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  1. have a broken hand so cant play much now but add me for later
  2. early damage and staying alive is what wins games. not easy to do both in e25 :/
  3. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Hunter636 currently grinding the t54e1 and have everything but the top engine but il play whatever its mostly the is6 and e25 i keep doing top damage in and losing. I swear theyre cursed. if anyone wants to school me on those feel free.
  4. Add me F R I E N D S or dont. I dont have any tanks either.
  5. the solo grind is getting to me again. Dont have a regular 8 or 9s at the moment (i know i know) but I have pref 8s and below and an is7 that I dont play much because its not fast enough to play solo, but I will play any tier. I tend to play aggressive but I do best in fast paper tanks that force me to not play too aggressively. Cromwell B, fcm, elc. I will play whatever though. Bring on the novetly platoons I dont give af. Mostly add me if you want to make credits. Especially add me if you are good in the ELC. its my stress reliever that also just so happens to also be amazing for carrying
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