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  1. Vindi

    Winrate Expecations

    +1 to this. You can farm wn8 all day in lower tiers on even in an e50 /m46 etc., but carrying a game solo in tier 10 is a whole new experience.
  2. I quoted you on the official forums also because I'm furious about this change - if they will go through with it. Absolutely ridiculous.
  3. Played a few battles in the tier 10 french wheeled one and got 3 battles where they were only 2 lights of this kind (one of them was me) and in this matchup (+open map, malinovka + prokhorovka) it is just indescribable. I mean I did 7k combined (3k+4k spot) doing nothing just going and rolling around with 100km/h and occasionally push the X button to aim. It will be very annoying to play against, similar to fight against a tier 8 elc amx which (in my opinion) is already painful when that little spot runs around and if you play a slower tank or your turret cant turn that fast you literally can't do anything. Watched Dakillzor play 5k games also with him circling and shooting 277s, 140, batchats and is7's from a distance or just running around for minutes - they could'nt do a thing. Definitely going to be a thing in advances and cw's too, probably the next predecessor to the t100lt. Also, in randoms it can just roll into the enemy base and spot the entirety of the enemy team and they can't even hit it once (happened when I was in a e4 and he just rolled into our base 20 seconds into the battle and then ran away spotting 10+ tanks). The problem will not be its bad viewrange but the ludicrous speed and acceleration. I feared this update because of these new vehicles and I think they will be just another nail in the game's coffin. When they implement (if they are) the premium ammo nerfs - and they will not nerf the superheavies so you just can't pen them but they can hit you back - the game will be dead as it is. So sad.
  4. THIS. I experience this every day. HESH for these heavies will wreck the remaining balance for good.. Plus I assume that they would use day-long farming in frontline mode to make-up for the credit-loss via premium ammo shooting which will become extremely frustrating. I already see the picture in my head, on malinovka I carry in my leopard, 1 arty and 1 type 4 remains in the base (i.e. bot), I try to outspot him and / or kill him but magically I'm spotted and got oneshot from like 843 hp while I did one shot of dmg for like 275 to its full hp. The rage will be harder.. And of course the playerbase is so idiotic its painful to watch.. they complain in the forums that the IS3A is too slow so they can't use it so they should buff it (!), plus there is the 30+ pages of BS about the upcoming "nerf" to types and they don't even comprehend the meaning of the changes. All I see is that "shitty damage in my type, fuck you wg to take this after you took my t92's 1400 alpha' etc. The game is on a fast roll downside (wheeled vehicles are another completely trash idea out of nowhere) with a very small base of normal players which can be perfectly shown on this forum, or its activity. Very sad considering how much I loved the game in 2013-2014.
  5. @GehakteMolen will you come back to the game I wonder :thinking:
  6. Vindi

    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    I really don't care about this tank as long as we get a swedish mt line ...
  7. Vindi

    T-50-2 Returns

    Bonds with those credits are nice, I will definitely sit on them for a while until I decide what to do with them. With this wg give the chance for those players to play cw tanks whom were whining about this for years not being able to get them I guess. Nice gesture overall.
  8. Vindi


    In the current meta, I got tier X games most of the times being the only one tier VIII scout in tier X (13 matches played with only 1 as top tier) and in that, especially in a shit map (Paris, etc.) you really can't use your dpm or armor. Plus the teams are horrible on each side and mm luck plays an unnecessarily big part of how the battle will eventually end. Being in tier VIII or less - in good hands - it can easily carry games (I did twice being the only tank alive I could manage to cap against slow heavies and use my camo). Being sad in the only top tier game I did 4k dmg with 3,5k spotting but in the others I died with 1,5k combined while the team evaporated within minutes (40 seconds into the game and 1-6). Basically the problem with the game is not the types of tanks they release or not, its the game itself and it seems they really don't want to fix it anytime soon.
  9. someone can give me a rental code for lt-342? ty

  10. Vindi

    Tier 8 grand battles

    Same went here. Farmed 3x200k in 3 grand battles but the other 3 randoms against full tier 10 did not worth it.
  11. Vindi

    Tier 8 grand battles

    oh you can do missions in this gamemode? :thinking: I will try to drive my defender in the middle of the map maybe i can do my final 3x bounce mission.. the randomness is killing this mode though
  12. Vindi

    w o o t

    The trial matchmaker will switch its priority and increase the amount of two-tier battles when compared to the classic 3-5-7. This means that there are new templates: 6-9 (for Tiers X and IX) 7-8 (for all Tiers) [Note: This will become the main template for all players] EU too pls
  13. Vindi

    T95/FV4201 Chieftain reward tank

    This probably means that they'll tweak its parameters (as in: buff it) slightly before the campaign ends. I'm pretty sure that this tank will be a strong one, but if not, then also I really don't care really because it looks sexy so I will gather some points to get it and thats it.
  14. the heat was always - kind of - superior to apcr ammo