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    Stats page

    You will notice that both other posts have not had their issue fixed and I am asking for help in this matter, your message is of no help to anyone and makes you look ignorant.
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    Over the last week or so I have had no stats for the last 24 hours and now I have none for the last week either but the page tells me it was updated this morning! anything I'm doing wrong?
  3. Hi, we are The Royal Lancers (XVIIL) There are only a few of us (9 members but only 3 regular players), we are Brits working in the Middle East (GMT +3) We basically are into platooning and enjoying a good old moan, we play for FUN, not to be any good or to do Clan Wars. We would like enough members to play Stronghold or Team Battles but have no strong rules except.......we allow bad language, so over 18's please and your command of English must be fairly good. If you're interested contact me "theonlysilky" in-game or join us on Teamspeak 3 server