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  1. No suprise here I made the same decision 2 years ago and have not returned since.
  2. Well I haven't played for 2 years but I check back to here from time to time and I hope that the forum itself will not be dead, it is a kind reminder of good past times with friends
  3. TCAmir777 is also back..I need to ebay an acc soon... :P


  4. I can recommend TheGamingLion chill guy from my former clan and he plays lts 99% of the time
  5. I will add the acc on eune then (yes I'm on EUNE now - only played a few on west but I'm considering migration for s11). I have to write a lot and I work too so my weekly games are similar. Mostly I play normals with friends and I lost 93lp in one day so im 0 lp d4 again and not force ranked for a while because better coinflipper wins in this season. Fiora? Well not exactly but I have climbed for some games with akali and rengar and also with some adcs. Overall I have the highest wr (63%) with karma support and the buffed ad caitlyn / kaisa so probably I will stick with similar choices for the rest of the season. I welcome any form of shaco since from 2 of my 3 senna games we got dumpstered by a shaco main each time who roamed botlane 6+ times from lvl2 while our lee sin was afk farm 0-24. Jg diff as per usual. So silver or not we can have some fun games at least I doesn't have to focus constantly like in ranked. (Ranked these days are 100% aram too so no big difference)
  6. actually they wont and i got a new lvl40 west acc hmu if u want to climb from unranked
  7. @kolni The whole story was heartwarming, for me at least. I started the game in similar style back in 2011 so I was not that young but similarities are noticeable, like the t18 spam, hellcat and others. I loved the game and used every tool in the internet to gain knowledge on how to play it and to gain better stats in it (including 3 times acc reset, streams, replays, boosts and videos) but honestly to view in a general spectrum, that 2011-2016 were one of the best time of my life or at least back then. I learned so much from not just the mentioned' guys streams but from you also. In a similar manner, WoT was kind of escape route for me and I gained great online and offline friendships from it (last period just before quitting was in IDEAL with a great community, before I was in NERVA for a long time which was also great). In green blue times -MM was still one of the funniest clans I have been in. Lastly, in 2018 the game lost its appeal to me with the reworks, arty and the implementation of wheeled vehicles was the nail in the coffin. I clearly remember my last game, I did 9700 damage without any "big" effort just farming tier 9 in the Chieftain and I felt no real competition. I mean one game is this, other game is that I was spotted with 800 damage and instatly died to arty etc. Before that I bought t30 for fun and in the first time I maintained 82% wr in that tank but that wasn't so competitive either. I just felt burned out and really pointless to play the game battle after battle nonetheless the battle type, ranked or frontline or normals. I sold my account and since then I haven't thought much about WoT since 2018. At the beginning of 2019 I started playing LoL which brought a whole new world of gaming at least for me champion and playstyle wise and I presume I will not be burned out from that game since I turned off chat World Of Tanks was a great adventure to me and will remain in my gaming hall of fame for all times but even if I would came back to play it sometime in the future it will be only for fun since I cannot be bothered with stats anymore. (not like in lol where I clench my teeth while furiously type to my teammates in an incredibly toxic manner while I'm losing from 98lp diamond to 0lp for the fourth time)
  8. i instantly supressed a yawn while I read this.. again there are other possibilities to fix the game but I guess this is something (?)
  9. when I started in 2011 was the best, I have played the game on one computer with my best friend and I was hooked for years. I have enjoyed a good 5 years then it went down until I decided to quit in 2018. Honestly I would play this game from time to time but only on a random account without any serious purpose. Memories will never fade though and my final place in IDEAL was great with all the people at that.
  10. Akali the D tier champion little clumsy combo and just started playing her @kolni love_akali.webm Also why the nerfed my dear Kalista ;.; zed_1v1.webm
  11. missing luciquell dyador and the others
  12. stacked up the apartment with supplies, in case of the upcoming home office i will climb in high diamond all week pepega

  13. is6 how I loved you, my first premium with 850+ battles.... before mm changes mmm
  14. regarding to wot, its amazing that i gave every chance to this game, i played it nonstop for 8 years and i have actual good memories from it. the first lets say 2-3 years were awesome, the clan wars, playing with friends and watching russian streamers to improve. ah good times. then the game became so utterly trash that i never regretted quitting for a moment. it could've been one of the best games because of its type and how unique it is, but they ruined it because all they care about is more money with less work. but yeah, for memories, it was a nice period of my youth and such i miss my boys in ideal sometimes
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