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  1. https://cnc.fandom.com/wiki/Apocalypse_tank_(Red_Alert_2)
  2. Nice replays bro. :) Sigh, I lost all interest in this game. I played 2 games since new year without any point. With the Chieftain or 50b I can do 7-9k in more battles in which I can not so no point of this farming all day... No one buys my account either :( :D
  3. The rebalanced e50/50m almost made me to think about a possible reinstallation..
  4. I disabled World of Tanks on my computer instead.
  5. I have 3 pieces If I remember right, Got the chieftain from the last campaign so I equipped that with both 3, vents, rammer and vstab. You can sense the difference for sure. At least when I played the game.
  6. Yep, you basically wrote down everything that bothered me in the game. Started playing this game in 2013, I completely agree: the peak best season was around 2015/2016 and it went downhill after that. On the other hand, for many reasons the game itself stopped being competitive and started to seem like repetitive instead, which after 6 years, made me quit completely. Totally understand the "old ones", gamers like Gehaktemolen who loved and played this game from beta stages and almost everyone I know has quit in the last few years because of said reasons. For me, the peak of the game was reached with a fix position in a top clan, having recent 83% wr and unicum stats (would've been superuni if I'd kept playing) with constant high damages. Regardless of statistics, WoT is not fun anymore, at least not for me. I will sell my account, maybe in the future I will make a new small one for fun if the game will change (it will not). Luckily I have found LoL which provides me with sexy skins and a more relaxed experience without 700+ artillery splashes and only toxicity which I can mute :>
  7. On arty rework: "there’s the third and most drastic step that involves returning AP shells." :serb: I will never play this game again:gachi:

    1. Ham_


      Got like 10 AP pens one game in 261 on classic, all 1k rolls

  8. When I played this "mode" I instantly remembered why I fell in love with this game 6 years ago.. The most surprising thing is the lack of any rage or frustration. The new shiny game is just a graphic upgrade but the 80% of it is going down the drain and very fast. I haven't played almost in a month and it's not that hard to see why..
  9. I haven't seen one urgot in the last 20 games I swear.. Instead I have to deal with darius / garen if top, or zoe yasuo duo I don't know which is worse but still.. I hope today you will be online because I will need someone to play with what is ur nick
  10. akali nerf won't happen here presumably : P you didn't accept my discord invite for weeks so now I hate you
  11. Good news, the only downside is that by the time they reverse the match making changes I already got tired of the game as a whole.
  12. Playing LOL casually at beginner level, but suddenly matchmaking decides that I'm such a good player that I can handle 2 gold players at 99+ level when I'm 17. Fml I should've just quit gaming for a while:D

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    2. Vindi


      Also, 20 champions? Like I want to play 5 max currently.. :D

    3. kolni


      You're playing some of the most mechanically intensive champions in the game man, give them up. Riven scales a lot with skill but because of it she is dogshit for newer players. Half of her power comes from being able to animation cancel your auto attacks with your abilities and you won't see a single player doing this below Plat. 

      Irelia is the same, unless you keep track of your passive, animation cancel with Q and understand wave control the champion is a hard one to pick up. 

      Vayne's probably the biggest no for a beginner in the entire game, lategame hypercarry and since you haven't started ranked yet you likely don't know what those implications mean since your early game is dogshit. 

      Pick something mechanically simple so you can focus more on the game rather than your champion. CSing is by far the most important part of the game and until you're hitting 6-7 CS/min you really shouldn't be focusing on anything else. If the enemy is poking you. obviously don't let him do it for free but missing CS over poke is generally a bad tradeoff. 15CS is a kill worth in gold.  Once you get better CSing you can start to focus more on the map, and your lane opponent.

      If you want to play AA champions (marksmen along with some other picks) then I'd really suggest you start with Ashe. Her kit is simple and teaches you very good things for newer players. (Vision, value of CC, positioning, wave management and so on) while champions like Vayne rely very heavily on good usage of mechanics that you simply don't have yet. Obviously you can just one-trick Vayne and you'll learn eventually if you try, but the learning curve of League is very steep so simplifying it is a very good way to start. 


      Sure we can play, I have some alts a friend gave me because they have leaverbusters. I hit PlatV last season onetricking Shaco, but I'm a low gold everything else so I'm not really a good player. For Ranked you need to own 20 champions simply because of how pick/ban works. 20 champions is the minimum requirement to ensure that you will always have a champion to pick. You should obviously stick to 1-3 champions that you focus on. 

      The best bet is honestly to pick something that can play several lanes so you don't need more champions if you get filled in positions, and also learn a champion that counters whatever counters you main champion so you don't need to go into poor matchups. I can assure you that blind-picking your lane will get you counterpicked eventually and you might experience a lane that you have absolutely no control over of what happens even if you'd play perfectly. 

      My Discord is yun9#9973, add me and we can queue up some normal drafts. If you want practice you can lane against me in customs as well



    4. Vindi


      What an answer, wow. Well thanks, I will add you tomorrow for some randoms I think, PROJECT: Ashe it is. According to the animations canceling it is true, I need to learn them and practice them because there is definitely a huge gap. Other than that, when the enemy brought AP Neko with a Conq rune I almost shed a tear and got oneshotted in my Riven 5 times so. Yeah probably botlane is the place to be. Or I'll get a Yasuo to simply sh*t on everyone poggers.

  13. Rewards are not worth it at all, only upside of frontline is the creditgrind. Yesterday I played 1 hour for 1,2 million credits which is nice. I will probably play 1,5 each day which can be ~10 million for the session except weekends. Smart move, because when they activate frontline I don't have to play random while I'll get some plus credits too (Last season I got 30+ million if I remember right). Discovering LOL was a mistake on the other hand, I barely play this game since..
  14. aaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy mah bois good luck! nice memories from 2016!
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