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  1. Show me your best "put in a penny and got $10k" shots. youtube vids or gifs are fine
  2. I'll toss my FAP hat in for consideration as well. I stream 4-7 nights a week, from 7pm EST to whenever i feel the need for sleep. I do not pull the numbers you are looking for, but I fill every other qualification you are looking for. I average around 20 during peak time and can hit 50+ on weekends. A few times I have cracked the magic 100. http://www.twitch.tv/agnotologytv/
  3. Since efficiency got tossed, I've been purple. Tanks 3 years ago was a completely different ball game though.
  4. My name is Nick and I've been dealing with my addiction to tanks for 4 years now. By dealing with, I mean nearly to 30k games. My life was lost somewhere around the second game, where I learned how to use premium ammo. My wallet went with it. I've recently decided to go back to putting forth effort in this game, starting with my stats and getting my stream back into gear. I am about a week into this, despite having been streaming for two years ( priorly under BigNickG and DatBigNick. I've settled on AgnotologyTV as I find it better represents my philosophy on world of tanks, and life in genera
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