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  1. This is probably the safest/best way to break camps on this map yes, but theres one big problem. If they camp that corner with a few good hulldown tanks you will get raped when crossing to there + you are open to shots from mid when crossing. Yoloing in there blind straightaway is pretty much suicide tho.
  2. adz i admire your dedication, playing 18k games to make a wotlabs troll account
  3. I played 8 battles so far, and kinda like it. Whats wrong with me The shitty gun makes sniping really bad, but it can brawl surprisingly well due to decent apcr and good alpha for the tier imo. You can even bait shots on angled frontal armour.
  4. It's merely a coincidence that you dropped 1,3k recent wn8?
  5. if you dont solo at least 65%+ in your t9s you're pretty shit
  6. @dudixy nice recents mate, looks like you're a better player than this @adztownstike nerd
  7. +1 on the streaming, you don't have to entertain viewers if you play on this level, just play with maybe some music
  8. I would turn off standard mode and only play assault if i could
  9. My advice, use the freeXP to unlock top modules on tanks, don't freeXP through lines when you have only one tier 9 unlocked anyways.
  10. vernl

    IS6B Comrade

    first it was confirmed that i can be done, now confirmed that it can't be done? guess they patched it or smth oh well makes the decision way easier
  11. vernl

    IS6B Comrade

    i can send T34B
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