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  1. I'm sure that everyone noticed the pattern of teams turning from bad to worse and games becoming even harder to carry. I don't care about wr that much but playing 5k+ games and losing became a noticeable pattern in the last half year. I don't know the exact reason nor the specialist at mm but I'm sure this "could be" a part of some sick good-bad team balancing factor. When I played my friends account with 1k wn8 / 51% I went up almost 1% by 30 games, of course that could be luck too..

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    2. Vindi


      I didn't say that

    3. crapcannon


      Don't be a dick @Raj He was making an observation. One that I've noticed as well. Players with 40,000 games & still haven't bothered to learn anything. I walked away after playing 4 games where no one even bothered to cover a flank and left the map wide open. And I spam pinged the map from start to finish. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      I noticed this too but I do not understand why. People just seem to die very early which is wierd because staying alive should be easy enough.

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