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    Vindi reacted to kolni in Pornvagn - IKEA´s answer to the Concept 1B   
    Bofors used to be Sweden’s biggest weapons manufacturer, grew up an hour away from their main office. Pretty sure Alfred Nobel ran the company (Nobel prize guy) until they started making gun powder, used to be a steel mill before that. Company grew very aggressively due to arming Sweden during the WWs and exporting to some degree. Pretty sure BAE owns the division that makes heavy armaments now as Bofors dissolved some time in the 90s. 
    Very typical tank for Sweden, almost everything was designed to operate on scandinavian terrain. The direct translation of Tornvagn is ”Towerwagon” which should speak to what this tanks intended purpose was. 
    Would enjoy trying it out with a heavy aim reducing setup to get it playable in medium range. It’s DPM and VR are already beyond saving so I’d rather opt into making sure the shots don’t miss as the pen should mitigate some of the issues of center mass aiming. Playing it at ranges above 150m just seems impossible without equipping specifically for it, you won’t take damage but you’ll also not see shit and damage anything either. 
    (Rammer, and some 2 combo of vstab/aim circle/irm depending on  how reticle behaves in motion)
    I would have considered putting the Kunzepanzer mechanic on it and adjusting other stats to shift it from CQC to mid range as it just makes no sense with an armour profile this strong at range and giving it a gun that can’t make use of that
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    Vindi reacted to hall0 in Field Modifications   
    Ok now my 2 cents. All this changes have the potential to ruin the balance of the games even more. 

    The idea to have several equipment and amo setups is something I like. Amo setups are probably just here to safe some credits from time to time if you are toptier. Other than that I don´t see any benefits or game breaking things. 
    Equipment on the other hand can be a double edged sword. CCs always seem to bring up the scout unbalance when one side on Poko has a Shitcore fully equipt for spotting and the other side does not have such luxury. But what is the difference to now? Bushwanker Scouts like Shitcore and Even90 are already equipt for spotting. Not much will change on this maps. The enemy scout which has a dmg build focus could at least try to counter this in the future. 
    With this feature you can specialize your tanks for public like you do for clanwars. Good players will exploid the system even more. Bots will keep running the Maus with camo net. 
    Second category slot is nice as it could reduce the impact bond equipment has. In particular with the coming bond turbo and hardening. Especially the bond turbo has the potential to change competitive gameplay. All timings are gone when you can boost heaviums to medium levels. 
    But we adapted to equipment 2.0 so I am certain we can adapt to this as well. 
    Dual Modifications. Another Creditsink. At least this thing has pros and cons. But who needs this? It adds an shitty feature and even more complexity. 
    But now to the worst thing of all. This shitty Rank system with buffs for every level and it hides all the other changes behind a XP wall. This is Crew 2.0 level of bullshit. 
    When you have not much XP you can´t use all the advantages the other changes give you. This will create so much balance problems. 
    Now you are screwed if your Toptier is stock and the enemy is not. This Rank system can screw you even more now. Your tank is stock? Well have fun with the OP premium with every future unlocked, we have put as your counterpart in the enemy team. Hope you will like this gaming experience. 
    Grinding tanks will feel even more shittier. Not only you are stock you even lack gameplay features now.
    WTF is WG even thinking? 

    Maybe add this loadout systems. Maybe even this stupid dual modifications. But hell no. Don´t hide it behind this XP wall. 
    And for fuck sake don´t add vehicle buffs this retarded ranked system gives you. 
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    Vindi reacted to Folterknecht in Returning 322 player experience after 8 years   
    there from an other Ex 322, OM, PTS - never was in FAME - player. My main was sold and my 2nd account with 2-3 t10s is used for playing ships from time to time. Though that game will probably reach shit show status even faster than WoT.
    Bring back a modified 2012 client and I ll come back and play, as I did for a week or two like a few years ago, but the nonsense of endless goldrounds, no weakspots, fantasy tanks and nearly fully stabilized firing in historic tanks (the accuracy is at least at that level when moving) is keeping me away without a desire to return playing.
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    Vindi reacted to Snoregasm2 in Returning 322 player experience after 8 years   
    I think you're both missing the point of a clan like FAME (or other top "competitive" clans). They exist to give players an end game and goal to work towards and to be able to actually have some kind of competitive goal, as randoms is not a motivation for them. I watch a few FAME streamers - a lot of them have pretty much marked every tier 10 (Chief, 279, Carro included), often to 100% MoE - what's the point of playing randoms after that? Sure, you can push DPG, but that's small gains and the 100% MoE kind of acts as a proxy for that anyway. Even streaming / making money that way (which a lot of FAME, INVIL, GX/RAYD etc. do) gets boring for these players if it's just constantly the same.
    Competitive gameplay provides that outlet. You're acting like 322 is the normal way for good players to play, whereas it's the opposite. Most of the guys I know in FAME don't get enjoyment out of flaming in chat or dicking around in tier 7s. Without a decent competitive end game (which EU barely has, and NA lost a while ago - ask one of the NA forumites about NA clan scene, like @sr360 or @CraBeatOff), you'd actually get nearly all of those players who are left going inactive. Do you really want a WOT with the majority of the established good players not playing? That's how a server slowly dies, as it also takes away something to strive towards for newer players.
    Also, you act like you've outlived a lot of clans, which I guess is easy to do in an inactive, unorganised clan. You've only really outlived them in name only though - @OniichanSenpai himself has been inactive for 5 years. Most of the guys in the top clans nowadays have been playing since 2010/11, but they've just moved around (often as a group - FAME core is basically old PTS, INVIL is old PL clans like STRNK, PMHC and shit I don't even remember etc.) - clan names usually die due to petty egos or shit like that, not because the players are no longer playing. Of course, a lot will have gone inactive for periods, but not many for 5 years and I'm sure 322 from 2012 is almost unrecognisable from 322 today, and was likewise very different in 2017. Only the leadership will be similar I guess.
    I just think it sucks that WG fucked up competitive gameplay so badly. They're trying slowly on EU and a lot of people are watching the tournaments (especially 15 vs 15 where reward tanks are banned), but it's about 5 years too late.
    Also, the players do get money in these tourneys, and used to get a hell of a lot more in WGL, so they don't play for "fame" or to be recognised or whatever. They all have anonymiser on in randoms even.
    Sorry I just had to comment on the circlejerk between the two of you. Your way of playing isn't wrong, but don't criticise others way of playing if you don't fundamentally understand why they play that way.
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    Vindi reacted to OniichanSenpai in Returning 322 player experience after 8 years   
    I am grinding my way up the trees slowly because I three mark every tank I own, so haven't yet really started with Tier X - also since the gameplay in TX especially is really boring as compared to T8. The thing is that Tier X always was a campfest but nowadays due to the omnipresence of EBR, gold ammo and yet more autoloaders, the burst potential is so absurd that everyone is just waiting for the other one to make one mistake. Another thing ofc is the question, why play TX? I am going to eventually play them to three mark all, but they aren't really much more fun than T8 or 9 and you definitely make less credits (which ofc matters when you are still grinding). 
    I do think T9 is very comfy tho, and with most T9 guns being actually TX, it could be my new favourite tier.
    I think Win Ratio is to some extent important but if we are all honest, you can have a great match and still lose. As I got older, I much less care if I win or lose. I set goals for myself and having something you can actually influence 90% like gun marks is better than something you can only marginally influence. In the end, it's a game and you should have fun I mean. Too many people fall for the unicum meme and fail to realize that stats won't bring you any joy by itself.
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    Vindi reacted to Snoregasm2 in Returning 322 player experience after 8 years   
    This annoys me how this has been something people have said since pretty much I started playing early 2013. I guess it's kind of come true on NA, but on EU there's still plenty of people playing, including new players (bots at lower tiers scares me though).
