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  1. Yes, actually I checked all stats and it is indeed quite decent.
  2. This Tier VIII Premium vehicle is the first Czechoslovakian tank destroyer in the game. This vehicle has exactly the characteristics that you would expect from a lightly armored support TD, so its gameplay requires you to be prudent and see opportunities on the battlefield. -6 gd plus dropping camo and the silhouette is also quite chunky.. seems kinda weak except that penetration values and dpm.
  3. Reinstalled after 4 years of hiatus, without any settings or update, played 25 games with 3k+ wn8. I still have the groove going at least. This game is surprisingly slow reflex-wise, I guess that many hours of LoL affected my reaction time on the positive side.

  4. Thank you for the fast reply. Yes, my question was unspecific, basically I'm looking for upgrade routes now. I will definitely try the full load test (drivers are all updated and no software issues as of now). I will wait and see what options will rise in early 2022.
  5. So, I have stopped playing the game but the community, especially @Folterknecht's knowledge regarding to pc specs have never disappointed so here is the question: I have to following specs now: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3504 Mhz, 4 mags Motherboard Z170A SLI PLUS (MS-7998) Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8GB Ram: Kingston Fury X 2444 Hz 2x 16 GB slots Processor cooler: Cooler Master HYPER 212 EVO V2 PSU: Seasonic S12 Bronze 620W Monitor: ASUS MG278 1440x2560 2x1 TB HDD + SSD's (Windows 10 ultimate) M
  6. Its very interesting that these comments can summarize my experience of 10 years with tanks. On one hand, I started playing for the reason GehakteMolen mentioned, plus I'm from a military family and I was always fascinated by war-machines as such from going to festivals and riding the tank of my father in my early childhood (great memories!). This interest turned me to tanks which I started to play for fun at the beginning but this 'fun' factor turned towards the competitive side after 3-5 years and I started to grind heavily, looking for stats etc. But this 'win factor' quickly evaporated whe
  7. I never played 1 game with artillery in 10 years of WoT. I rather suffer in silence (or not so silently) than to touch any of those abominations. It is a reflex.
  8. mod1 + T26e5 are the most viable (or at least last time I played them). all others are pretty boring and bad (with the exception of the 112 maybe)
  9. It is a really great article. Indeed I miss playing with some good old friends but once again I do not miss the game itself now that years have passed. I hope this forum will continue to operate though, being my personal nostalgia corner.
  10. No suprise here I made the same decision 2 years ago and have not returned since.
  11. Well I haven't played for 2 years but I check back to here from time to time and I hope that the forum itself will not be dead, it is a kind reminder of good past times with friends
  12. TCAmir777 is also back..I need to ebay an acc soon... :P


  13. I can recommend TheGamingLion chill guy from my former clan and he plays lts 99% of the time
  14. I will add the acc on eune then (yes I'm on EUNE now - only played a few on west but I'm considering migration for s11). I have to write a lot and I work too so my weekly games are similar. Mostly I play normals with friends and I lost 93lp in one day so im 0 lp d4 again and not force ranked for a while because better coinflipper wins in this season. Fiora? Well not exactly but I have climbed for some games with akali and rengar and also with some adcs. Overall I have the highest wr (63%) with karma support and the buffed ad caitlyn / kaisa so probably I will stick with similar choices fo
  15. actually they wont and i got a new lvl40 west acc hmu if u want to climb from unranked
  16. @kolni The whole story was heartwarming, for me at least. I started the game in similar style back in 2011 so I was not that young but similarities are noticeable, like the t18 spam, hellcat and others. I loved the game and used every tool in the internet to gain knowledge on how to play it and to gain better stats in it (including 3 times acc reset, streams, replays, boosts and videos) but honestly to view in a general spectrum, that 2011-2016 were one of the best time of my life or at least back then. I learned so much from not just the mentioned' guys streams but from you also.
  17. i instantly supressed a yawn while I read this.. again there are other possibilities to fix the game but I guess this is something (?)
  18. when I started in 2011 was the best, I have played the game on one computer with my best friend and I was hooked for years. I have enjoyed a good 5 years then it went down until I decided to quit in 2018. Honestly I would play this game from time to time but only on a random account without any serious purpose. Memories will never fade though and my final place in IDEAL was great with all the people at that.
  19. Akali the D tier champion little clumsy combo and just started playing her @kolni love_akali.webm Also why the nerfed my dear Kalista ;.; zed_1v1.webm
  20. stacked up the apartment with supplies, in case of the upcoming home office i will climb in high diamond all week pepega

  21. is6 how I loved you, my first premium with 850+ battles.... before mm changes mmm
  22. regarding to wot, its amazing that i gave every chance to this game, i played it nonstop for 8 years and i have actual good memories from it. the first lets say 2-3 years were awesome, the clan wars, playing with friends and watching russian streamers to improve. ah good times. then the game became so utterly trash that i never regretted quitting for a moment. it could've been one of the best games because of its type and how unique it is, but they ruined it because all they care about is more money with less work. but yeah, for memories, it was a nice period of my youth and such
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