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  1. Yeah, the 122 only has -5. But aside from some slight difference in DPM, you basically turn into an infinitely superior T-34-2. So it unlocks some additional playstyle variety for the tank. And also snapping 122mm shells into tanks from 300 meters is insane. I definitely agree that the LB1 is superior, but good god the 122 is great for memes, and it even works in Tier X if you use the mobility.
  2. Have you tried it with the 122 yet? The bloom is insane, doesn't seem to change between that and the LB1.
  3. Jesus Christ. This thing is insane. The gun is crap, so you have to close the distance to hit anything, but the armor is incredible if you can hide the LFP. I've had two or three 4k and 5k blocked games, and it absolutely destroys tier VIIs and Tier VIIIs. I don't know WHAT they were thinking, but as much as I wanted to try the old Object 263, I can't complain much about the current one.
  4. I just equipped mine and got some camo on it. I gave up on grinding all the way through the SU-122-54 before the patch broke, so they're still skilled for a camo sniper. I would ASSUME that won't work here, what with the new piss-poor accuracy. The shitty DPM and VR are gonna hurt, I just know it. ;__;
  5. The funny thing is, an extra five seconds might allow you to get to some funky spots across the rivers on some maps. Doubt it's worth the time it'd take to grind it, but still, I wouldn't ENTIRELY discount this one. Super situational though. Silent driving would be a stupidly OP perk for mediums, though. Why even bother with lights at all if you can slap that perk on your crews?
  6. Your link is borked, m8. I haven't seen anything about it on WG NA site, though I recall someone saying it's to start on the 14th for us. I think.
  7. I play on NA East from 12:00 to around 4:00 pm (EST) during weekdays. I might not be exactly what you're looking for in a platoon mate, but if you see me in-game, feel free to send an invite, and I'll point out whatever I think you might be doing wrong. Snap shot though, I'm willing to bet that you play too aggressively or passively if you're having wildly inconsistent gaming sessions. I can pull 3k wn8 and 70% WR solo sessions, but I often end up wrecking the stat improvements with a tilt session. I also tend to play extremely aggressive, and it's those extremes that lead to great sessi
  8. Reserved, will edit this post once I'm done writing my entry thingy. PLEASE NO END UNTIL LATER TOMORROW KTHNX
  9. I think that they inflated the number of possible redemptions for this one. Prolly very few for the bonus code, though.
  10. You seem to deal with that type of person a lot. "Oh you're not a REAL marine, I was REALLY in the army and a real man stop whining noob man up the marines lost bla bla bla ima tard." Hazard of the profile name, I guess?
  11. Yeah, I find that keeping an incognito tab open with the tankrewards scav list open is a good idea, because it lets you track whether or not people are finding the code yet. The instant it goes from 0% to 0.1% is the moment you know it's good to start looking. And familiarizing yourself with the site is a good idea too. Reddit post is gonna suck because it's a popular site, so I'm going to be keeping an eye on it like a hawk all day tomorrow. I want that damn Type 59! XD
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