    How have you adapted to playing tier 10 again?
    Do you like that the main yardstick to measure success has moved from W/R to DPG / marks?
    I remember back in 2013 to say 2016 or so that the DPGs people pull nowawdays were just pipe dreams, and anyone chasing DPG / WN8 / stats generally were frowned upon (especially here) as people who just couldn't maintain a high W/R. I've always subscribed to W/R being a shit metric in WOT, given the ease of gaming it (3 man toons, back in 2012/13 tank companies, playing lower tiers etc.) and the fact that solo-pubbing in non-meta tanks is literally a dice roll you can only influence a little. It is also a pointless distinction as doing lots of dmg naturally helps boost W/R anyway
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    Vindi reacted to OniichanSenpai in Returning 322 player experience after 8 years   
    Hi guys,
    I'm an ex clan member of 322 from the EU server, returning after 8 years of absence. I was playing WoT in the ESL back then (that doesnt exist any more) and did FC in company battles a lot of times.
    I played a lot back in my college time but stopped after I got a gf and job. I didn't touch the game until last year when lockdown basically forced me to find some productive things to do at home.
    My old account is still existing (https://wotlabs.net/eu/player/givethemnothing), but after 8 years I forgot the credentials to the connected mail address... welp. Nothing of value was lost as i was a poorfag back then and the account was f2p. Before that, I was playing on my brothers account so actually I started playing around 2011.
    So how was my experience with WoT 2020+?
    It was kind of a rough landing at first because the meta was drastically different from 2013 and I forgot some of the skills I had. I got beaten in the face countless times in my shiny Tier 8 premiums until I decided to grind my way up like I used to before to learn the meta again from scratch. So eventually, I got back on track. 
    So here are a few things I noticed and I will also state if its neutral (+/-) a pro (+, ++, +++) or a con (-, --, ---):
    +/- I did realize that there are now much more players. I can still remember some ppl saying in 2013 that WoT was about to go down since player base was eroding... yeah that never happened. ++ Clans are dead. I mean It was fun back then with Xensation and Hami and all the other retards on EU server, but it seems that nowadays clans are pretty useless except for getting CW reward tanks. Thats fine for me as WoT never was and never will be a competitive game. I was in 322 back then as the clan recruiter but im not sure if its still active +++ There is less Pay2win now. I realize this is an unpopular opinion, but back then you had to buy gold to shoot gold ammo and use food. Now you can get that all for credts which is a massive change. Plus the game literally throws free (not always good) premium tanks at you with the marathons and reward vehicles -- This also means that waaay more gold ammo is in the air. I remember back then that there would be near impenetrable tanks like Type 59 which are just shit now because every T8 med has 250+ pen ammo available - The removal of global chat is a pity. Not being able to flame kind of takes a lot of the fun but I understand the reasoning behind it ++ Frontlines is nice. I do enjoy some of the new game modes, especially those who can be done solo! ++ Usablity got MUCH better. The minimap features now and the damage indicators are a huge asset. You don't need any mods in the current game apart from Gumark mod maybe +++ Efficiency Rating/WN7/8 is dead because we have Gunmarks. This is huge. Back then there was a lot of statsfapping and especially with the Efficiency Rating it got completely absurd (you could push it by capping instead of dealing dmg). I never used XVM but even then it annoyed me that there was no ingame way of tracking how good with a certain tank you are apart from manually tracking DPG and assist (which, back then, did not exist as a stat! so only dmg). Now with Gunmarks around, there is a real "endgame" in the way that you can mark all kind of tanks and it truly has a meaning instead of account wide ratings. +++ You can anonymize yourself. Jesus that one is probably the best thing...  - Maps are still as unbalanced as before. I did not expect anything else tbh And now?
    I am used to playing alone but I do enjoy playing with some ppl. Back in the day we used to have a chat channel in game for players who like to improve their game play and there anyone could find good platoon mates, I really like the idea of doing that again. If you want to platoon, just add me in game, it is especially useful for team based modes like FL or SH I think, where the "lonue unicum" approach is not as valid as in randoms.
    Respect if you made it through this wall of text and see you guys in game and in forum
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    Vindi reacted to GehakteMolen in 279(e) Missions - Tips and Tank Choices / Guide - 2021   
    Ill give my 2 cents about blocking missions (in between wating for game to end if i die)
    you can cut and paste my text in yours, makes it easier to read i think
    Union-4, block average of 8 hits in 5 games (so 40 block in 5 games), this turned out to be one of the hardest missions, 8 hits is a lot (~3k blocked for a tier 10...) I first tried IS4, and did ok, but not close to completing, next i tried KV4, and while tier 8 is the best place for this, it also didnt work, so in the end i finished it with the 112, but KV4 should also work. Main problem is ppl tend to load HE if they cant penetrate, so tanks like 705a or 268 are a poor choice for this imo
    Union-10, block 15k dmg in 10 games, IS4 (or 268) this mission is actually easy, just reset till you get 4-5k blocked and finish it with a breeze, after buff IS4 is though, and with turbo (and food) its actually suprising fast, you have a though hull and good side armour, and people wont load HE straight away when they see you
    Union 8: Lone Wolf, Earn the Fire for Effect Award 7 battles out of 10, 100% a td mission, i did it with Wz-111 TD, got it with honors in first try, was a bit lucky, but this is the easiest way i think
    Alliance 7: Average 2000 damage over 10 games, i did mine with T95, just play and should be fine (mostly boring, not that hard, all you need is a good starting game), as always HE spammers are your main problem
    Alliance 12: Be the top player by damage blocked (min 1000) 4 out of 7 battles, again T95, this is much harder though, because when your in a tier 10 fights, there are a LOT of 705a and E3 (due to battle pass) i made it, but it was very annoying (and i got lucky)
    Bloc 2: Earn the Shellproof award 4 out of 10 battles, this is a typical VK-B mission (t9) VK-B is always hit or miss in terms of game, which is fine for this mission, all you need is a bit luck with mm (so not full t10 on ensk followed by top tier steppes with 3 arty), VK100 can also do it, but has more problems with mm, the tier 10 are less usefull, because they have too much hp.
    Bloc 12: Be the top player on your team by damage blocked (min 1000) 3 battles out of 7, same as T95 mission, except here u need to do 1 less, i did it with Vk-B, but MAUS would be better i think with MAUS u risk beiing paired with E3 and 705a though, and in tier 10 also more HE spammers and more arty, so t9 is the way to go i think.
    In general type 61 is also a good tank, fast rld and high dpm make it good for killing and hitting mission (so like half of the german missions)
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    Vindi reacted to Snoregasm2 in 279(e) Missions - Tips and Tank Choices / Guide - 2021   
    EDIT 12/05/21 - All Alliance and Coalition tips completed, main intro guide done and some recommended tanks added. Still missing Bloc and Union guides in full. TBC whether added, as most people skip 2 lines. Shout outs to @sr360, @GehakteMolen, @CraBeatOff, @PityFool, @8_Hussars (maybe link your doc separately?) and @Ezz for contributions so far. Pleased to see this is a real community guide and not just my ramblings.
    EDIT 30/05/21 - I completed Coalition-15, after already completing Bloc-15 (both without honours) - with 6 Orders, I skipped Alliance-15 and Union-15 to get the 279(e):

    I recently completed the Chimera missions, having been stuck - for 3 or 4 years - on a mission that required stun as a secondary condition. I just didn't care enough to pay attention and switch to the next mission and, save for 2013 and late March/early April 2021, I never play arty, so there was no chance i'd complete it by accident. But bored, and needing a new challenge, I decided to check the requirements and, lo and behold, I was a fucking moron and there was nothing stopping me clicking next mission and eventually completing all 4 sets of missions.
