper projects featured there end up as tier 8 prems.
  9. Better yet, they're even rarer than the good tanks because good players don't play them
  10. It has the VR, hull armour, DPM of a tier 6, and better gun handling than most 6s. Tier 5 HP may be punishing, but it's not nearly as punishing as it used to be before the HP buffs. Against Tier 6s, you just have to play vision games, spam APCR, and refrain from trading. Tank's functionally a tier 6 med with shit pen and HP, after all.
  11. Better rammer than the AFK too on top of being a tremendously better combat tank This is the best tier 5 in the game. Nothing comes close. Only thing is that tanks like the RFBM can still outvision you, and BDR clubbers are hard to deal with on the smaller maps.
  12. Manticore is used on Prok for CW to deny/permalight the entire 1 line So 1 Manticore and 1 EBR for 15 v 15. Re: OP both lines you mention are off meta but I'd pick BC seeing as it isn't mega fucked by tier 10 armour and also isn't matched against EBRs
  13. I em vewwy sowwy ai don hav en Eee Uu acan't butt I ken open wun and pla toghet er wif yuo lets get freee taengs wifawt affort laik dis pohst
  14. What do you mean the sandbox wasn't perfect? Heresies!
  15. Diminishing returns after the 14th point irrc
  16. I should think that 1.0 maps, armour inflation, pen inflation, reward tanks, and the ubiquitous use of gold (HE for some tanks) would be slightly higher on WG's list of things to fix than.......crews having the same skills. Also, a lot of it isn't just poor execution in the sense of WG being (as it usually is) incompetent, some of the stuff, like 750 gold for retraining, RNG instructors and the post-75 grind are specifically designed the way they are to get players to spend real money on the game.
  17. I'd only add that you can also stack (RNG go brrrrrrt) instructors to get it to something like 80%, making it more or less permanent considering the chip damage that you take from arty
  18. I did a summary of the changes (I'm lazy so the formatting is fucked). But really, it doesn't take a professor of anatomy to tell you that the changes are ass. Here's why: 1. Crews lose skills Your old crews that had 3-4 skills will only have ~40ish skill points in the new system, which will lose you - 2-3 skills/perks in practice 3-4 skills were basically enough for anything that wasn't a highly specialised LT build, but now, you have to grind much, much more to get those crews to perform at the level they perform now, i.e. >75 points in the new syst
  19. The difference will be even larger after the changes
  20. not just a crew with 5 full skills, but that crew can't be a 0th skill/female crew because the 0th skill doesn't count towards the XP pool now also level 75 is not enough: maxed expertise gives you an additional 20% of crew skill on top of the 5% you get from the nerfed BIA and that's basically the new bond equipment grind for crews lastly but prolly most importantly to casual players, a 2.5 skill crew (basically enough for most stuff in the current system) will only get you at most 3 of the old skills RNG instructors are stupid This shit isn't Crew 2.0 - it's Rubicon 2.0.
  21. Neither of the tanks you have are good earners so the 122TM does sort of fill a role. But then again, it lacks the credit coefficients of some of the older prems, and you will be wanting to run food to try and fix that 1.6k DPM. Looking at it another way, the 122 isn't that much stronger - if at all - than the other two, and any difference in strength will be even slimmer after the 34-3 gets its buffs next patch. I'd get something with a different playstyle entirely, preferably from a different nation, too
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