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  1. @CraBeatOff thanks for letting me perform some chemotherapy on Karelia last night. If that damn  skorpG didn’t get lucky on me I was planning on sui-splattering myself on your E75 hull while doing a parade style barrel salute. 

    1. CraBeatOff


      I didn't notice it was you, but i did honestly have a thought like "oh a LT in the back...hrm we're gonna win but I'm glad this arty is dying"

      I would have been very confused if you rammed me, until i saw the tank and then I'd have been gleeful

    2. kreigermann


      I only noticed and made the plan at the very end when I quick-checked the team list after killing them.  I knew the skorp turdchased me across the whole goddamn damn map, and was cutting up the mid incline.. he would have(and in the end did) ruined my fun plan and needed to be dispatched first.  Was the only way to Valhalla full of shiny and chrome. 



       ah well, that team was freaking awful, story of my entire solo experience last night.