    This was on 14 March. I decided that the time was now to finally take a run at the 279(e) missions. As someone who hadn't thought about missions for, yeah, 3 or 4 years, this was a daunting task. I generally stay in my comfort zone of meds / fast heavies (part of the reason why I don't have the 260 too, because lights and TDs are required). So why am I writing a guide, when I only just started the missions myself and I've not even completed them? Well, 3 reasons:
    All the old guides are super out of date and don't factor in current metas, or even tanks like wheelie bois. I've gotten some really good tips people on this site, from those who have already completed the missions like @sr360 and @PityFool and those like @GehakteMolen who are currently doing the missions like me. It's easier than you think. I expected to get through like 1 mission a week, and so far I'm 2/3 of the way there in about a month (being inactive last 2 weeks due to IRL stuff). If I can advance this quickly, there's nothing stopping the average Wotlabs player from doing them either. EDIT 30/05/21 - and less than a month after writing this guide and getting amazing feedback from across the community, I got the 279(e). On the last point, this guide is aimed at that: the average Wotlabs player. That means I assume you're reasonably competent, take instruction well, actively want to improve/learn and have a decent array of tanks (including prems).
    I'm still open to format on this, but I'm going to borrow from a guide I found on the official forums (http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/635317-rocketman’s-guide-to-completing-the-object-279-missions-while-minimizing-wot-rage/) - which was very good but I disagreed with a lot of the conclusions, for a rough layout.
    I'm encouraging suggestions from people more skilled / knowledgeable than me, to make this a community guide and not just my ramblings. In particular, @sr360 will contribute from a LT perspective and @GehakteMolen from a HT perspective.
    I'm going to build this up over a number of days, as there's a hell of a lot to write and i'm sure there'll be some good inputs from others. I'll insert placeholders where necessary to flag what will be added.
    With that being said, i'm submitting this so I don't accidentally delete half of what I've written again.
    My Current Progress (as at 04/05/21 - I got the 279(e) 30/05/21)

    I'll jot down general tips and add to it as I think of them:
    Get as many tokens as you can from the Excalibur / Chimera missions. If you don't take anything else away from this guide and just this, then it is worth it. For each mission 15 you complete with honours, you get a token. That token can be used to skip individual 279(e) missions or, if you use 3 of them, you can skip a mission 15 (all you need for the 279(e) part) on a set of missions (e.g. 3 tokens lets you skip Bloc-15). This means that, with the full EIGHT tokens, you only have to complete 28 individual missions to get the 279(e) - skipping 2 full trees, and 2 individual missions. There is a lot of strategy to this (some say complete 3 sets of missions, skipping more "bad mission", some don't skip any mission 15s and use the tokens to skip up to 8 missions), but the point is this gives you flexibility. That bullshit top gun mission in Union? Skip. Hate playing heavies to get block damage? Skip. Have no Russian or Chinese tanks? Skip Union-15. So before you try any 279(e) missions, go and complete the Excalibur and Chimera mission 15s with honours. You need to do with honours (apologies to all Americans right now as I know this spelling will trigger you, as it does vice versa as a Brit) to get the token. There are some real tricky missions here, i'm not going to lie (Alliance-15 anyone?), but if you can it is worth it. I've not used one skip yet, and I'm already 2/3 of the way there. Ultimately, I will get close on 2 lines and skip mission 15 on two more, meaning I'll get the 279(e) quickly once I'm "close". If you can't complete all, complete at least 6 to get 6 tokens, to give you the flexibility to skip 2 sets of 279(e) missions. You don't need tier 10 tanks.  Everyone knows the current tier 10 meta is dogshit, and my first thought when starting the missions was I'd have to slog through it for results. So far, that's completely wrong. The only tier 10 i've used so far  (completing 7 Union, 10 Bloc, 6 Alliance and 9 Coalition) is the Object 261, Object 140 and, for a bit, the Conq GC (which didn't even help). That's it. In fact, most of my tanks have been tier 8s, not tier 9s.  Related to the above, the missions are about consistency, not having crazy individual games. The reason why I have completed so many missions not playing tier 10s is that, unlike the Chimera missions, the 279(e) missions require you to hit milestones over a number of battles (at least 3, sometimes 7 or 10, or even 20). If you're playing something you don't like or in a meta (tier 10) you're not comfortable in, then this is much harder. I would much rather average 3k dmg in a tier 8 or 3.5k dmg in a tier 9 than a tier 10 right now. You'll need to close your eyes and think of England (or wherever) and play arty. Sorry, but it's the easiest way on some missions, and absolutely necessary on others. There's also some very obvious, almost necessary choices, so if like me you don't have any arty at all, you'll have to dump free xp/blueprints to get the right arties. Either that, or burn through all your tokens to skip them. NB - you only NEED arties for Union and Alliance - Bloc and Coalition don't need them. So no German or French arties. Scouting Mission Tips, courtesy of @sr360
    There are two types of scouting missions: those which need BIG NUMBERS (e.g. Bloc-9, get a total of 15,000 assist damage in 10 battles) and which need a certain number of tanks to be spotted/assisted etc (e.g. Alliance-3, enable your allies do kill an average of 2 tanks per game that you have spotted).
    The problem is that the tier 10 LT meta is essentially dominated by the EBR. The Manticore and T-100 can have good games, but can you consistently get 10 games where you get good maps yet EBRs don't run around getting all the spotting damage? For this reason, for the second type of mission, I prefer tier 8 lights. The LT-432, T92, Hwk 30 and Senlac are very strong lights and have enough of a VR advantage over T8 EBRs that they can consistently get spots and assist. Let me posit these VR numbers for my scouting setups:
    LT-432: 486
    T92: 502
    Hwk 30: 514
    EVEN90: 535
    EBR 75: 410
    T49: 524
    RU251: 509
    EBR90: 440
    Manticore: 531
    T-100: 518
    EBR105: 463
    So while my Russian and Alliance lights gain ~30m VR with slightly better camo, the EBR gains 53 plus insane escalation in mobility. It's clear spots are easier to get with T8 or even 9 lights rather than being matched up with or against EBRs.
    Map Selection. Don't do what I did and get 2 in a row on Coalition-10 (1,500 assist 3 games in a row), and think it'll be fine, there's no way you'll get a bad map, then get Himmelsdorf. Or do EXACTLY THE SAME THING 2 days later, only this time you get Ensk. If you're doing very specific scouting or blocking missions, make sure you ban the 2 worst maps and turn off Encounter and Assault if the maps you ban have those versions, otherwise you can still get them. Playing lights? Ban Ensk and Himmelsdorf. Going for blocking in a brick tank? Get rid of Prok and Mali (although low tiers driving across the field is actually good on Mali for blocking where you don't need to survive (i.e. Shellproof medal), so YMMV). Don't get complacent like me if you want to do the missions quickly.
    Union (Communists)
    Object 261 - you need to complete an arty mission (14), and this works because you need to average 8 stuns a battle for 10 battles, and this is fast firing and tier 10 games tend to last longer. I'm sure you can make it work with lower tiers, but this is the most foolproof option. Also, this makes 2 (do x2 your vehicle hitpoints in damage, x3 with honours,  3 battles in a row) and 7 (3 internal crits, 3 battles in a row) much easier and a matter of when, not if.
