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  1. So 277 worth 200k free xp or not?

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    2. Vindi


      I'm bothered by the rear-turreted option and the gundep only to the sides. I really don't know what to do. Also, I sold the 430 v2 long ago and I don't remember how many xp I had on it, I hope that it'll show on the k91 or something..

    3. lavawing


      Do you have the 5A? If you have, the 277 is going to be a sidegrade, even if comfier and better for bullying. The K91 is actually unique, and seems to perform better than expected from what I've seen of it. Still has -5 frontally also, which is about as much as you can get from a rear-mounted turret

    4. tajj7


      I wouldn't drop free XP on it just because the T-10 is not a hard grind, it's a solid tank and tier 9 MM is good, and the 277 is not some OP must have tank to get immediately.

      I'm probably going to drop some free XP on the K-91, that tank looks interesting and they have butchered the 430 v2 and I only have about 120k XP earned on that so far. 

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