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  1. For asia: east front 20k gold pot, 40k for west http://worldoftanks.asia/en/clanwars/rating/alley/#wot&aof_front=campaign_05_sg_west&aof_rating=clans&aof_filter=all&aof_page=0&aof_size=25 For eu: 500k gold pot http://worldoftanks.eu/en/clanwars/rating/alley/#wot&aof_front=campaign_05_eu_west&aof_rating=clans&aof_filter=all&aof_page=0&aof_size=25 Rank 70 EU clan gets more gold (42.5k) than 1st in the western front in asia (40k)
  2. Simply put, if you look at his first auto aim, as the enemy tank falls back the aiming circle follows behind the tonk. Not that hard to understand
  3. Played on the chinese server. It's not a bad game for sure, so if you want to try it by all means. For me though I'm hesitant due to the possible differences between the asian servers and the english servers. If playing Dragonnest on the NA and CH server told me anything, the grinds are much shorter in the asian versions. Graphics are nice, flying and climbing trees are fun- though personally I've already had my fill. Lyn all the way.
  4. From The Armoured Patrol: http://thearmoredpatrol.com/2015/12/06/supertest-steel/ It seems WG really, really wants to push the Domination mode. I'm expecting the mode to be drastically improved in the future then. I personally haven't played a single domination game since it was released other than a few during the testing stage. Partially because there wasn't much rewards, so it was pointless for me. After looking at the missions required to get the tank I didn't even bother to play the game mode again (heard they are balancing them soon however).
  5. current goal:

    -To tone down on my aggressiveness, not dying so early in the game and getting back to 1900 wn8.
    - farming more geld for more garage slots, and for that matter credits to buy the tanks

    1. MrsmilieyfaceC8


      Unicum problems: Your camp is 4k/65% solo wn8 level, but somehow pubbies camp even harder than you and are worse. I can play aggresive too, but you have to know how to play both play-styles.

  6. It seems to me that being mature and patient isn't the only virtues we should look in people. ''Between three things, I've ascertained how you conduct yourself.'' - Personally I find this disgusting (though I understand how easy it is to do so on the internet, from first hand experience). You may hate people who jokingly use the word autism freely like others using the word gay, but to me this kind of reasoning isn't any better. ''1. Your username in game not only misspells the word "Autism", you use the term like it means nothing to you.''- how can you be so sure? ''2. You use autistic as
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