    Bloc (Germany, Japan)
    Wt auf Pz IV - real talk here: the 12,8 cm Kanone L/61 is literally the best gun in the game. Period. The Grille 15's gun? Worse.  Leopard 1's gun? Nice, but I'll take the extra 140 alpha and DPM, please. I realised in randoms how I wasn't able to properly guess the reload and, needing to play some TDs for missions, decided to rebuy it after about 6 years and see how it played. It was like looking into the fact of God for the first time. Honestly, the gun is that sublime. You have 350mm of penetration, 1.9 seconds aim time with a good crew / food, very little dispersion and 1,500 M/S SHELL VELOCITY. Seriously, if you haven't played this in a while, buy it, put a good, camo crew in it, load prem ammo and run chocolate, and just have a blast. It's the only tank so far i've got to 100% MoE:

    and I enjoyed it so much I parlayed it into a top 3 EU for March:

    Oh, and it made some of the Bloc mission ridiculously easy. Bloc-1 (3.5k 3 battles in a row, 4k with honours)? Did it with honours first time of asking. Bloc-5 (average 3k over 10 games)? Let's just average 4k and complete honours with ease. How about Bloc-10, getting 4 High Calibers in 20 games? How about I get 5 for honours in 11 games. Yeah, research / buy this and all of the damage, kills or anything that isn't scouting / blocking on the Bloc missions become easy mode. I can't wait to get to Bloc-15 to roll with this thing again.
    Type 61 (GehakteMolen pick) - excellent tank for the damage farming and kill missions, due to good gun and high DPM.
    VK100.01P - fantastic for the blocking missions. Don't forget to remove Hardening before doing Bloc-2 (x4 Shellproof medals), as the medal is tied to your vehicle HP.
    HWK 12 - I got this for the scouting missions, and it is obscene. I have 553m view range. FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE METRES OF VIEW RANGE. That's without binos, btw. Oh yeah, it has 250 HEAT pen. The only downside? The shell velocity on all shells is 630 m/s, so good luck hitting anything on the move (for HE, it is 338 m/s, like fucking what?!). But fuck it - just outspot tier 10 lights.
    Alliance (US, UK, Poland)
    Caernarvon - very good farmer at tier 8 due to reliable gun and decent HP pool, quick firing gun is useful for kill securing missions, can (but isn't reliable) on blocking missions, and for Alliance-6 (2 Confederates in 7 battles) it is probably the best tank for it, due to you being able to shoot every 4.5 seconds on a good platform. About half the missions (1, 2, 3, 6, 13, 14 and maybe 4, 10 and 12, depending how good / lucky you are) are doable with this tank.
    FV3805 (with the small gun (really)) - sounds weird, but it makes the arty mission simple. With the 5.5 inch you fire crazy quick for a high tier arty, and do a minimum of 12 second of stun if you splash even with 0 dmg - very useful for Alliance-9 (1,500 seconds of stun over 10 battles). I tried in a Conq GC and failed 3 times, then did it in this with honours.
    CS-52 LIS - I'm going to try and avoid prems if I can, but as noted at the top, i'm assuming the average Wotlabs player has access to a good selection of prems. I'm recommending this tank as it's the most reliable medium gun at tier 8 outside of the Progetto 46, and if you're like me, you much prefer medium tanks to anything else. Therefore a good platform with a great gun, with tier 8 MM, makes this a great choice for all damage / kill missions. I'm even using it right now for Alliance-10 (x2 your hitpoints 4 battles out of 7  - it is my current active mission), which is easier to do in arty, but more fun in this.
    FV 4005 - I don't have this, but if you do, it is easily the best tank for Alliance-8 (30 internal modules dmg over 10 games). Of course, a 183 works just as well. Arty can work, but it is much more RNG.
    Tortoise - again, I don't have this yet (I'm considering using free XP), but it makes all blocking missions easy-ish. As you see tier 7s and 8s, you can obviously poke corners to expose non-weakspots and let idiots bounce, especially off your tough lower plate. Badger is shit due to tier 10 + worse lower plate + worse gun arc.
    T95 / T110E3 - alternatively, if you prefer US tanks, then you can use either of these 2 for blocking missions. T28 has too unreliable armour to get the tier 8 mm to work properly, the way you can with other mission sets (e.g. VK 100.01P for Bloc).
    Manticore - any of the scouting missions. Best passive scout in the game, but always the danger of yolo-ing EBRs / general LT meta at tier 10. Flagging @sr360 for more input on the scouting missions here.
    T57 Heavy - per the recommendation of @PityFool, very good for the damage missions.
    Coalition (Czech, France, Italy, Sweden)
    Progetto 46 - sorry for another prem, but if you have this, it makes all damage / kill missions a dream. In paticular, Coalition-11 (top kills in the BATTLE, 3 x in a row), Coalition-1 (Fighter or Top Gun (i.e. 4 or more kills) 3 times in 10 battles) and Coaliton-14 (top dmg dealer, 3 out of 5 battles) are all very doable in this, particularly if you avoid tier 10 games. As an autoloader, you can also do the assistance missions by tracking (and I run Optics, so there's spotting potential also), and obviously kill stealing is very easy in this. It's tier for tier the best tank in the entire game, and I don't need an excuse to drive it, but the missions gave me one. I've already maxed it out on Battle Pass progression points  
    Skoda T50 - recommended by a lot of people, it is undoubtedly great tier for tier (particularly since the Standard B nerfs), and works fantastic for any kill securing or damage missions.
    One thing worth noting before you pick which set of missions to skip (if you plan on skipping 1, 2 or 3 lines, if you get a 9th token from completing 1 set with honours - credit to @Ezz for pointing this out) is that not all missions are created equal. Sure, all 4 sets have the same themes (do damage, get kills, block damage, get assistance damage, get assistance kills, get stun assistance (Union and Alliance)), but HOW they go about it varies. 
    There are 5 general categories of missions:
    Do [x] in [y] battles IN A ROW. Union, for example structures a lot of it's missions involve you meeting the requirements 3 battles in a row (2 (x2 hitpoints), 5 (top 3 in damage), 7 (3 internal crits)). These tend to be trickier, as one bad game means you have to start all over again. On the other hand, they're quite short - it is much more frustrating starting again failing the 3rd game than trying to average 2k blocked over 10 games and then in game 10 you get HE spammed to death. AVERAGE [x] over y] battles. Alliance has a lot of averaging something over 10 battles (3 (2 assist kills), 7 (2k blocked)), as does Coalition (9 - damage 4 vehicles) and Bloc (5 - average 3k dmg). What is interesting about these is they often have a minimum requirement to count - e.g. Coaltion-9 is damage on average 4 vehicles. So you have 1 battle with 10 damaged, and 2 with 1 each - that's an average of 4, right? Wrong - the minimum requirement is 2 per battle, so only damaging 1 means it "doesn't count". This makes these missions more annoying than 4. below, which just allows you to rack up the requirement regardless of minimums in each game. MEET THE REQUIREMENT IN AT LEAST [x] battles out of [y]. I find these generally the easiest, as you can reset the missions until you get the first battle down, then it is only get [x-1] in [y-1] battles. An example is Bloc-3 (destroy 3 vehicles in 3 battles out of 5). If you reset until you get it in battle 1, it becomes destroy 3 in 2 battles out of 4. DO A MINIMUM of [x] over [y] battles. This is similar to 2. above, where you need to average something, but it usually doesn't have a minimum requirement in a battle to qualify as counting. It just requires you to aggregate up damage, or assistance, or blocked, so that a couple of massive games and a series of smaller games usually gets you it. MEDALS. I've put this by itself, as it's more RNG dependant and, on the whole, can be the more rage-inducing missions. These can be really annoying (Union-13 - 2 Top Guns in 12 games), relatively easy (Alliance-6 - 2 Confederates in 7 games), giving you the choice of medals (Coalition-3 - get any 5 battle heroes in 10 games) or completely team and/or map dependent (Coaltion-8 - 2 Patrol Duties in 12 games). Like 3. above, you can game it a little by "resetting" until you get the first of the medals, and then you only need to get the rest knowing your one medal down (e.g. resetting Coalition-8 until you get Patrol Duty in a game, then you "only" need one more in 11 games). I'm not sure if i'll post a guide for every mission, but to begin with i'll post the tips on certain missions from @GehakteMolen. I'll flag whose advice it is, depending on who contributes.
