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  1. TCAmir777 is also back..I need to ebay an acc soon... :P


  2. stacked up the apartment with supplies, in case of the upcoming home office i will climb in high diamond all week pepega

  3. On arty rework: "there’s the third and most drastic step that involves returning AP shells." :serb: I will never play this game again:gachi:

    1. Ham_


      Got like 10 AP pens one game in 261 on classic, all 1k rolls

  4. Playing LOL casually at beginner level, but suddenly matchmaking decides that I'm such a good player that I can handle 2 gold players at 99+ level when I'm 17. Fml I should've just quit gaming for a while:D

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    2. Vindi


      Also, 20 champions? Like I want to play 5 max currently.. :D

    3. kolni


      You're playing some of the most mechanically intensive champions in the game man, give them up. Riven scales a lot with skill but because of it she is dogshit for newer players. Half of her power comes from being able to animation cancel your auto attacks with your abilities and you won't see a single player doing this below Plat. 

      Irelia is the same, unless you keep track of your passive, animation cancel with Q and understand wave control the champion is a hard one to pick up. 

      Vayne's probably the biggest no for a beginner in the entire game, lategame hypercarry and since you haven't started ranked yet you likely don't know what those implications mean since your early game is dogshit. 

      Pick something mechanically simple so you can focus more on the game rather than your champion. CSing is by far the most important part of the game and until you're hitting 6-7 CS/min you really shouldn't be focusing on anything else. If the enemy is poking you. obviously don't let him do it for free but missing CS over poke is generally a bad tradeoff. 15CS is a kill worth in gold.  Once you get better CSing you can start to focus more on the map, and your lane opponent.

      If you want to play AA champions (marksmen along with some other picks) then I'd really suggest you start with Ashe. Her kit is simple and teaches you very good things for newer players. (Vision, value of CC, positioning, wave management and so on) while champions like Vayne rely very heavily on good usage of mechanics that you simply don't have yet. Obviously you can just one-trick Vayne and you'll learn eventually if you try, but the learning curve of League is very steep so simplifying it is a very good way to start. 


      Sure we can play, I have some alts a friend gave me because they have leaverbusters. I hit PlatV last season onetricking Shaco, but I'm a low gold everything else so I'm not really a good player. For Ranked you need to own 20 champions simply because of how pick/ban works. 20 champions is the minimum requirement to ensure that you will always have a champion to pick. You should obviously stick to 1-3 champions that you focus on. 

      The best bet is honestly to pick something that can play several lanes so you don't need more champions if you get filled in positions, and also learn a champion that counters whatever counters you main champion so you don't need to go into poor matchups. I can assure you that blind-picking your lane will get you counterpicked eventually and you might experience a lane that you have absolutely no control over of what happens even if you'd play perfectly. 

      My Discord is yun9#9973, add me and we can queue up some normal drafts. If you want practice you can lane against me in customs as well



    4. Vindi


      What an answer, wow. Well thanks, I will add you tomorrow for some randoms I think, PROJECT: Ashe it is. According to the animations canceling it is true, I need to learn them and practice them because there is definitely a huge gap. Other than that, when the enemy brought AP Neko with a Conq rune I almost shed a tear and got oneshotted in my Riven 5 times so. Yeah probably botlane is the place to be. Or I'll get a Yasuo to simply sh*t on everyone poggers.

  5. Got tired of this game and started playing LOL so:

    Once again, my (2670 wn8, 59%) unicum EU account with the newest X Chieftain and many tanks is for sale. Price is 1450 euro. I played for 5 years and have a ton of everything, so for less I will not sell it just simply keep playing it. Pm me if someone is interested..

  6. someone can give me a rental code for lt-342? ty

  7. Just had a very chill session, 35 games lost without a win. I never ever had lost this many games in a row or session ever. Astounding. I switched servers twice, nothing happened. Every time 3/4 of my team did 0 damage. I think I've never seen games like these since 2013 or so. Also I'm grateful because once started as a fun hobby, now became a nuisance semi-addiction which I know will quit for a good while. Thank you wg.

    1. DirtyACE7


      I think a form of black plague is hitting the EU servers.

    2. Vindi


      I have never seen this coming..

  8. i have 492m vr on my m48 now, and have finally enough bons to equip and upgraded stuff. should i replace it w 7,.5% vents? it got me 462 vr and all other boosts ofc. I dont really know if that 30m counts or not?... @SaintLaurentius maybe?

