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  1. Most just stop at the shotgun on the porch and threats, but I applaud Vader for going the extra lightyear
  2. Varus would win this one, if not for the fact that Anakin had his entire body, INCLUDING his balls, burned off in addition to losing his arm and legs...
  3. If the 'Lord of Light' gave people lightsabers, I'm sure more people would worship him
  4. However, if you watch Robot Chicken SW you find out he thought they were just flowers and brought some freshly cut 'daisies' home to his wife afterwards...
  5. The first in a series of Star Wars Memes that make GoT look silly
  6. Yeah, the rebellion is just a bunch of hippies without jobs that are mad because Palpatine won't send them welfare checks.
  7. Obi Wan Kenobi, the greatest burn master of all time Star Wars memes are NEVER bad
  8. Arghhhh, can't believe I missed such an awesome event. Will you be following up with Episode 2?
  9. We asked WG to freeze his account so he wouldn't, but Serb says Doolz makes him feel pretty, whatever that means...
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