    Union-4 (block average of 8 hits in 5 games (so 40 block in 5 games) - GehakteMolen - This turned out to be one of the hardest missions, 8 hits is a lot (~3k blocked for a tier 10...) I first tried IS4, and did ok, but not close to completing, next i tried KV4, and while tier 8 is the best place for this, it also didnt work, so in the end i finished it with the 112, but KV4 should also work. Main problem is ppl tend to load HE if they cant penetrate, so tanks like 705a or 268 are a poor choice for this imo
    Union 8 (Lone Wolf, Earn the Fire for Effect Award 7 battles out of 10) - GehakteMolen - 100% a td mission, i did it with Wz-111 TD, got it with honors in first try, was a bit lucky, but this is the easiest way i think.
    Snoregasm2 - I actually did this in a combination of tanks, all mediums. I used 274a, 122TM and Object 140.
    Union-10 (block 15k dmg in 10 games) - GehakteMolen - IS4 (or 268v4) this mission is actually easy, just reset till you get 4-5k blocked and finish it with a breeze, after buff IS4 is though, and with turbo (and food) its actually suprisingly fast, you have a though hull and good side armour, and people wont load HE straight away when they see you
    Bloc-2 (Earn the Shellproof award 4 out of 10 battles) - GehakteMolen - this is a typical VK-B mission (t9) VK-B is always hit or miss in terms of game, which is fine for this mission, all you need is a bit luck with mm (so not full t10 on ensk followed by top tier steppes with 3 arty), VK100.01P can also do it, but has more problems with mm, the tier 10 are less useful, because they have too much hp.
    Bloc-12 (Be the top player on your team by damage blocked (min 1000) 3 battles out of 7) - GehakteMolen - same as T95 mission, except here u need to do 1 less, i did it with Vk-B, but MAUS would be better i think with MAUS u risk beiing paired with E3 and 705a though, and in tier 10 also more HE spammers and more arty, so t9 is the way to go i think.
    There will be more detail on both Alliance and Coalition missions, as these are the two most popular missions sets, particularly as a lot of players only do 2 sets and skip the other 2 with 6 orders.
    Alliance-1 (Fire for effect 5/10) - Snoregasm2 - This is a very easy mission, and I'd recommend whatever you're comfortable in. Tier 8s are probably best (I used the CS-52 LIS), but tier 10s are viable too. I would stay away from tier 9/10 heavies though, due to the higher HP pool making it needlessly hard.
    sr360 -  T49 lol.
    GehakteMolen - easiest with charioteer i think, but any tier 8 medium also works, you want something with low hp
    CraBeatOff - DPG > Tank HP? Use that. I probably used the T57 Heavy for this because it's not too hard to do 6 pens in it. 
    Alliance-2 (Top 3 by damage 3 in a row) - PityFool - I found this very easy to do with the T57 heavy, you have so much DPM and its an autoloader so you can pluck damage from nowhere. Highly recommended.
    Snoregasm2 - This is quite hard, as the temptation is to play tier 10, but you often get dogshit MM there. Chieftain is the obvious answer if you have it, but if you don't i'd suggest tier 9 meta tanks (Conq, CS-59, Tortoise, AE Phase 1, Concept 1b), as they can still come top in tier 10 and in tier 9 you'll be laughing.
    sr360 - Chieftain.
    GehakteMolen - Super conq (or E5), most wont have chieftain i guess
    CraBeatOff - Chieftain of course. Also...T57, again for the cheese and damage farm factor. You best be running a lot of HEAT and picking on the fatties.
    Alliance-3 (Average 2 tanks spotted or tracked that your team kills over 10 battles) - sr360-  I used a combination of T49 and T92 LT.
    CraBeatOff - T49 of course. No better gun for tracking people in the open. Massive view range, great MM. Bring a platoonmate equipped to snipe out EBRs and you're golden. Plus you'll have fun. If you're not a good T49 player - my obvious advice is to become one. Barring that the Manticore is pretty easy to play- build with CVS, Vents, Optics for massive VR and just kemp boosh. You can easily get 7-8 assisted kills on a good map, so reset until you get a huge game, and then play it out. You only need 2-3 good maps in the 10 streak.
    Alliance-4 (30k dmg over 10 games) - PityFool - I found this very easy to do with the T57 heavy, you have so much DPM and its an autoloader so you can pluck damage from nowhere. Highly recommended.
    CraBeatOff - Chieftain, T57. If you average 3k in it, use it. 
    Snoregasm2 - regardless of tank, as this is average, reset until you first battle is a 5k+ game, to make it easier.
    sr360 - Chieftain
    GehakteMolen - Super conq (or E5), most wont have chieftain i guess
    Alliance-5 Stun 40 tanks) - s360 -  FV3805 with stock gun
    CraBeatOff - Covered well in this topic. I used the 3805 with the small gun. Click like the shitlord you are!
    Alliance-6 (Confederate 2/7) - Snoregasm2 - I personally used the CS-52 LIS, as I hate playing arty and Confederate is an easy medal to farm, but the FV3805 undoubtedly makes this easy.
    sr360 - FV3805 with stock gun
    CraBeatOff - A gimme in the 3805 as well. Just count to 6 but don't stop there. Why not stun 11 or 12 of the enemy that game?!?!? Senlac is also something I probably used, simply because it's profitable, and easy to play, and my thing. 
    Alliance 7 (Average 2000 damage blocked over 10 games) - Snoregsm2 - not tried it yet, but I might see if the T110E3 works.
    s360 - T95
    CraBeatOff - T95, Tort. I think I was closer on the T95 line, so I blueprinted that one first. Same tactics as always with block missions. Avoid arty, find idiots, eliminate threats (people who demonstrate knowledge of weak points or good aim, HE users). 
    GehakteMolen - i did mine with T95, just play and should be fine (mostly boring, not that hard, all you need is a good starting game), as always HE spammers are your main problem
    Alliance-8 (30 internal crits) - PityFool - I made the mistake of thinking FV4005 or T49 for this... no. Take your Chimera and shoot HE. Aim for the sides of turrets, commander hatches, engine decks etc. This was probably the easiest mission I had, took me roughly 6-7 games.
    sr360 -  FV183 and T49. FV 4005 works too.
    CraBeatOff - T49 of course. Sheriderp too. You can use the 4005, 183, Conway 5.5, E3 HE edition, E4, etc. But the T49 is the best, because when you get those soft booties you get so many modules. Easy to get 10+ in a single game. I have this recollectionof getting 13-14 crits in a Cliff game to start the timer. 
    Alliance-9 (Stun 1500s in 10 games)  - s360 -  FV3805 with stock gun
    CraBeatOff - 3805 or 53/55 of course. I believe I skipped this ONLY for expediency because of the orders obtained from Coalition 15. I may have since done it for bond rewards - it's easy!
    Alliance-10 (Cause 2x your HP 4/7) - Snoregasm2 - again, because I hate arty and because this isn't insanely hard, I just rolled with the CS-52 LIS. It only has 1,300 HP which helps.
    sr360 - CGC.
    GehakteMolen - Fv 3805
    CraBeatOff - More arty missions. Honestly you can knock out the Alliance arty missions in like a week of playing arty and be done with them. 
    Alliance-11 (Stun assist 1000 4/10). sr360 - CGC. And again Fv 3805
    CraBeatOff - So...arty. Obviously platoons here help a lot. Buddy up with someone with a mic and the ability to play on the front lines, preferably in an autoloader. Call your targets, or wait for them to call for you. You can do this in the first 2-3 shots of the game!
