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  1. This last weekend was complete horse shit. 

    The wild swings in unpredictable pub or meta just nearly drove me insane. Cancer of the brain stuff almost every match. 

    pubturd 1- timing my shots so he could drive in front and get hit and turn me blue(for the free compensation credits)

    pubturd 2- in his top tier T30 going beach on overlord... Kills 3 tomatoes in KV5 and IS6s.. While field gets overrun. Messages me and tells me I suck because he did 3x more than me.... On beach... Screw this idiot.

    pubturd  3- purposefully blocking my retreat in my Batchat after clip dump while in his is4 "for being a coward"

    Some Villin-asshole in his m44 shooting full HEAT XVM sniping. Apparently a medium in partial cover was the correct choice over multiple top tier heavies in the open-screw him.

    There were more but these stand-out from yesterday afternoon.

    the backslide continues... Really starting to piss me off.

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    2. kreigermann


      @LemmingRush Thank you for this video... your team here was pretty much 70% of my teams over the 3x weekend. only I didn't make the right decisions to hard-carry most of the time, I keep having to remind myself that my own stupid ass teammates are not my friends or allies.. they are mindless zombies with don't shoot me signs, and sometimes, just sometimes don't poop their own pants.

      Though.. I am jealous, I don't think I had a single match that didn't have 2+ arty, what position would you have gone to if there was arty in play?


    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Tbh i dont know if there's anything I can teach you.  Im absolutely shit at giving advice/teaching and my only success story plateaued at 54% (though he was a 48%er)

    4. kreigermann


      Ah well, thanks for replying either way.. I might just need to step away from the game and see if that clears my head.

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