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  1. toss me a request ingame and msg, I'll join if im not booster spam grinding my T9 Cold_Stream
  2. Seems like a more usable one of these https://tanks.gg/tank/chieftaint95
  3. Renegade missions, dunno why im doing it for a better chieftan/t95 (tier 8 campaign tank) hopefully its a med bully (really just need something faster than T34/Lowe for frontlines) also +12m credits in a weekend 'cause 50% personal and 100% clan credit boosters But then again just came back after 2 year hiatus
  4. Vstab, making my shit tanks hit more often is more worth than making my good tanks shave like 0.2 off a reload
  5. wsKnZO8.jpg

    :luvkitty: broken OP fun shit

    1. MacusFlash


      Please send replay. I want to know how to carry a game with this (shitty for me) 3cm gun.

    2. Migizikody
  6. Theres a bunch of guides here that you can browse casually (Some need updating though) and a lot of streamers you can watch A virtual buffet of guides from uni's that you can feast on, plate up From my observations greens dont have the best situational awareness and usually dont notice changes in their game quick enough (Look at that minimap a lot)
  7. I'd get the lowe if I had enough gold to throw around, but a lot of it went to free xp Tanks I would trade in shit things for: 1. Lowe (recently got buffed, great hulldown, UFP stronger, side is 100mm allowing for somewhat lenient sidescrapes) 2. FCM50t (one of the stronger pref MM tanks, only downside is its fairly big/long hull) 3. Panther/M10 (Doesnt see tier 9s, 2400-2500DPM, strong support DPM med, Accurate) 4. Type 64 (2nd best stronghold behind Cromwell B, was premium so wasnt affected by LT nerfs, 2500dpm+ with good crew)
  8. so are they done with releasing over-armored tier 8 prems and now they're moving on to over-armoring tier 6 prems?
  9. whether you go on hill is dependent on their team comp, if they have 2 or more fast tanks or their fast tanks > yours dont go up the hill, go control 2 line and watch how the game plays out to see if you can get on the hill at a later time You have to remember tier 8+ on the AMX light/med line has ~40 second clips and wont be loaded when you rush hill for 5-10 seconds, which would let them shoot/ram you regarding the 2 line || if north spawn, you can push down to K line later in the game if applicable. But from south spawn, dont push much into or past the D line since
  10. Disclaimer: I am not a caller, and this is pretty much a "Baseball glove" to catch that 9/0 push http://wottactic.com/wot2?room=gaRwtkbOgeKTPJ You'll probably have to look for specific bushes (for bat to spot in) yourself If they're defending the province you could go for a cap + screen with a few tanks behind to reset yours tbh a lot of good callers have an initial setup and have reactionary positions instead of a hard-set counter (Since most clans wont do the same thing over and over if it isnt working)
  11. Heres an updated map Also use wottactic.com or maptactic.com to easily describe your problem or a replay
  12. it only punished rerolls and low battle-counts this might lead to more fights, but it also might mean some players wont be picked as often
  13. just remember tier 8 lights dont carry that much ammo
  14. pretty much all from tier 6+ are keepers if you have a decent crew for them. The 6 and 8 can be used in strongholds and the 32 in tournaments. The T29 is a great pub tank and the M103 is a good tier 9 to take into a platoon, also the 103s hull armor was buffed recently and the front road wheel is quite bullshit
  15. I do 120deg FoV, and sensitivity is set to 20%, 20%, 25% with about 1000-1200dpi I only enable server ret for competitive play to make sure I know where I am firing, but in pubs I have it disabled (50 ping) because it is so much more comfortable and less jumpy.
  16. I run SD Client with draw, object LOD, and textures maxed FoV Maxed (120deg) I run with a 1600x900 monitor so its hard to take a screenshot of everything
  17. I normally just go 2/3 or 3/2 rule depending on map (2 lights to 3 heavies or 3 lights to 2 heavies) or scaled down 1/2 || 2/1 Only really good players can pull off all lights, and only shitters go full heavy(And if you fight these its testing if you can break their camp) 1v1s? Idk depends on class and what type of map. Generally picking for good DPM for tier, moderately bouncy and fast enough to reset if you're half the map away.
  18. I dont seek them and I only platoon with the players im mentoring, which are usually orange-green so it doesnt tip the scales
  19. Add me at @Cold_Stream in-game super dank skoda T40/Type 64 and IS-5/CDC to follow
  20. When I took a ~2 year break it was just more time for studies and I played planetside 2 and tera online Probably wasn't so much as a "I hate video games, they're ruining me" as much as dumb pubs, 25% rng and arty frustrating me making me drop WoT for a while
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