    1. kolni


      No need to even go optics on standard equip

    2. SaintLaurentius


      No optics at all, if you choose to use upgraded thingies in the M48, I would choose the rammer/vents. My setup:


    3. Vindi


      thanks guys :)

  9. Of course I got a 20% coupon when I don't want to actually buy anything...gahh

    1. TAdoo87


      If you use the cupon you save 20%. If you don't buy anything you save 100%. It looks like it is a bad offer. 

  10. Ranked battles, as @Assassin7 said before are completely broken (and so are randoms) After get rekt by the obligatory 2 arties in my super conqueror(:kappa:) I watched the battle and oh boy. 3 type 5's vs 1 e100 and 2 type 5's. Naturally the E100 shooting HE only. It was like a Benny Hill movie. For 2 additional minutes both enemy and our tanks camped in one place (turrets are moving like they are gonna actually do something then no), after 2 more minutes one type moved and action started: they did shot each other 8 times / tank, for: 46, 120, 80, 230 hp rolls. Eventually after 6 minutes our 3 types managed to somehow pen a shot on the e100 and type and we won but barely because they went in by one by one. This lasted for 10 minutes and I did not skipped one part because it was this time to realize: this is the future of this game. This pathetic, HE spamming campfest is what they did to the game amongst all the other shite. 

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    2. DirtyACE7


      It's because of the nature of ranked. Everyone is super cautious and doesn't want to expose themselves too much so everyone is hull down or angled and the only way to do any damage to them is with HE. But the fact that there are tanks in the game that benefit greatly from their HE rounds is a fucking travesty. Clown tanks like the Type 5 need to just have their HE guns taken away. Allows all kinds of shitters to actually be relevant in games in which they have no business doing anything apart from being xp pinatas for better players. Players actually need to be punished for being shit and not putting any effort into improving their skill.

    3. Fulcrous


      You use HE because of sconqs numb skulls

    4. Vindi


      2 type 5 heavies camp base for 15 minutes, we lose the game, guess who got 2 chevrons?

  11. ranked battle mode is worth it? seems like no imo.. at least not for 1 upgraded equipment as is

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    2. hazzgar


      Do you like to get angry? It's only worth it if you have a heavium really.

    3. DirtyACE7


      IS-7 and Super Conq seem to work pretty well for me in it.

    4. nabucodonsor


      I'm trying an only t100lt run, it is fun but it will not get me too far i reckon. But at least  dont waste credits for premium ammo (or food for now).

  12. If someone wants an EU unicum acc with all the goods let me know lul

  13. Just did my long--awaited HT-15 for T55A with the SConq, 9,5k dmg, 3,5k blocked. Sad thing is that the tanks inability to push and the crazy arty focus makes this tank very hard to play - at least for me when I get two or three tier X arties and stun me +560 hp / shot.

    Replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4430700#karelia-vindiquell_mvp-super_conqueror

  14. So 277 worth 200k free xp or not?

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Just my scrublord opinion but the meta seems to favour sniping tanks as there are many positions to hard counter aggressive playstile (Himmelsdorf and Ensk aside). Camping is vey rewarding if you are a guy who likes to chai snipe. 

      In my opinion hold on to it until someone gets a better understanding of the meta and if you feel like it play the t-10 as for what I have heard it seems to be a beast with very good MM

    3. Strigonx


      277 went from absolute god to discount 5A.

      Just don't.

    4. Vindi


      hmm. okay, thanks guys!

  15. The moment when you think (!) you're finally relaxed and don't care about this game, got oneshotted by tier 9 enemy g w tiger for 1100hp in your conway. #feels2014man Full tilt trash session after this ofc with rage quit. :kappa:

  16. Q: Is HE still problematic?
    A: It’s not a problem for us anymore.


    1. Fulvin


      removing HE in all forms would be a legitimate balance decision

  17. I'm officially withdrawing (for the 3rd time probably) from the game as it is when frontline mode is over. I completely understand why a lot of people stopped playing randoms and well. I have made a grave mistake playing normally since the frontline mode implemented, i think I have lost a full % from my wr and my avg wn8 dropped from 3k recent to 2,4k~ish. Literally all games are lost and God, I didn't see this much of bots and very very bad players since I started playing (2013). I can't seem to carry in any tier, it's a total game of luck, and it all last for 2-3 minutes. On the plus side, I will have more time to run, work out and to read.

