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  1. SO.... This game happened last night.  Highest base XP and damage game I've had.... at tier 8 while grinding credits.


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    2. kreigermann


      Thanks guys. Luckily I figured out how to recover the replay file from the janky mac laptop I'm borrowing until I can rebuild my system. 

      I reviewed the replay last night, I'll submit it and see what happens.


      @Archaic_OneThe buffs for the T-44-100 helped a little bit, it isn't spectacular but it is workable. I have my 4 or 5 skill 430 crew in it with the BIA-Camo-Vision-Repair loadout that @CarbonWard suggested to me a while ago.  Which surprised the heck out of me when I was able to spot and camo snipe at a bunch of heavies crossing the middle of Paris...uh.. ok.  

      It was pretty even through the game(I kept looking at the kill counts and wondering how in the hell is my team still losing?!), it came down to Bert and the P88 vs me. The P88 had basecamped whole game so I didn't expect him to ever move but he caught me out by surprise... I thought for sure I had lost(was at half health)... but he donked almost all of his shots at me when I chose to engage and circle/brawl him to death. In retrospect I should have remembered my camo/vision advantage and run away, killed bert alone and then sniped him to death... but hey I got lucky.    

    3. DHP


      Bro... It's the highest damage game on wotreplay... G fucking G


      I can't believe you did 7k in a tier 8 battle with 3-5-7 format.... 

    4. kreigermann


      @DHP neither can I, wow.. ok.. I guess I will submit it then.

      It was the perfect combination of ineptitude and luck.

      .. and it was on Paris.. I hate the Paris map.

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