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  1. \o/  First 2-marked Tier 10!  

    A minor accomplishment but an accomplishment none the less(for me anyways).



    1. kreigermann


      MANY thanks to the wotlabs community for all the advice along the way. 

    2. leggasiini



      More sooner than you think, you will 3 mark your first tier 10...eventually :>

    3. kreigermann


      Thanks for the "+"s in encouragement all.

      @leggasiini I hope so. I think I'm a bit of a ways off. I have yet to 3mark a T9... though I keep getting frustratingly close with my t49... 94.3% TWICE... then I get focusartied, tilted and I potato back to 87%. :( 

      The batchat just fits my playstyle as a light tank/vision game and yolo assassin style. Considering at the 150/160ish game mark when I was at some dogshit level 1800 or so DPG overall to now a mediocre 2700.. I'm pretty satisfied so far with my progress, and still slowly improving.

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