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  1. mod1 + T26e5 are the most viable (or at least last time I played them). all others are pretty boring and bad (with the exception of the 112 maybe)
  2. It is a really great article. Indeed I miss playing with some good old friends but once again I do not miss the game itself now that years have passed. I hope this forum will continue to operate though, being my personal nostalgia corner.
  3. No suprise here I made the same decision 2 years ago and have not returned since.
  4. Well I haven't played for 2 years but I check back to here from time to time and I hope that the forum itself will not be dead, it is a kind reminder of good past times with friends
  5. TCAmir777 is also back..I need to ebay an acc soon... :P


  6. I can recommend TheGamingLion chill guy from my former clan and he plays lts 99% of the time
  7. I will add the acc on eune then (yes I'm on EUNE now - only played a few on west but I'm considering migration for s11). I have to write a lot and I work too so my weekly games are similar. Mostly I play normals with friends and I lost 93lp in one day so im 0 lp d4 again and not force ranked for a while because better coinflipper wins in this season. Fiora? Well not exactly but I have climbed for some games with akali and rengar and also with some adcs. Overall I have the highest wr (63%) with karma support and the buffed ad caitlyn / kaisa so probably I will stick with similar choices for the rest of the season. I welcome any form of shaco since from 2 of my 3 senna games we got dumpstered by a shaco main each time who roamed botlane 6+ times from lvl2 while our lee sin was afk farm 0-24. Jg diff as per usual. So silver or not we can have some fun games at least I doesn't have to focus constantly like in ranked. (Ranked these days are 100% aram too so no big difference)
  8. actually they wont and i got a new lvl40 west acc hmu if u want to climb from unranked
  9. @kolni The whole story was heartwarming, for me at least. I started the game in similar style back in 2011 so I was not that young but similarities are noticeable, like the t18 spam, hellcat and others. I loved the game and used every tool in the internet to gain knowledge on how to play it and to gain better stats in it (including 3 times acc reset, streams, replays, boosts and videos) but honestly to view in a general spectrum, that 2011-2016 were one of the best time of my life or at least back then. I learned so much from not just the mentioned' guys streams but from you also. In a similar manner, WoT was kind of escape route for me and I gained great online and offline friendships from it (last period just before quitting was in IDEAL with a great community, before I was in NERVA for a long time which was also great). In green blue times -MM was still one of the funniest clans I have been in. Lastly, in 2018 the game lost its appeal to me with the reworks, arty and the implementation of wheeled vehicles was the nail in the coffin. I clearly remember my last game, I did 9700 damage without any "big" effort just farming tier 9 in the Chieftain and I felt no real competition. I mean one game is this, other game is that I was spotted with 800 damage and instatly died to arty etc. Before that I bought t30 for fun and in the first time I maintained 82% wr in that tank but that wasn't so competitive either. I just felt burned out and really pointless to play the game battle after battle nonetheless the battle type, ranked or frontline or normals. I sold my account and since then I haven't thought much about WoT since 2018. At the beginning of 2019 I started playing LoL which brought a whole new world of gaming at least for me champion and playstyle wise and I presume I will not be burned out from that game since I turned off chat World Of Tanks was a great adventure to me and will remain in my gaming hall of fame for all times but even if I would came back to play it sometime in the future it will be only for fun since I cannot be bothered with stats anymore. (not like in lol where I clench my teeth while furiously type to my teammates in an incredibly toxic manner while I'm losing from 98lp diamond to 0lp for the fourth time)
  10. i instantly supressed a yawn while I read this.. again there are other possibilities to fix the game but I guess this is something (?)
  11. when I started in 2011 was the best, I have played the game on one computer with my best friend and I was hooked for years. I have enjoyed a good 5 years then it went down until I decided to quit in 2018. Honestly I would play this game from time to time but only on a random account without any serious purpose. Memories will never fade though and my final place in IDEAL was great with all the people at that.
  12. Akali the D tier champion little clumsy combo and just started playing her @kolni love_akali.webm Also why the nerfed my dear Kalista ;.; zed_1v1.webm
  13. stacked up the apartment with supplies, in case of the upcoming home office i will climb in high diamond all week pepega

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