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  1. Unlocked: 121, Cent AX, E50M, Leo1...

    soon to be unlocked 113, E3, Tort, 430... I have a need for nearly 50m credits :/

    I guess I'll be waiting until their on-tracks come up, or the 2016/2017 year end sale.

    Almost done with all of the lines I wanted. Almost time to focus on tanks I like playing.


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    2. kreigermann


      During this the new year sale this year I blew 30m credits on 10s I had unlocked... I thought that was pretty huge but the credit hole keeps getting bigger and deeper.

      Good thought on he anniversary sale, but the sales this year have been few and far between. I blew 15m on equipment and consumables last time around.... But no sales since. Makes me wonder if they'll do much this year.

    3. Tarski


      Yeah, they've been kind of unpredictable with quality of discounts. I'm just holding out hope for 15% off high tiers. 

    4. kreigermann


      Feeling desperate enough for credits to complete the ontrack event for 360k credits that the locust gave me.  XD

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