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  1. Stop playing world of tanks and just work out. I'm not even joking. In 10 years from now, what will internet tanks give you? Working out on the other hand gives you confidence, a rocking body (see avatar), and lotsa babes. Seriously, uninstall tanks.
  2. Why would being good at world of tanks translate into being a good leader? There are so many differences between real life and the internet such that the problem solving required in WoT is completely unrelated to the problem solving skills required in a good leader. Also asking others to rate themselves qualitatively is probably not the best idea...
  3. How could I ever hold a grudge against your sexy hippy hair, you sexgod you.
  4. In wot, derp refers to both a stupid play and a type of gun. So if I derp, then I made a really bad call and got myself killed without a reason. A derp (gun) on the other hand refers to a high calibre, very long reload gun (e.g. kv2 152mm).
  5. Sorry, I completely forgot about this thread. @Expendable Haha no, it's just that you're not always online to play with. Like I don't understand why you'd bother with life when there's tanks to be played </3 @Jorey Ya sure, just throw an invite when I'm online, but it probably won't be until the 25th, cause fucking sats @deas potatoeing is basically derping and dying without doing anything. I'll platoon with you, but please bring tanks with the same MM. Send me an invite when I'm online
  6. you're playing 2.3k games every 2 months, which is like 38 games a day lol
  7. Updated OP with preferred platoonmate stats. Thanks for reminding me Eagle
  8. Could you post some King Tiger replays?
  9. So seeing as it's the week before winter break, I really want to splurge and play a shit ton of tanks this week before I have to start studying for my SAT. But I really hate playing alone, so anyone up for a platoon? Just to clarify my 'requirements', I'd probably platoon with anyone at 1600wn7 or over (60 day), and I don't play tanks below tier 5. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone could recommend good SAT essay writing books, I'd appreciate it
  10. This may not apply to EU, but I don't see how you're seeing that many yellows and reds. Honestly, when I'm playing tier 8+, I see a blue/purple every 5 games or so, and there are several greens every game. It's ridiculous.
  11. If you want to improve, try playing OP tanks. Why? Because it will really help you understand how to use one aspect of the tank really well, be it gun depression, armor, or whatever. Take the T29 for example, it's OP because of its gun, turret armor, and depression. Playing this tank over and over, will solidify your understanding of these 3 basics. The E75 that you mentioned you have will teach you how to abuse your armor, and be aggressive at the appropriate times.
  12. You may also want to play less...1.7k games per 60 days is a shit ton. Playing too much in one go will often make you bored of the game, and lessen your motivation to do well.
  13. Meh, I'm not sure. A platoon opens up many more opportunities for damage/kills that you otherwise wouldn't have. For example, if there's a td around the corner, you could communicate to your platoonmates to go around and flank him. When he turns his gun, you would have opportunities to shoot. In a normal pub game, you wouldn't have the same opportunity.
  14. Oh hey I remember that game. Ya he's a dick. and his computer crashed, but still a dick nonetheless
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