    Alliance 12 (Be the top player by damage blocked (min 1000) 4 out of 7 battles) - GehakteMolen - again T95, this is much harder though, because when your in a tier 10 fights, there are a LOT of 705a and E3 (due to battle pass) i made it, but it was very annoying (and i got lucky)
    sr360 - T95 
    CraBeatOff - T95 or Tort. Block  missions are so dumb.
    Alliance-13 (Top 3 by XP 3 games in a row) - sr360 -  Chieftain with a platoon feeding me damage. You have to top 3 in BATTLE, which means a win. I brought along two friends who would hold their flanks and support me as I farmed.
    GehakteMolen - Tier 8 and 9 mediums get the highest exp on average, and since you need a win, just play a med in platoon and you will do it fairly easy (and remember, dmg on higher tier tanks gives more exp, kills > dmg also
    CraBeatOff - I frankly cannot recall if I did this soloing the Chieftain or with a platoon feeding me in the T49 (as recommended above, get a friend in a WaffleIV and spot for them to rack up easy XP). T49 has the advantage of just dominating that clean-up with pens that yield big XP. Plus even though tracking and spotting don't overlap in their contribution to gun marks - they DO give you additive XP! So track that Maus and let your team feed on him! But I probably just did it solo in the Chief because you just get that tier 8 or 9 MM and faceroll to top XP, and then repeat. 
    Alliance-14 (Cause damage to 30 vehicles in 10 battles) - Snoregasm2 - I'd say arty is too RNG for this, so I preferred to play medium tanks. Lights also works as you can scoot around and use HE with tanks like the T49 if you want.
    sr360 - FV3805, or 53/55
    GehkateMolen - imo any medium with fast rate of fire or Fv 3805 (with stock gun)
    CraBeatOff - Arty for easy mode. T49 for fun mode (all your shots do damage!). Quick mission. 
    Alliance-15 (3 first class or aces) - PityFool - This was very easy with the T95, you will have games where you are too slow, but you only need 3 games where you just dominate.
    sr360 -  I did it without honors in the T92 LT.
    GehakteMolen - Any non premium non reward tank more or less, tier 8 and 9 being easier
    CraBeatOff - T49 of course for me - I did it with Ace + 1st class combo from the first reset. Again - if you're not a T49 expert, become one for your mental health. But barring that using the same strategy as the Coalition probably works. Tier 8 tech tree LT (M41 or LHMTV), built for vision, platooned if you can, and waiting on that map streak. 400 base VR on the Bulldog means you can build for >500 on the move View Range with the CVS ripping them bushes - and this will let you cheese some Aces/1sts on the right maps. You can build for CVS + binos also for maximum cheese. YMMV with scouting ability. 
    As with Alliance, this is often recommended as one of the two sets of missions you do, if you plan on skipping 2. There is only one truly dogshit mission (Coalition-4) that is skippable.
    Coalition-1 (4+ kills 3/10 battles) - sr360 - Progetto 46/Bourrasque
    GehakteMolen - Skoda T50 (the t9)
    CraBeatOff - Any autoloader. Pick your highest kills/game and use that one. I have a couple that average over 2. I probably did this while grinding credits in the Prog46 or similar.
    Coalition-2: (3k dmg 3 games in a row) - sr360 - Progetto 65 & TVP 50/51
    GehakteMolen - Skoda T50 or AMX 50B
    CraBeatOff - AMX 50B was my choice here. BatChat25t is good also, but a little harder because you can't just trade like the 50B can. 
    Coalition-3 (5 battle heroes in 10 battles) - Snoregasm2 - I did it in the Progetto with the Bourrasque thrown in. EBR 75 is also good. Basically Confederate, High Caliber and Tank Sniper are you friends here. Reset until you get a sick first game (2/3 medals, e.g. a Top Gun + High Caliber), so it becomes much easier.
    sr360 - I cheesed it with the Bat 155 58 and printed confederates.
    GehakteMolen - Here again skoda (or progetto 46 if you have)
    CraBeatOff - I farm the hell out of confeds in the EBR 75 FL10, so I used that. This one took some number crunching because it had me stuck for a while. I had to manually compile some spreadsheet data, but once I found my tank and goal medal it was pretty easy.
    Coalition-4 (30 internal crits) - sr360 - the glorious FocHE-155 (I even made a highlight reel of my HE pens lolol) 
    Snoregasm2 - due to lack of good HE tanks in any of these nations, this is a very good "skip" candidate. Arty could be used I guess, but French arty sucks.
    CraBeatOff - I used an order on this one. I don't own a Foch155. Prog65 with HE is probably viable, I had a friend @m0rierisuse that I believe, aro und the same time.
    Coalition-5 (block 30 hits) sr360 - AMX M4 54. People shoot it expecting to pen, whereas the Kranvagn turret is shot rather less often. Some made the M4 51 or 49 work too, but I found the 54 more consistent.
    GehakteMolen - Here i would say the t9 French heavy though, on tier 10 more gold shells, making blocking harder, but certainly a french heavy.
    CraBeatOff - Did this in the AMX 49 grinding credits. Any from the series work, as with all block missions you just need to find the idiots and f2pers and let them shoot you, and not kill them until they pen you twice, or switch to premium/HE.
    Coalition-6 (75 pens over 10 games) - Snoregasm2 - One of the easiest missions of all. As with any of these "[x] pens in [y] games", play something fast firing. Progetto, ao other autoloaders, or light tanks are the way to go.
    sr360 - I used TVP and Skoda IIRC. Prog 46 is probably good too.
    CraBeatOff - Probably didn't use anything in particular for this. I'm sure I used the AMX 13 57 for the Chimera tier, but probably just cycled the Bat12t and EBR 75FL10 for this mission. Possibly the AMX 13 90. As @Snoregasm2 said, this one is easy. Skoda 50 also a contender, since it's just a monster in tier. 
    GehakteMolen - Skoda T50 (or prog indeed)
    Coalition-7 destroy 2 tanks of 2 types 3 games in a row) - sr360 - Skoda/TVP/Progetto Skoda again
    Coalition-8 (Patrol duty 2 games out of 12) - sr360 -No-brainer: EBR 105.
    Snoregasm2 - As sr360 put in the scout section, normally non-tier 10s are the way to go, because of EBR 105s at tier 10. Contribute to the problem by playing it for missions!
    CraBeatOff - Just use the tank you used for Coalition 1. 
    Coalition-8 (Patrol duty 2 games out of 10) - sr360 - No-brainer: EBR 105.
    CraBeatOff - EBR 105 obviously.
    Coalition-9 (Damage to average 4 different vehicles in a battle over 10 battles) - Snoregasm2 - Remember, this has to be different vehicles, so you can't just farm the same sorry idiot. This is a true comfort mission - whatever you're best in. 
    sr360 - I used the Bat 155 58 because 2 clips did it.
    GehakteMolen - Again, Skoda T50 or Progetto 46
    CraBeatOff - Just like Coalition 6, it's a gimme. Spread your damage in autoloaders. I prefer the French over the autoreloaders because you can plan your clips more reliably. I may have used the Batchat 155 55 arty, the tier IX. It's extremely comfortable with a GLD, IRM, and rammer. Fast, full turret, 22s reload.  
    Coalition-10 (1500 assist 3 games in a row) - sr360 - EBR 105 again 
    Snoregasm2 - this is my current active mission. I've tried tier 8s (EBR 75, Progetto 46 and Bourraque), using a combination of spotting and tracking, but it's too inconsistent. Even with the 105 thought, map selection is key. I got 2 in a row then got Himmelsdorf - i'd suggest banning maps at the start of a session to suit the mission.