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    2. snowdude21325


      It's bad, especially when the bots play arty. I had a friendly arty shoot me because I was hugging a tank. Once I cleaned the flank up, I went back and shot the arty to return the favor. Upon hitting the arty, it goes Help!, then starts driving to cover like I was an enemy tank. I was like, wtf, it's a god dam bot. It then proceeds to go back to shooting red tanks. Stupid tank did fairly well too because arty is hard to play. 

    3. TAdoo87


      The game is fucking ebola currently. There is not a single aspect of it, that they didn't screw up.

    4. Vindi


      Being focused by the same arties at a 20 minute frontline game is also a great experience.

  18. Random is dead. I can't even bear with the amount of bots and focus. If frontline would stayed it would somewhat broke the game economy but I wish it would because after a long time I thoroughly enjoy it. I made myself a promise not to play randoms until it last and I broke and it was a disaster. Back to credit grind.

  19. I will not play any other mode than frontline until the event finishes. I just have to gain 200% credit reserve in some way.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      GL with that 200% credit boosts are rare as fuck and almost never given out unless some ridiculously hard mission comes 

    2. Vindi


      i have multiple 50% ones but I doubt that I can stack them can I?

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina
  20. So how is this italian tree? I plan to start it from tier 5 but I really don't know if it's worth the effort, czech autoloaders just seem to be better at anything, only the predictability is the difference..

  21. how to use charioteer top gun? should be glorious but with food+ gld i cant hit shit, even an is2 have shorter aim than i do. plus the turret traverse is just atrocious. i tried to play as passive as i can but i have 1400 avg currently. having 10/9 games in full tier 10 is also not helping. i want to enjoy this tank but you cant hit shit:( im very sad

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its a bush kemper sniper TD period.

      i to often see people try and play it like a medium and snap shot shit, or fire on the move. 

      it wont work 99% of the time.

    2. Vindi


      ahhhhhhhhhh. okay i play it as an strv then.-.-

  22. Just hit the new low since 1.0; 1k wn8 with 33% wr, all teammates 28k 45% and we lose every battle within 1 minute to 0-15 because enemy had 47% and thats 2% better. All tiers unplayable from 6 to 10, every battle I got rekt by 6 tanks nevermind the location or type. The loses are so fast I played 1 hour and lost 15 battles.. 4 minute/ battle time. Yeah. Going back to read something.

    1. Dr_Hilarious


      I feel your pain. I realize skill-based MM won't work, which is fine by me. But balancing the 45%'ers (and under) that have more than 5k games would be great. Those are the people who try to mess up the game and are not merely learning.

    2. nabucodonsor


      Play SHs for a while and wait until the hype goes away, idiots leave and we have a new meta. Also you are playing on a weekend

    3. Gryphon_


      They should require a minimum PR of at least 5000 to play tiers 9 and 10. Then at least the matches wouldn't be predetermined by the number of bads in top tier tanks.

  23. Jesus they fucked up the maps really bad.. flat surfaces and bushes everywhere and like fjords south.. excuse me? Yeah I can sit in my strv all day long to farm 6k but what for..

    1. Marty


      Have you seen Erlenberg yet? :jebaited:

    2. simba90


      please tell me they didn't leave that farming spot in the south

    3. Vindi


      they multiplied the camping spots by 3

  24. I haven't played in 1.0 yet and won't till tonight but seeing the bug reports flowing in and the description of maps (+200% camp / map) and gameplay well.. Seems like I'll play 59-16 and cromwell for now but no higher tiers.. I'm afraid..:notlikethis:

    1. hazzgar


      Maybe i can finally mark my Even if the meta shifts to campfest. 

  25. How the fuck could I do my HT-15 T55a--  overall dmg 12k. I have only 5A an s conq:babyrage:

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    2. Darvek


      A lot of the time it's going to come down to some luck, or farming one idiot for blocked damage. If you can get an E 100 to dump 4 AP shells into your armor while you kill him, you're almost halfway there. But finding that one magical idiot E100, in the same game where you find the other 6k is tricky. He's out there. He exists, but finding him in a game that otherwise goes well (but not too well, nobody gets 12k combined in a 3 minute faceroll) is the trick.

    3. mati_14


      is this a meme right? Because I got 260 HT15 with 113...

    4. MAJEST1C


      I was off by 100 damage in my VK4502P :feelsbad:

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