    CraBeatOff - EBR105 or EBR90. Sometimes the EBR90 can be a bit easier to get reliable games in consecutive sequence - due to better MM, especially on NA. I kit my EBR90 with optics, vents and LNE, so it's extremely hard for anything except like a Manticore or T-100 built for vision to outspot. 1500 isn't a hard threshold to cross at tier 9, especially if you platoon with an M53/55 who is focused on your spotting runs.
    Coalition-11 (be top tank in the battle by kills 3/9) - sr360 - Progetto 65/TVP
    Snoregasm2 - I'd prefer securing kills at tier 8. I did this in the Progetto - it can do fine even in tier 10 games. Tier 8 games, it's almost guaranteed assuming you don't brain fart. Tier 10 MM is just too unpredictable.
    CraBeatOff - Same as missions #1 and #7. I would use a Bourrasque today. I probably used a Bat25t, Somua SM or Skoda 50 historically. 
    Coalition-12 (Spot/track 7 tanks for your team to kill) - sr360 - EBR 105 again (sense a theme?) 
    CraBeatOff - Same as Coalition 10, EBR 105 or 90. 
    Coalition-13 (Do 2x your tank's HP) - Snoregasm2 - As I didn't have French arty and the mission is fairly simple, I decided to just play "normal" in the Progetto. If you don't have it, i'd suggest the Swedish TDs as a useful alternative. The lower TD HP pool helps.
    sr360 - Cheese it with Bat 155 58 (490x2=980). Lorraine arty works too (390x2=780) or Bat 155 55 (440x2=880)
    CraBeatOff - Strv S1 can be nice for this, but I probably did it in the Bat 155 55. 
    GehakteMolen - I used here amx cda td, any td will do though (S-51 or Udes td also good picks).
    Coalition-14 (Top by damage3/5) - Snoregasm2 - Tier 8s for me - Progetto or Bourrasque or Somua. Generally, autoloaders are favoured here.
    sr360 - TVP or Progetto 65
    GehakteMolen - Skoda, ofc
    CraBeatOff - I almost certainly used the Somua for this because it's a gimme in tier 8MM and pretty solid in 9s and 10s. On NA 3/5 is probably about how often you see top tier MM in the Somua. Prog 46 plays up well also, I've just always been better in the French HTs than the Italian MTs. Skoda 50 always an option if it works for you. 
    Coalition-15 (3 first class or aces)- Snoregasm2 - I've not got here yet, but I think there are 2 approaches. 1) play something with low requirements; or 2) play something you're really good in. I guess for sr360 the 13 90 is both? For me, I'll try this in the Progetto, but if it's too much I'll switch to a light tank.
    sr360 - I did it without honors with the AMX 13 90. 
    CraBeatOff - Bat12t all the way here. Low low low requirements. Fairly shitty gun. I built it with CVS, vents, and optics to maximize it's scouting upside to get those Aces - honors on this really made finishing easier. It's kind of a crappy tank! It catches fire, loses it's engine, is very badly outclassed by the EBRs and doesn't have a large clip. Plus the pen is low and the gun handles poorly (especially without vstab!). BUT - it's still easy to make an impact with good scouting, and judicious deployment of the clip. The things that make it crappy make it easier for me to Ace. I just decided to 3 mark it and keep resetting the mission while doing so. Got 3 Aces in like 12 games or something. 
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    As has probably been requested about a billion times in the past, the forum is finally getting a dark theme! You can select it by scrolling to the very bottom of the page, clicking on "Theme" and selecting DarkLabs.
    I'm considering this a very beta version of the skin, and there might be several things that will require tweaks along the way. Let me know if you find something off and I'll get it fixed ASAP.
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    Dont worry, he'll be camping the hill for 10 minutes. Plenty of time to fire maybe 4 times.
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    It is a really great article. Indeed I miss playing with some good old friends but once again I do not miss the game itself now that years have passed. I hope this forum will continue to operate though, being my personal nostalgia corner.
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    Just bring three T49's they can do literally everything up to and including 300 damage to the front of a Maus ez 

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    This will take a few edits to fully type out via my phone.
    Equipment 2.0 has been very good for me, personally, for enjoyment of WoT pubs and for my preferred method of pubbing which is in a competent 3 person platoon in complimentary tanks. Everything I have to say in this post is with that perspective and the goal of winning as often and as efficiently as possible. If you, the reader, refuse for whatever reason to play with 2 others, fire premium ammo, or seek primarily to maximize dpg this might not be a useful post. I'm also going to talk mostly about tier 8 - these ideas apply to tier 9 pretty straightforwardly, but tier 10 has it's own peculiarities (specifically a bunch of broken HTs that make other options suboptimal). Tiers 6 and 7 lack the diversity that you get in 8+ but within the narrow range of those best in tier tanks the ideas work.
    What Equipment 2.0 enabled
    As @SchnitzelTruck observed in the Bourrasque thread, there are now builds that synergize with stylistic preferences, and this extends even further when your building your tanks to work with your platoonmates. In short - you can now lean into the strengths of a given tank or class harder, giving up some attribute but allowing your group to be more powerful on the net. 
    This enables you to play more "unfairly". Your spotter can make more of their vision. Your support fire can max dpm, accuracy, mobility as needed. The advantages are less pronounced for tanks that rely on armor and hp - but this is Wotlabs! We best know by now that vision + firepower + flex is the recipe.
    Vision is dead
    Despite the developers best efforts, the game isn't yet a 15v15 3 lane HT pixel or HE brawl with arty and RNG tipping the balance of attrition. To my humble opinion vision is still what opens up (or stabilizes) most games/maps. Your platoon probably wants some vision. This is so you're not entirely at the mercy of pubbies on Prok, Mali, Muro, Westfield, Redshire, Steppes, Fish Bay, Studz, Minsk, Karelia, Highway, Sigfried, and Live Oaks. It's a lot of maps where vision can matter a whole heck of a lot - and a few others you can simply avoid losing if you can usher your idiots across vital crossings - Mtn Pass, Paris, Lakeville, Glacier, Ghost Town, Sand River. Vision can mean a MT with good base VR and optics, a wheelie boi or a properly set up LT. Even an S tank with binos can do work in some of these situations. I personally rarely run without a LT with a good driver - unless it's like a FR MT or Leo with a vision build. 
    Bleed First, then Push
    If you're running vision and you want to win you're gonna want some support fire. 2x E-100 and a Leo1 is a good platoon for many maps - but it's also a recipe for a fast 15-5 loss when the enemy EBR is unseeable, unhittable and your field flank crumbles in 120 seconds. This just isn't for me. And if you play 15v15 CW generally your first deployment is precisely to prevent that kind of given away match. So I'm bringing support fire tanks to compliment my vision.
    Several reasons: 1. Wheelie boiz are king - you gotta pick them off because the pubbies can't 2. Crossfires are how the maps work. You gotta get 2 angles to dig out positions and progress 3. Even if you lose the brawl you can very very often camo camp the chokes and exits to stabilize a match giving time for your other flank or arty to work.
    So punish the crossings, refuse to give up map control the wheelies and MTs and prevent your idiots from feeding their TDs. Get some vision tanks and setups!
    Tank comp example walk thrus
    There are more platoon comps than this - nothing here is exhaustive. Some of these compositions are sufficiently strong that you can just sub in some inferior tank and still win 70% easily and grind out massive credits at the same time (I'll drive my T34 for lazy profit sometimes!). But these are some of my favorites. 
    Classique Bush Wank
    LT-432 with CVS, optics and choice of vents or rammer. Inferior LTs work, but... Prog46 with build of choice - turbo is nice, tank is so OP, anything works. Other inferior autoloading MTs work (Lorr40t, Skoda T27) Sniper TD of choice - Skorp G (turbo rammer IRM), SU-130PM (IRM/IAU/turbo/rammer), S1(turbo/rammer/vents/binos) This one is easy. You kemp boosh. Set up the LT in a forward bush. Put the MT and TD in different support angles and punish lazy idiots and stupid LTs. If there is an early punish option, you should probably do it, and then flex someplace to influence the midgame. 
    Ricky Bobby I wanna GO FAST
    EBR75 with optics, vents, and taster's choice. EVEN90 with turbo also works nicely. more VR less mobility and firepower.  Bourrasque with gun mods or vision mods or a mix of both More Bourrasque if you're feeling saucy, something with stopping power if not (with turbo of course) Skorp G with turbo is fastest TD for chasing shit down or running away LIS with turbo works great too! GSOR1008 with turbo. You deploy the same as the Classique - but you can now decided in the middle of the game to just go make shit dead. Pretty much anywhere on the map, and at any time, as long as the risk calculus is good. Not much survives a strafe from EBR75 and two Bourrasques, or a Skorp 490. You have to be careful with this power, it's easy to get blown up by HE. Excels at clean-up damage!
    EVEN90 - turbo is best for flex, but building for CVS/binos can be memerific.  Bourrasque set-up with gun mods for sniping. Or perhaps a 2nd TD or high alpha MT S1 - the standard for sitting in a bush. Use a camo net if you're looking for memes, but turbo is the best for moving around with this platoon of course. You win all the bush maps. Sit triangle, shoot stupids. Good luck if you pull all the city maps in a session! With 2 TDs, or something like a T34 you can make this work as well. Hitting with the SU-130PM and any other TD at the same time is always funny and effective (520+390, 520+490) - high roll killing 1k hp tanks or taking half the HP off a Bat25t is just grand. Put in a GSOR1008 for extra deletion power. Stuff like the STG/Ravioli/Chimera/Lansen can work in here too.
    Trop Fort
    TurBourr - turbo, optics, vents Prog46 - turbo, vstab, choice or LIS with turbo. GSOR1008 can work too (turbo) if you can manage the pacing and downtime.  WZ-120 - rammer, GLD, vents This is probably the single most fun right now. Replacing your LT with a TurBourr means you'll get matches with no LTs in them. You probably win those because you're +1 LT unless you get a vision Bourr mirror. The Prog or LIS provide consistent accurate fire support, moderate amounts of hp, and the ability to relocate as needed. The WZ-120 is a sleeper in this build - innately fast with punishing DPM. You're losing the distance punishment capabilities of the Skorp and S1 - but getting tier 9 DPM and a fast tank with some armor for when you just need to bully to clear a spot. The ability of the WZ to bounce a shot or else trade 880 for 1 hit will enable your softies to spike and preserve their hps. You get some of the "go kill shit" abilities of the Ricky Bobby platoon but with more durability, more pen on hard targets, more DPM.
    Le Boeuf
    432 or Turbourr  CaernAX with turbo, or perhaps the E75TS. S1 or WZ-120. Somua playing from support can work nicely.  There is no more durable LT than Russian LT. Bourr has more hp, and the advantages discussed elsewhere. CaernAX brings enough accuracy and dpm to count as a sniper. You won't get the big hits or spike, but if you have 5 seconds on target you'll do as much dmg as a TD. E75TS 360 hits are meaningful and sufficiently accurate. Like the WZ-120 it has high base mobility for it's class, and acceptable armor. S1 obv can bully only sub 90mm guns. WZ-120 armor discussed above. This platoon will struggle a little on the open maps and as bottom tier, but still can and will work. You will be at little disadvantage on city maps however, and with good hulldowns and in flat MM can play however is needed to win. 
    Tier 9s
    At tier 9 you compose your platoons fairly similarly if you wish to play in this style with a LT. The LeoPTA has good enough firepower to sub in for soft single shot TDs and more flex and hp. WaffleIV with turbo is hilariously good at stopping pushes and punishing mistakes. T30 and 263 can play armor TD roles well. AMX 13 90 built with optics/vstab/turbo is really solid in LT role, but the EBR90 can easily handle spotting duties as well. Tier 9 HTs are stronger than their 8s counterparts when bottom tier, so there's more choice there. T-54LW is less kingly than the 432 but still works. Overall the composition of these platoons matters less at 9 than 8, simply because you can bring tier X firepower to shoot tier X tanks - you don't need a TD if you have a HT with a decent enough gun who can occupy a support position (if their armor isn't needed elsewhere). 
    Most any LT + WaffleIV + LeoPTA Most any LT + autoloader MT + WaffleIV/LeoPTA Most any LT + autoloader MT + 263/T30/Conq/etc Tier 10s
    At tier 10, things swing back more towards the 8s compositions. This is primarily because of the power of the Strv 103B and Grille15 for locking down and punishing lanes, as well as the relative power of the tier X LTs compared to their tier 9 counterparts (way more alpha). HTs have much more power too, relative to 8s, so easily sub in for a MT because they can actually hold space. You get some more options in fire support too, with the 50B existing. Just avoid too much downtime or weak pen and slow fat superheavies. Nothing wrong with LT + Chief + TD. 
    Map deployment, progression and stabilization walk thrus
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    Vindi reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in Farewell, SirFoch! o7   
    ill just repost my response to this from another place
    long time coming tbh, he never enjoys the game anymore. 
    always angry/depressed as fuck when he streams it, only really still played because its how he built his community/viewership.
    plus he has always refused to play the game P2W, but always hardcore F2P. no gold ammo, no OP premiums/reward tanks.
    which is self inflicting harm in modern WoT, since its P2W as fuck nowadays. especially at tier 10.
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    Vindi reacted to PityFool in Is this forum dead?   
    You see good sir, the OP is not actually a new user. I recognized the name and knew there had to be something amusing behind it. Lo and behold I found it. 
    Of course, you are more than welcome to platoon with a player who parks his KV-1 behind a TD and then is surprised when said TD is upset that he was blocking their retreat. xoxoxox
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    Vindi reacted to PityFool in Polar Marathon - Object 274a   
    Haha visa card go brrrrrrr
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    Vindi reacted to lavawing in Recent WN8 bug ? (in Japanese)   
    finally, my long lonesome years of reading hentai have paid off

    > Be me
    > Konichiwa motherfuckers I be an Asian player
    > Lately WN8 be showing me dem wrong values
    > But me, ma dudes, I got dis big brain and a gud idea bout why dis be happening
    > Which is that I bought back the Rudy
    > I think deez multiracial tanks have doubled values
    > haven't actually played the Rudy PL btw fml
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    Vindi reacted to Assassin7 in Recent WN8 bug ? (in Japanese)   
    "Hello! Im from the ASIA region"
    Uhh.. "something my WN8.... Something something something is doing"
    Ok I give up now theres way too much kanji that I dont know to be able to read this with any context lol.
    @dekonasu すみません、あなたは話すひらがなおねがいでぃます?(間違った言葉、ごめんなさい!)
    I absolutely butchered that japanese as well lol
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    I can recommend TheGamingLion
    chill guy from my former clan and he plays lts 99% of the time
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    Vindi reacted to kolni in New Tech Tree Tank Rebalance (140/E50M/121 ect.)   
    can we get an m46 patton 311 APCR gold round now please i'd like to play that tank again without rolling out on the battlefield in a wheelchair
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    Vindi reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in Unconventional WoT Opinions 3   
    introduction of the non-pref premium era was a mistake
    tier 8 premiums should have always remained slightly worse versions of their tech tree counterparts. 
    CW/Reward tanks of any kind were a mistake, especially above tier 8.   
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